Parsons, Farley, Slater, who are you taking?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cowboyny, Feb 24, 2021.

  1. Cowboyny

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    As we have seen, Martin has no issues playing Tackle, either.
  2. Cowboyny

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    Yes, drafting Slater cannot be just based on his success against Young, but rather he whole body of work at the position.
  3. cnuball21

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    I think you can make a good case for each and I'd probably be happy with any of the 3. I think the team should also be thinking about depth of draft as well though and what the other positions look like past round 1.

    You're not going to get a Slater / Farley outside of the 1st but I do feel a heck of a lot better about getting a quality CB / OLmen in rounds 2/3 than I do at LBr.

    Outside of Bolton, I don't think there's a LBr in the 2nd/3rd that gets me excited as a potential impact player. A bunch of dudes with questionable instincts and injury concerns.
  4. Jfconrow

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    Right after I posted this I wanted to change my pick to Slater. It’s a tough choice for me I like LBs but I think LT is the smart pick
  5. JohnsKey19

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    If Jaylon is waived, Parsons is a possibility. Until that happens, you cant take him at 10. I'd go Farley.
  6. Cowboyny

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    You are right, I see more specialists type of linebackers with legit question marks, far more than the top 3. However, got to be careful with this strategy, as the Cowboys did it with selecting Taco, cause the lack of depth at the position. Take the best player, hopefully at a need position, unless a blinking light prospect falls in our laps.
  7. visionary

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    1. Trade down
    2. Parsons
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  8. RamziD

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    Still Parsons
  9. CowboysFaninHouston

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    you build inside out, so no DT to take at 10, so its Parsons.....I think we can get a DB in 2nd and 3rd round. I am not so high on Slater to take him at 10. if we traded down, I may consider.
  10. Malhavoc

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    I don’t think Jerry is ready to move on from Jaylon so as much as love Parsons I don’t think he’ll be the guy. I think It’s Farley if his medicals check out.
  11. chagus

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    Slater. I want that Oline upgraded. Plenty of defensive help in the rest of the draft.
  12. Rayman70

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    slater or farley.
  13. timb2

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  14. AsthmaField

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    Probably Farley, though I do like all 3.

    He’s a walk in starter most likely. The chance of day one starters in the 2nd/3rd rounds at OT and LB would be slim to none... so Dallas would probably end up with one starting corner and a reserve LB and OT if they stayed with those positions.

    However, if you took Slater at 10, I do think there could be a starting caliber CB found in the 2nd or third. Any LB not named Parsons probably has no chance to unseat Smith and LVE, so I wouldn’t expect that to happen in any other round. So this route, Dallas would likely end up with 2 starters and a reserve (or SAM) LB.

    I guess the bottom line for me in this scenario is that I immediately thought that Farley would be my pick and that corner is the neediest of the 3 positions. On the other hand, IMO CB is going to be maybe the easiest of the three positions to find a starter at in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. OT and LB are probably pick Slater at 10 if you want a starting OL or Pick Parsons there if you want a starting LB. A starter at either of those two positions probably won’t come at any other pick.

    So really, the only hesitation that I would have on choosing Farley is that I like both of the other 2 players and that I think a starting corner can be found where starting OT’s and LB’s can’t. So, by taking the OT or the LB at 10, Dallas might end up with one more starter from this draft.
  15. beware_d-ware

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    Getting a stud LB or a stud corner makes more of a difference on this team than a second stud guard. I like all 3 but give me Farley and Parsons first.
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  16. waving monkey

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    Not Parsons/ We have two quality starting Tackles.We have one quality starting CB.
    How do Slater and Farley grades compare
  17. Bullflop

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    Good call, imho. I'd like nothing better than to see Parsons drafted by the Cowboys at #10 in round one. He's just what this defense needs to get it on track to play the run like we need to. He has the physicality that should make us proud at MLB. If he's gone at our pick, I'd welcome Caleb Farley, as well.
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  18. Hawkeye0202

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    This is what scares me about much, in what areas, how long will it take, are talking more tangible experience or intangible or both, can/how he'll react to 16 NFL games facing elite WRs every week. All the reasons I'm favoring Surtain over him. I don't buy the lack of speed as an issue with him. There's a podcast out there where Xavier Howard talks about how he uses techniques to negate a 4.3 WR speed to 4.4 or 4.5 and this makes sense when you think about it. I mean some of the best CBs in the league are 4.5 guys. So for me;

    Pitt if he's there

    10 is too high for Farley and Parson for me.......20ish more like it.
  19. morasp

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    Jeremiah just updated his top 50 and ranks them Farley, Slater, Parsons. If we end up with Dak next year one thing we know is he had his best football when we had a really strong offensive line. When the OL performance went down he struggled and so did Zeke. If we stay at ten I would go with Slater, he could play G, C, or T at a high level and he's good at both run and pass blocking..

    A trade down to the middle of the first to add one or two day two picks is a strong possibility especially with so many teams looking at QB. It will depend on how big of a step down talent wise it is but there are similar players to those three that could be the available:

    LB JOK, Zaven Collins, and Nick Bolton
    CB Jaycee Horn,
    OL Alijah Vera-Tucker, Jalen Mayfield, Christian Darrisaw, and Teven Jenkins.

    I really liked Jeremiah's write up on Vere-Tucker:

    Vera-Tucker is one of the safest players in this draft class. He played guard at a very high level in 2019 before producing an outstanding campaign at tackle in 2020. He plays with excellent strength, balance and awareness in pass protection. He is quick out of his stance and has a sharp/quick punch. He can bend and does a good job of staying connected. He will underset at times, allowing defenders on his edge, but he is quick to recover and run them around the pocket. He squats down versus power rushers and quickly stops their charge. In the run game, he can latch, control and create movement on down blocks. He takes excellent angles to the second level and has a good feel on combo blocks. He isn't the most dynamic athlete, but he's always under control and rarely in bad position. Overall, I think he has a chance to stick at tackle, but he's ideally suited to play guard. He is ready to start on Day 1.

    Daniel Jeremiah's top 50: 2021 NFL Draft prospect rankings 2.0
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  20. Cowboyny

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    Farley is good right now, he had a passer rating against in the 20's his last year he played. If you want another Bryon Jones, then Surtain is your guy, he is another shadow corner, who has average ball skills. Farley is not polished, but has all the tools to be great. There is some risk involved, but he is the closest thing to a #1 CB in the class.
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