MM dropped the ball

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ranching, Nov 8, 2021.

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    They didn't leave Dak out there because they thought we were coming back. They left him out there to give him a chance to find his rhythm. If anything stood out yesterday it was that Dak was off just enough.. He missed reads, missed throws, and had probably his worst game in terms of decision making in 4 years. There were numerous times when he had a guy open short for what would have moved the sticks and he went for the deeper throw. He got impatient and it cost him. The 4th quarter was essentially a preseason game for him. And fully dressed practice.. And he needed it IMHO to get his mind right. I had no problem with him staying in.. I was more concerned about Zeke staying in until I saw Pollard get run over a couple of times in pass pro. I'm pretty much never a fan of throwing in the towel anyway.. Fight to the end.. It is the way..
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    excuses excuses. Cooper Rush hadnt started a game in career and he wasnt "rusty"
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    you and i can disagree on this it was pointless. If he hadn't got his rhythm by then leaving him in against a prevent defense isnt helping him moving forward and yes leaving a hobbled zeke in as well was stupid but they only got 2 backs. At about 10 minutes left when it was 30-0 it was time to live to fight another day. especially when your defense hasnt stopped anyone all day. If Dak gets rolled up on because Steele the turnstile gets beat and he's out for the season all because of trying to find rhythm is dumb.
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    Dlaw will be a needed boost. Hopefully after the ATL game
  5. cowboyblue22

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    the players as usual are mostly responsible for that mess yesterday coaches are not the ones who couldnt tackle dropped passes and couldnt hit the broad side of a barn
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    I don’t know why McCarty has to lose for people to realize how bad he is. Garrett had winning seasons even Wade did and neither one will be remembered as a great coach here, teams won in spite of them and this team was winning in spite of MM doing everything in his power to lose us games
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    Please point out where in that post I mentioned the word "rusty." I said he was off.. and like a shooter in basketball you keep shooting until you see the ball go in a few times.. Make a few layups before you try anymore threes.. That's what I equated this to.. We weren't trying to knock off any rust.. we were trying to make sure our QB and really our whole team didn't leave this game completely off kilter. Or worse, feeling like the coaching staff quit.. Players never want to give up in a game and neither should coaches. I don't care if it sounds old school.. but it is the way..
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    Season momentum. As someone else posted, in some ways it feels like we lost all the momentum from our win streak. I agree with you and McCarthy. Don't let it all go down the %#*$#.
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    The Broncos came out playing like they were in a heavyweight championship fight .... the Cowboys came out playing like a golden gloves regional fight.
    Blame all the way around!!!!
  10. RonnieT24

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    Punch ATL in the mouth and most of the momentum comes back.. Spank KC in KC and all of it will. That's the way it works. By the way they played it was obvious this team did not come to play on Sunday which means they NEEDED that *** whuppin to show them exactly what happens when they play that way. As such much as I hated watching it, I feel like we can turn it into a positive if it gets them back into focus. Now if they wallow in it and stumble to some kind of 9-8 finish we can look at this game as where it started. Time will tell.
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    I agree. BigMac was the victim of his ego.

    He has a team playing lights out.
    He's heavily favored.
    He's playing at home.
    At the same time Pollard's return started a fast paced emotional sequence.

    Put it all together, BigMac has a great offense, heavily favored at home, emotionally charged wanting to make a statement to the hometown crowd, staring at 4th and 1.
    Seems like an easy decision.

    On the other hand, Tim Patrick said....

    “Disrespectful,” Patrick said, as per the Broncos team website. “That [expletive]’s disrespectful. They trying us. And that’s what happens when you try us.”
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    HA.. I know we have fun on the forum giving hell to each other and it's all in good fun, but actually making fun of anyone's appearance isn't really cool in my eyes... Of course this is coming from the guy who has a side by side of the cat from mask next to cole beasley.. He deserves it though! :laugh:
  13. CWR

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    Yeah I'm real curious to know how he responses to a bad week of practice. If he saw them dogging it at practice he needed to fix it.
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  14. 5Stars

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    I'm with you...would you rather have you know who?
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  15. Xeven

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    Jerry and Denver always trading. Makes you wonder if Dallas did not get something for the loss…
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  16. 5Stars

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    They did get something for that loss...their butts beat. Hope they learn...
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  17. BAT

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    I guess I missed KM throwing, catching, running and blocking.

    You live up to your name.
  18. BAT

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    So when do you propose the HC deserves blame?
  19. Ekspozed

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    Idk why people go out of their way to praise tony pollard and blame Zeke.
    Zeke 5 yards per carry, Tony p 2.8 .
    I guess you mean his 1 good reception means he brought it !
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  20. MaineBoy

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    Amen. This loss has MM’s fingerprints all over it: Dak was not ready to play either due to injury or lack of practice, yet MM let’s him play. MM ate the cheese like everyone else and did not push the players out of it like a Jimmy or Parcells would have to get them prepared to play.. Then his second 4th down call was stupid after you didn’t get the first one and when you’re playing the 6th ranked defense in the league. It gave Broncos momentum and motivation. MM is supposed to lead the team and manage the culture and direct them where they need to go. Most times, I think MM is just a passenger on the Jerry Express.
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