Next man up doesn't work here

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CouchCoach, Oct 17, 2019.

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    How good do you expect your backup tackles to be? Last week Tavon slid right in and it wasn’t enough. You had Gallup struggling. Backups are not to blame for this mess when the starters stink.
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    Some teams lose a couple of linemen and they don;t seem to skip a beat. But Collins and Smith are two of Dallas's best linemen. The problem is they also have a 75% Travis Frederick and Connor Williams who is not that good to begin with. So now when you put in two backups you have a week line. And Zack Martin hasn't been bowling anyone over either.

    Take Cooper out of the mix and you have the Cowboys offense that did nothing and went nowhere before Cooper was acquired last year. Gallup helps but not when he lets 3 passes go through his hands in two quarters of football.

    I also think good coaches make a game plan for when they have to use their backups. The Cowboys under Garretts just expect the backups to play like the starters. Remember that debacle against Atlanta when Tyron was out and the Cowboys threw Greene out there to play tackle without any help?

    I still like what the late Giants GM George Young said about depth. He said, "Depth is great until you have to use it." He said that before the era of free agency so you can imagine how much more relevant it is today when teams can't afford to stockpile talent.
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    Cowboys are run like a Corporation. You can make money with the Corporate Form. Doesn't translate very well on the field of play.
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    This is not a depth problem, this is a coaching problem. Our coaches are either too lazy, stubborn, or stupid to adjust our gameplan to utilize player strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Look no further than the Chaz Green game in Atlanta for your proof. Not one adjustment was made to help that guy who was getting destroyed on nearly every play. I forget who the announcer was but think it was Troy who was stunned that they refused to do anything to help him out.
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    You’re right, we can overcome the loss of a water boy. why is that? Coaching pure and simple.
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    more whining and complaining..jeez people no team has 3 layers of depth and theres always significant drop off from an all pro to backup..


    we arent the only team that has 5-6 super stars making too much money and have to fill in the team around them, thats SPORTS when theres a Salary cap..

    I can tell you this,

    Depth has ZERO to do with our 3 losses this year, its been beat to death but #1 was the penalties fair or not and the Turnovers, PERIOD.. thats poor execution, add in drop passes, coaching, and overall our players just seem out of sync..

    if you havent noticed we lost all 3 games by a TOTAL of 11points..its was about mistakes and poor execution.. period.. sure injuries can hurt all teams but there arent many teams with such good depth they can overcome everything..

    Im not seeing any of what your post was intended to imply..

    Limit mistakes and play better..thats it..
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    That's the first of many that doesn't work here. Give this team a real HC and I'll show you a 5-1 team that we should be.
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    There's no such thing as "next man up," really. It works when coaches can put different players in positions to succeed, not when they simply ask for 1-1 replacements.
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    There is not a single fact that backs that up,
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    Yeah, their gonna have to put the First 3 Games, Hall of Fame Busts on hold for Canton

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    Prediction Time:

    Ok wow this one is a tough call because both teams suck so predicting a winner won't be easy and I'll still not sure who I like as of right now. The Cowboys are really banged up and even if Smith and Collins play it still doesn't guarantee anything plus Cooper looks to be out (huge loss). Now as far as the Cowboys defense goes, um what defense? The Jets who were last in every possible offensive category torched the Cowboy's defense last week which was extremely embarrassing. As far as the Eagles go they're not much better. Their defense is just as pathetic as the Cowboys and Kurt Cousin ripped them apart last week. So with that being said what gives? If the Cowboys lose Garrett is done (should have been fired at halftime against the Jets) if they win they're still in first place in an awful division. Now there is one thing that the Cowboys have going for them Dak Prescott dominates the NFC East and the Eagles but in the end I think it will come down to a Brett Maher chip shot field goal attempt. Sorry folks wide right.

    Eagles 24
    Cowboys 23
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    because you need 1 team not 53 players
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    It was Aikman and he said they need to get Green some help immediately after the first sack, that's how overmatched Green looked.

    But I see it as a depth problem as well because if you have to alter your offense, which is what they would have had to do, you are at a disadvantage already. That's my point. He, in this case Moore, has to change what he wants to do because the drop in OL quality. Linehan didn't do that in ATL and I believe the response was "we thought Chaz could handle it".

    Injuries happen to every team but with the Cowboys it seems to affect them more and the real problem isn't that game, it is the overall effect on the psyche of the team. Every player on that team saw the coaches leave their teammate out there to get embarrassed play after play, I don't think they were pissed at Green. When a starter, especially the ones playing the best as Collins was, the entire team has to have confidence in coaching in order to lift their game.

    If the two OT's are out or Cooper is out, I wonder what the players think going into this game? Doesn't really matter until something goes wrong and then that's all that matters.
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    Yes which is an indication they were poor evaluations. Missing on higher draft picks ( top 3 rounds)is one of the best examples.
  16. Diehardblues

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    One of ksboys best arguments is over investing Star talent and over evaluation of average talent leaves less under the hood . Meaning we’re a more vulnerable team when key injuries hit.
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    Except, that goes to your later post that Dallas has limited funds for backups. The problem that Dallas (and all other teams not with the initials NE), it is difficult to have quality backups because if they are actually good, they want to fight for starting jobs. Dallas tends pre fill the starting spots prior to camp, using drafted and FA players to back fill. That philosophy also requires the coaching to prepare the backups to start if/ when necessary.
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    Bridgewater better than Dak? This is just flat out wrong. Dak bests him in every single way possible.

    Bridgewater: 87.8 QB rating, 65.4% completion %, 1.44 TD/INT ratio, 7.1 Y/A, 11 rushing yards per game, 4 rushing TDs, 21-12 record, 6 game winning drives
    Dak: 96.8 QB rating, 66.5% completion %, 2.52 TD/INT ratio, 7.6 Y/A, 20 rushing yards per game, 20 rushing TDs, 35-19 record, 14 game winning drives

    I can say Dak is better than Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers as well. This is not an opinion, it is demonstrably incorrect. Same goes for Bridgewater being better than Dak.
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    It doesn't because usually the drop off is huge. I mean Tyron is arguably one of the best LT in the game, his backup isn't close to that. Cooper is top 10, his backup isn't close. la'el is a first rounder who is consider very good, his backup is a 4 or 5th round rookie.
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    Better than Chaz Green!!!!!!!

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