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Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by Irvin88_4life, Jan 25, 2019.

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    And why did the Rams rush for 273 yards? If our own Rushing attack was working as it should've been, then the Rams would not have enough time of possession to get 273 yards. Why was our Rushing attack not working? The Dak supporters will lay all the blame on Zeke. The other side will bring up that the Rams sold out on the Run, daring Dak to throw it deep. This is where a quarterback who does not have accuracy issues and is willing to make the other team pay for selling out on the run will throw it deep. How many balls did Dak throw beyond 15 yards? 4 out of 32?
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    Draw a large V from 25 yards past the LoS on the sideline to the center of the LoS to 25 yard sideline past the LoS on the other side. That's typically where his passes go and he rarely has any beyond 10-15 yards on the sideline. You'll see we rarely utilize the middle of the field. Good defenses take away those short-mid outside passes and that is when our pass game struggles. There should've been more attempts mid-deep across the field every time they sold out against the run. Flea flicker, mid crossing routes. Enough of these short come back, curls, and out routes where the receiver has to be at the sideline to get the ball. Where's hitting the receiver in stride so they can make a play?
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    Yet, even with Dak not playing perfectly in that game, if the Defense would have played better and not allowed so many rush yards then, I believe the outcome of the Rams game could have gone differently. As someone pointed out before, the Saints offense and Brees only got one more point than what our offense did against the Rams and this was with Brees getting the ball with extra time in overtime (Even though it shouldn't have gone into overtime, with the Refs missing a bad call, but that's for another thread).

    So, the Rams Defense stepped it up for the playoffs, when they needed to do it the most. They limited our offense and held the Saints to FGs in the redzone. Which shows that defense performances in the playoffs matter as much as what the QBs in the playoffs do. Even though some try to diminish the importance of defense and make it all about the offense, while acting like defense doesn't matter as much. In the end, Defense cost some teams, just like the Defense for the Chiefs made them lose the game against the Patriots.

    The difference between some teams advancing came down to whether or not the Defense was able to stop teams or come up with key stops. Ours couldn't stop the run, which was a major reason for losing the game against the Rams. And for as much as some blamed the defenses for Romo not advancing further in the playoffs. The Defense was just as big of a reason for us not getting past the divisional round this season.
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    Zeke refused to use his speed on the outside, kept running up the middle, strength of the Rans d.
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    Honestly, I think the Defense played like it always has. The problem was that Rams figured out the nuances of what the defense does when it is going to run certain plays, and by their own word were able to figure out 90% of the plays the cowboys were going to run on defense before the ball was snapped. Even with that, the defense was still able to keep the rams out of the endzone twice and keep them to two touchdowns.

    As for what Brees did against the Rams, ultimately it has nothing to do with whether Dak had a bad day against the Rams or not, or if he did his jobs for 54 minutes of the game or not. I mean it calls for speculation, an assumption, that both QBs had bad days for the same reason, but here people are saying that Dak had a good day, some even going as far as to saying he was clutch even though he lost, while others are saying hold on, Dak was bad for 54 minutes out of 60.
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    Its harder to do things in the run game, when the opposing Defense is focusing in only on you and not the passing game. Zeek would've been able to have more success if Dak would've made the Rams pay a few times for selling out on the run.
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    :dance::dance::dance:Party on
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    The Rams did to us what we do to other teams but they did it better. They controlled the clock and ran the ball. The offense sat on the bench. Same thing we did too the Saints.
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    Smash mouth football still works. It helps when the other team gameplans to stop the pass.
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    I imagine that was Zeke tryna follow the play call. I blame Linehan more.
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    The playcalling for the NFC sucks.
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    Witten still terrible in the booth!
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    And guess who is calling the plays.

    First shutout for the NFC in Pro bowl history? Wouldn’t be a great thing on the resume...
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    Well this may make it kinda easy to bring in Payton!
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    Do you know how football works?
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    All of them are.
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    Well I thought Dak played the best of the QBs in the NFC. Probably the only one that can operate Garrett's process.
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    Dak is the only one that is used to playing in this trash offense...………...the other QBs be like, "what the hell is this":laugh:
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