Micah Parsons faster than Devonta Smith

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ConstantReboot, Apr 30, 2021.

  1. quickccc

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    I hope it works out like that (packaging up to top of 2nd rd)
    .CB Eric Stokes Georgia was the one I was hoping we'd be able to snag at 44th overall in 2nd round, but he's off the board now.
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  2. quickccc

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    while 40 times are fascinating, it's about how that 40 time is translated to the playing field.
    and do players have instincts and play faster than their 40 times on the field ?

    what good is it to have 4.36 speed, if you cannot diagnose and read plays out, if you're mis-guessing gaps or don't have a knack for coverages as a LB ?
  3. big dog cowboy

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    Parsons is the fastest player on the Cowboys team!
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  4. Rajat

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    Philly has Jalen Hurts and he has some chemistry with Smitty. However he was replaced by Tua for a reason. He relies on his scrambling ability more than throwing. If he develops in to a full form QB, yes then Smitty will be unstoppable.
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  5. BaileyRiley1

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    So you’re concerned about Hurts?? Lol
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  6. RonnieT24

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    Don't get carried away with pro day hand times.... I am pretty sure Anthony Brown and Cedrick Wilson both ran similar or better times AT THE COMBINE. I know Brown did.. After we did not re-sign Tavon Austin Brown became the fastest guy on the team at least in the 40 though I would probably take Wilson in anything longer than that..
  7. heir

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    I don't quite agree with this line of thinking. The problem with Dallas is that we lack that top-end talent. Our players, especially on the defensive side are ok at best. We as fans say it all the time. Yet people want to trade back? Stay as high as possible and grab a top-rated player. Someone with true elite talent. I look at the players that were left at 20 by the time the Giants picked I was so happy we weren't in that spot. The last thing we need is more mediocre players.

    If this is how their board is set up, then good. If Parsons doesn't work blame their evaluation of him and not how they managed the draft
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  8. AsthmaField

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    The bottom line is that once DeVonte Smith made it to Dallas’ pick at 10... he was going to a division rival.

    Had Dallas refused the trade with Philly and just picked Parsons, then Smith would have probably been a NY Giant. And, if he wasn’t taken by NY, then Philly would have gotten him at pick 12 and Dallas wouldn’t have gotten the additional 3rd.

    So, Dallas could have not made the trade, watch Smith go to NY and ended up with Parsons and one less 3rd round pick. Or Philly, but either way he’s in the division.

    At least this way Dallas got another top 100 pick.

    People complaining that Dallas made that trade need to use a little logic and see that Dallas made the right move. By far the right move.
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  9. Creeper

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    Da'Vonta Smith's ability to shake CBs in 2 or 3 steps is what makes him great. He doesn't need to be fast, he is fast enough. The guy gets open. And in case people aren't paying attention, while the Cowboys brag about their 3 WRs, look at the Giants load of talent at the skill positions. If the Cowboys do not get that defense fixed they will be lucky to finish third in their own division.
  10. conner01

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    If we didn’t trade then the giants would have him
    I’d rather he be an eagle because they have an even worse QB situation than the giants
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  11. conner01

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    Quickness is more important to his game
    Fast doesn’t always mean quick
    He’s faster than Surtain but that doesn’t mean he should play CB lol
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  12. CowboysWillRise

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    Whatever. It was either Philly or NY. If we had that stupid mentality we wouldn't have gotten a 3rd and the Giants would've taken him. Great plan.
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  13. morasp

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    And we punked NY because they didn't really seem to have a fall back plan so when their pick came up they traded way back and ended up taking a lesser receiver similar to the Eagles last year when we took Lamb.
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  14. starfan1

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    Ya because Hurts is so much better than Jones. (Cmon man) lol
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  15. AsthmaField

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    Yeah wanting Smith and getting Toney is very similar to Philly wanting Lamb and getting Reagor.

    NY did get a first for next year but they have to be majorly disappointed to have Smith right there and see Philly jump them, haha.

    It’s like expecting a tiger and getting a kitten.
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  16. cowboygo

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    Its been addressed that Parsons was higher on their board than the corners, but they would have taken a corner over Parsons being higher.

    We got a very talented player in Parsons. We need an influx of premium talent, not just addressing needs. The defense wasn’t getting fixed in an offseason. We still got 4 picks on Day 2. Trevon Diggs ended up playing better than Okudah their rookie year. I think we managed it well, got a premium talent influx on defense.
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  17. Ranching

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    Just saw the guys that liked your post, figures!!! Lol!!
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  18. Ken

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    Gifted? lol

    They gave us a 3rd and we got the guy we would have taken.

    Smith was either going to NY or Philly. We just got a free 3rd out of it. lol
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  19. starfan1

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    I know you wanted a CB like alot of other but this simply isnt true. Who says they needed a CB more? you? Mel kiper? They needed help at all 3 levels and they drafted the best defensive player in the draft. I myself and other consider the need at LB just as crucial. Oh and BTW we still have 6 more rounds.

    I believe that parsons was a better LB prospect than the 2 corners were CB prospects. It looks like the cowboys did too. sometimes yall just want to find stuff to fleece Jerry about. (maybe not you but it happens alot) dont worry theres 6 more rounds to get upset about.

    Parsons was #1 on their board
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  20. wrongway

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    Agree, the only issue that I can see people having is the off the field stuff. Esp. Hearing Jon Ritchie on philly rafio saying he coached him and he had major diva and authority issues. Time will tell.

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