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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Redball Express, Nov 30, 2020.

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    Barnam and Bailey used to produce The Greatest Show on Earth.

    Their 3 Ring Circus traveled the entire World entertaining with elephants, clowns and animal trainers.

    Jerrah has copied their methods and perfected it Into a billion dollar business.

    As we all regretfully acknowledge what Jerrah has done to our team and used its history to line his pockets with our money..

    giving us smoke and mirrors in return.

    I do not know about you..but watching this team being thrown under the bus has finally ended my longtime fandom with our team.

    I am withdrawing from watching Cowboy football until such time as this franchise returns to reality and it again respects its fans..not fleese us and take our loyalty and trade it for luxury yatches and stadium art.

    While I watch other teams go out and play entertaining football despite all the unusual circumstances of 2020..

    we sit and watch the Eastern Division slip away without so much as a fight. It's just ridiculous.

    So I am going to enjoy watching the Saints play becuz Payton should have been our HC anyway..another thing our GM fumbled.

    So have a great holiday and enjoy family and friends and stay well. See you hopefully in 2021 when hopefully this franchise and its fans wakeup and stop faking it.

    All my best.

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  2. fivetwos

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    You'll still watch. Let's admit that much sir.
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  3. Rajat

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    I watch it for the comedy. Its a mixed bag of Friends and Big Bang Theory. Then we replaced the clapper with Roxanne's husband as our coach and things just got funnier.
  4. Brax

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    Insulting PT not nice, PT knew what he was doing Jerry is lost in a fog.
    Forgot happy holiday season, all the best for next year
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  5. ottawacowpoke

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    PT Barnum is also associated with the phrase “There’s a sucker born every minute.” That describes anyone who buys what JJ is selling.
  6. big dog cowboy

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    The Cowboys are fighting but they are undermanned. The injury situation is the worst I have even seen. Expecting players like The Nooth or Garrett Gilbert to win games is unreasonable. A lot of other teams are struggling not just the Cowboys. You can count the number of good teams on one hand. For example, how do you think Bronco fans feel after watching a WR play QB and complete 1 pass in the entire game? The Bears fans watching the #3 overall pick franchise QB get pounded by the Packers last night. The Raiders fans who think they have a playoff team just get destroyed by the Falcons. Carolina fans, Detroit fans or how about the Rams fans. It's not just the Cowboys who are struggling. While I can understand the frustration we all feel about what the Cowboys have turned into this year, there is every reason to think that next year they will be much much better and more like the team many predicted would be in the super bowl this year.
  7. thunderpimp91

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    Oh come on....there is a lot to be frustrated about, but this post is ridiculous, and i would be embarrassed to have posted it. Everything this team has been through this year, from the o-line situation to Dak to literally having a coach die less than a week ago and you want to say they have no fight? If this team has anything it has been fight, they just don't have the talent to compete week after week.

    Enjoy watching your Saints play...I hope you just stick with them.
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  8. DenCWBY

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    JJ is simply the most clueless owner in football when it comes to winning. If he was truly looking out for the fans instead of his own ego, he would have fired himself 15 years ago.
    Ultimately it's all about him and his ego and family over the organization and team. He's just selling more snake oil at this point and many of the supporting fans are too ignorant to realize they are only contributing to this charade and the demise of the organization.
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  9. stilltheguru

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    Anybody who pays to go to games are clowns
  10. bandfan

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    I watch them but no longer immerse myself in them. Last few years have been much easier....
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  11. CouchCoach

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    He's always been about marketing and promotion just as Barnum was but just because they had backup elephants in the center ring, I'd still attend.

    They haven't quit. They lost a beloved coach and man the day before the game and watched two of their OT's, already backups, go down on one drive and were facing one of the, if not the best DL's in the league.

    How many gut punches do you think an OL, comprised of backups of backups, can take?

    That game was the perfect storm for WAS going in and then they knocked out more of the Cowboys players.
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  12. Jipper

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    Didn’t the circus burn down?

    Just saying....metaphorically what would you call this?
  13. cern

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    the art, the helicopter, and the yacht are all skillful uses of capital gains laws to avoid paying taxes. and it should be noted that eagles owner jeffrey lurie was so disgusted with his team he didn't even bother to attend the vikes game. however painful the remainder of the season might be, jerry will be there encouraging his charges.
  14. CouchCoach

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    It is Booger's Big Top.
  15. CouchCoach

    CouchCoach Moderator

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    Is he charging them now? Well, that should make us feel better, they're paying Booger to play.
  16. cern

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    animal rights concerns doomed the circus and bull fighting.
  17. brooksey1

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    He's a selfish, no good, greedy SOB who made billions for his family while us fans suffered for the last 25 years, while he acts like he's a GM. Did I mention he's an egotistical maniac?
    The man doesn't belong anywhere near a football personnel decision or a microphone that talks about football.
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  18. cern

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    i felt sorry for him seeing the photo of him looking down with his hands in a prayer gesture. bless his heart.
  19. EST_1986

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    this is exactly how I've been.

    More like I watch out of nostalgia more than anything else. Theres no hope, nothing has changed over the past 20 some odd years, just the same hype and let down year after year. I just don't care anymore, its doesn't bother me like it used to. I just laugh.
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  20. CouchCoach

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    Not everyone has the same view of value and return on entertainment investment. When I had season tickets we had a bunch around us that would say good game regardless of the outcome. I disagreed on losses because I went to see them win.

    Some fans go just to see them play, be part of the experience and do not even demand they play well for the investment.

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