Max Kellerman ranks Dak Prescott 2nd of QBs under most pressure to win

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Yobwocs, Jan 14, 2022.

  1. McKDaddy

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    Nah, everyone knows he's elite. They don't lose because of him. If he wins SB, obviously that's awesome and another dagger to the FO that thought he was done. If he doesn't, he's still the most prized target for QB needy teams. He's the reigning MVP & probably should be back to back. Even if he doesn't get the award this year, everyone knows he was worthy.
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  2. Lodeus

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    Whens Rodgers gonna get picked on for not winning one for a while with all then love he gets?
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  3. DFWJC

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    I agree with the other analyst that maybe Allen should be higher than 5..
    If they lose to New England, the team they a supposed to dethrone, when they are playing with a rookie QB.

    Kellerman, who I generally think is a total tard regarding his football opinions, has a point about Dak.
    He has a totally stacked team around him.
    Get er done.
  4. DFWJC

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    well, they did have him top 3
  5. MyFairLady

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    Pressure is directly proportional to the amount of money you make and inversely proportional to the amount of past playoff success. So yeah Dak should be feeling some pressure.
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  6. CowboysFaninHouston

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    by the same token, I hope the defense doesn't give up a 9 minute drive in the first half like against AZ....
  7. CowboysFaninHouston

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    he has immunity
  8. noshame

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    We'll talk again after the game Sunday where either Dak will be moved around, or he'll be in the pocket and we'll be waiting for next season to start and finding a solid #2
  9. ChronicCowboy

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    Good list…Dak may have more pressure then Stafford. Rodgers and Brady are fighting Father Time though, so that adds a whole different element to the list.
  10. shabazz

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    agree….Mahomes and Rodgers have already proven theyselves in the playoffs many times
  11. JD_KaPow

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    Why would we talk about that? It has nothing whatsoever to do with what I was responding to.
  12. BobbyFlame469

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    I think Dak will make you and I fans of his this weekend.

    He’s the next Steve Young if he gets 4 TDs this weekend.
  13. TheMarathonContinues

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    You talking about Matt Stafford?
    Yeah their careers are solidified....they are chasing GOATS and other stuff with multiple rings....Stafford, Josh and Dak need to simply get to a conference championship game...well I Think Stafford sort of has to win a ring in the near future because Rams have nothing to get better with.
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  14. MountaineerCowboy

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    We'll see.

    My faith in him right now is at 0%. If he plays well and we win it'll move up to 25%.

    He'll gain 25% of my confidence for each round that he plays well and we advance lol
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  15. kento40

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    Brady? Pressure? Brady can take a poop in the middle of the field and make poo angels and still go down as the greatest to ever play the game. If anyone should just be having fun out there, it's Tommy Boy. Dak as well, He can go out, lay an egg with that same coked up, deer in the headlights look that he always gets when things aren't going perfect and fans will blame everyone from the defense to the cheerleaders before they blame him. His pay is set in stone and he will be here for the foreseeable future no matter what. So Here's to hoping the defense looks like the second coming of the steel curtain, because running with a gimpy Zeke, isn't going to keep the SF offense off the field.
  16. GINeric

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    I remember the same thing was said about Peyton Manning.
  17. RoboQB

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    I'd say Aaron Rodgers is under significant pressure.
    Top seeded team, again. Might lose at home, again.

    When people talk legacy, this will be a black eye and a busted lip.
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  18. DFWJC

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    He made their top 3 for a reason
  19. cowboyed

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    Some of these rankings are abstract and stupid. Now there is a ranking on which quarterback endures the most pressure to win a post-season game? What's next which quarterback farts the most in the huddle?
    How about what center in the NFL craps the most in their uniform pants while setting up and squatting to snap the ball. Well actually this ranking would hit close to home because undoubtedly it is Biadasz.
  20. Vagabond

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    Kellerman is a wasted f—-.

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