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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hawkeye0202, May 13, 2019.

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    Nailed it........

    5. I think the Dallas Cowboys should take a deep breath and sign Dak Prescott—five years, $150 milion ($90 million guaranteed) sounds about correct—before he plays well enough this year to push him into Russell Wilson land. Prescott’s not a top-five quarterback, but you absolutely can win with him, and he can play well enough in and out of the pocket to be competitive in the biggest games on the schedule. And he is a very good face of the franchise, eminently trustworthy and a good leader. For those who swear he’s not worth it, ask yourself this question: What is the alternative, and are you willing to let Prescott walk away while the Cowboys go the draft-and-develop route in the near future?

    Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. (Getty Images)
    6. I think some Cowboys fans would like, in part because of the financial sanity, the advantage to having a rookie quarterback not chew up your cap. But let’s look at the first-round quarterbacks in the most recent seven drafts, and let’s see how many are better than Prescott. I don’t include 2018 and 2019 because we don’t know the results of their play yet. We are not sure of all of these players, but we have a pretty good idea about most.

    Quarterbacks drafted in the first round between 2011 and 2017, compared to Prescott

    Total first-round QBs: 20.

    Clearly not as good as Prescott … 11 of 20 (55 percent): Jake Locker (8th pick, 2011), Blaine Gabbert (10-2011), Christian Ponder (12-2011), Robert Griffin III (2-2012), Ryan Tannehill (8-2012), Brandon Weeden (22-2012), E.J. Manuel (16-2013), Blake Bortles (3-2014), Johnny Manziel (22-2014), Teddy Bridgewater (32-2014), Paxton Lynch (26-2016).

    Too close to call right now, but Prescott has an edge … 3 of 20 (15 percent): Jameis Winston (1-2015), Marcus Mariota (2-2015), Mitchell Trubisky (2-2017).

    Clearly better than Prescott … 3 of 20 (15 percent): Cam Newton (1-2011), Andrew Luck (1-2012), Patrick Mahomes (10-2017).

    Better than Prescott, though with an injury asterisk … 1 of 20 (5 percent): Carson Wentz (2-2016).

    Too close to call right now, but they look better than Prescott to me … 2 of 20 (10 percent):Jared Goff (1-2016), Deshaun Watson (12-2017).

    So—and we’re sure to disagree on a few of these—I have Prescott with at least a slight edge on 14 of the 20 first-round quarterbacks picked between 2011 and 2017. So, Cowboy fans: Are you sure you want to roll the dice, cast Prescott aside in the near future, and take your shot with the next hot young first-rounder? I will remind you: In 2016, I covered the Cowboys draft, and I was inside their process, and Jerry Jones looked like his dog just died after he and his scouting group missed out on Paxton Lynch, and they were ticked off again to miss out on Connor Cook atop the fourth round, which left them with … Dak Prescott.
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    Peter King aint right about much these days and was once brilliant as an insider.That said, he is spot on pertaining to signing Dak. Now is that what I thinkwill happen? Not so sure...but I am in the camp of just sign the guy now.
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    I would take Dak over Newton every time. And I don’t think Goff is all that good. But the rest of the list is pretty accurate.
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    When you pay a QB 30 million a year, you shouldn't have to also pay a WR 16 million and a RB another 16. That QB shouldn't need it. He should simply make stars of the next batch of skill players because he should be great. He's getting paid like it.

    Prescott needs it and more.

    What an absolute disgrace that contract will be.
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    Interesting look at things, and it seems pretty accurate to me, although I'm not even sure I would put Wentz ahead of Dak at this point because with the injuries we haven't seen enough to know. I understand the article put an injury asterisk on Wentz, but it still said Wentz was better than Dak, and I don't think that's certain just yet.
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    Dak must be better than good this time out. If not, it will be a long season. Winning solves many ills. Masks a lot of holes.
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    He suggests Dak will mimic Russell Wilson and then says he's not a top 5 QB.
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    hes throwin darts may. Writers have to make a living writing articles and most of them are click bait,nothing more.
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    I have slowly moved into paying Dak. I agree with most of the comparisons. Well, except Wentz. I don't think he played bigger in bigger games. And you can't just discount the injuries. You're no good in the tub.

    But I still think I would wait to pay Dak unless I get a discount of some kind for paying him a year early.
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    King is on to something though.
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    well...we got no choice but to pay the man.
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    $150 million for 5 years is a good deal for both parties. Better to sign Dak now because the QB market is going to explode next offseason when the Chiefs resign Mahommes.

    King made a mistake when he said Goff, Watson, Newton and Wentz are better than Dak though.
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    I thought QBs were getting paid like that when the salaries were at $15 million/year, then at $20 million/year, then at $25 million/year, but that really isn't the way it is. QB salaries keep going up, and it's not just the elite of the elite that are getting the huge dollars.
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    Nice article.
    I agree. With wentz being injured I can’t put him above. I only see a few above him. It don’t mean that Dak will stay there but it looks like it now.
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    that's an ugly throwing set up....yuck...they couldn't have posted a better picture.
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    Winning is a team stat. Unless the QB is the driving force behind winning I'm not paying him 30 million a year.

    When you play the Cowboys the last thing you worry about is the QB beating you. He's a bus driver, bro. You don't pay bus drivers like they are franchise QBs and you can't put the supporting cast around him that he needs if you do. Guys like Rodgers and Brady don't need elite WRs and RBs. They are the reason why they win. They don't have to be carried. This QB has to be carried.
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    I agree...YET lets look at the theory when it came to Aikman. He had Emmitt and IRVIN ,Moose and Novacek….just sayin...we had to pay those guys around Troy some big bucks. Was Troy a bus driver? Just askin...
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    I'm in the middle on Dak.

    I think he's a solid, slightly above average QB with a lot of intangibles like leadership, work ethic and high character. We can contend with him given the rest of the team is very good, like it is now.

    I also don't think we should pay him $30 million like he's an elite QB because he clearly is not.

    But that said, I think King is spot on here. Not having Dak means we roll the dice on a 1st round talent that is more likely to flame out. And we waste an elite O-Line, RB, and defense.

    He's both worth the $30 million cause we need a guy we can contend with and the other options are not those guys, and not worth $30 million because he's clearly not in the same realm as Wilson, Rodgers, etc.
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    So, what's your $20 million/year option? I get that $30 million seems like a hell of a lot (and it is), but that can't be a stand alone factor. You have to factor in the alternatives, and given the market for players today, and especially QB's, where are you going to find a notably cheaper QB that gives the team as much chance to win?
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    When was the last time Aaron Rodgers won a SB? Been a while maybe that's why the HC got fired...they didn't surround him with good enough draft picks...
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