Players let the agents have free reign

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BHendri5, Feb 13, 2020.

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    Philly, Chicago, NE, Buffalo, New Orleans, Jets, Packers. All those games had a chance but had zero offensive production especially on final drives of the game when we finally got within one score. He didn’t even come close to getting the job done. People could knock Romo all they want but with him down by one score we at least had a feeling that the game was with in reach of tying or winning. We don’t have that feeling with Dak.
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    People who knocked Romo were just as clueless as people that knock Dak. But, hey! Gotta blame someone, may as well be the face of the franchise. That's the way it works and that's why they get paid the big bucks.
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    Like I've always said here:
    It's easy to place blame if you make it simple.
    Even if it's very complex.
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    Lol wow. With Romo I was worried every time he was going to make a boneheaded play to cost us the game. Towards the end of his career I was much more confident but Romo in year 4 I was scared to death of him throwing the game away. Stop. Dak has the most 4th quarter comebacks next to Brady In the last 4 years. So most people have that feeling. Just not you.
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    Jerry can handle it... Just raise the parking fees at the Stadium (for all events) and the concession prices, and and that should help. For everyone that pays to park and buys concessions at the Stadium.... Thanks for Helping !
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    What about the Saints & Patriots games? If they win either of those games then the Philly game doesn't even matter.
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    well jerry doesnt have to raise the money lol 35 mil a year is nothing to him.
    The problem is within the cap, they only have x amount of money each year.
    everytime the cap goes up, players want more money, so they never have enough money.
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    Dak is being represented by an agent, Todd France, who is working under CAA, an agency that is among the most demanding in the field. Dak has already stated he depends upon his agent to do his bidding for him, so the idea that this thread is based upon is certainly well founded in his case. CAA is quite determined to establish their name as one of the most productive ones in the business for NFL players.

    Unfortunately, I think they have Dak seriously overrated but are determined to establish themselves as a major leader in the business. For Dak and the Cowboys, it obviously presents extremely difficult negotiations. To compound the issue, the Cowboys' organization is facing a unusually large number of free agents to deal with this year.
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    Have no problem with that. Can we judge other players using the same criteria, like Zeke? Cuz he stunk up the field in that Philly game and the year before against the Rams. Can’t win with a player like that not showing up in big games, especially one that demanded to be the highest paid player at his position.

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