More troubles for David Irving

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 88sAndHeartbreak, May 14, 2018.

  1. 88sAndHeartbreak

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    Tonite he was granted custody of his daughter. Shortly after his girlfriend posted pictures of her battered and bruised up saying "he will say its from Jiu Jitsu , what do you guys think?". I will NOT post those pictures. You can follow Fisher on twitter on link below for more info... I hope this ends well for everyone.

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  2. ThrowingUpTheX

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  3. windward

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    This is why you don’t sign him to an extension.
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  4. DoctorChicken

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    Didn’t she admit a week ago that she made up the abuse thing?

    This lady is psycho.
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  5. RJ_MacReady

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    Hard for a guy to gain custody of a child, so this leads me to believe that the rumors about this chick being loco might be true. Isn't this the same girl he was with in College where he first got in "DV" trouble?
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  6. ThrowingUpTheX

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    she is not all there
    she posted her ph # public last month
    a San Antonio radio station called
    she picked up and admitted to lying about everything
    on air

    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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    How do we not know her bruises are from her MMA training?
  8. CATCH17

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    I think he’s just referring to the yearly headache that Irving seems to bring.

    I don’t care though.. He seems like an ok guy. I’d sign him long term. Especially if you can get him cheap.

    He’s an incredible player.
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  9. mugsybows

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    Exactly the moms usually gotta be really unfit for the guy to gain custody
  10. SacredStar

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    This women needs some professional mental health help.

    Irving was given full custody of his child as the courts declared that he is the more responsible parent. That says a lot about him. It is extremely difficult for a father to win custody of a child.
  11. Big D

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  12. marchetta

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    To tell the truth, she looks like she could kick his arse! Not buying her story.
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  13. Seven

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    We don't.

    Man, this whole thing concerning DV and Goodells winging it has opened Pandora's box.

    Thanks, Rodg. Your blind "leadership" has come back to bite you in the *** what, Rodger? Gonna conduct another internal investigation.....? Can't wait.
  14. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Exactly. Anyone with any idea of how custody battles are judged should think immediately that she has to have some major, major red flags to lose custody of her daughter.
  15. mugsybows

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    The thing that scares me tho is goodell doesn’t give a **** about credibility, if she wants to cooperate today with the league and say yeah he hit me goodell is taking her word.
  16. GimmeTheBall!

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    Let's form a posse and confront her!!!!
    She will cave like the non football player she is!

    I think jerry just saved a lot of money, future wise.
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  17. mugsybows

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    She’s posting her bruises on her Instagram. She’s got big *** bruises on the back of her thighs. Is David doing upper kicks to her thighs? They totally look MMA consistent. Also scratches on her torso. I feel sorry for the daughter.
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  18. lostar2009

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    What does his crazy gf has to do with him?
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  19. mugsybows

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    Just looking at her insta this girl is all over the place. She’s posting videos of her going out. Then videos of her working out and then sprinkling in between abuse claims on David. No wonder they awarded him custody
  20. Tabascocat

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    Everyone knows that MMA fighters are immune to bruises on the shins :rolleyes:

    This girl is toxic and muy loco :oops:

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