Missing Kellen Moore yet?


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Dont remember 2016? Kellen was Romo's backup, he broke his leg in training camp when an OL stepped on his ankle accidentally. Then Romo got hurt and Dak took over.
Moore had even worse arm than Rush. his ammo was his smarts, but had minimal physical ability. thus why he moved to coaching so quickly.


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Could we possibly wait until at least the halfway point?
I've never seen this amount of hatred over one loss. Think maybe there might be some learning curves?
I mean, Moore's first season as OC we had one more win and we finished the season with 10 wins. The way some talk, you'd think we were the worst team ever. I don't consider any comparison relevant.
I think this team is better than 10 wins.


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The charges D is trash has nothing to do with Kellen Moore's offense. They average over 26 ppg on offense.
some dont realize moore is just OC, lol , not HC.
And defense matters.
Can any of you bozos say ( honestly) that chargers defense is as good as dallas D ???? or anywhere close?
you can only compare offenses, not win loss etc.

And I too am glad kellen left, and I am curious how mike will do, but this ariz game showed me mike is still a dufus who lucked into a great qb and
his 1 SB win.


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Say what you will but his offense was top 3 or better for 3 yeats straight. Not his fault that Dak was throwing all of those picks. Even led the league in scoring one season too. What has McCarthy done?
2 consecutive playoff appearances, a NFC East title, and the team is 4-2 this year.

I am not a fan of the big blue M&M but I am not going to read fake news.

Kellen Moore will probably replace him but when it is said and done, Kellen will also run the ball more when he gets the HC Job for job security just like the Red Head Clapper. You throw to score, run to win and defense wins championships.