Randy Gregory Has 11 Tackles

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MyFairLady, Dec 20, 2021.

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    I don't think we will. The Joneses are good about paying their own, just not so much with outside FAs. I think we keep Gregory and Kearse. Not so sure on the rest. Maybe we'll resign one of the two FS (either Hooker or Kazee). Some others like Watkins should also come fairly cheap again if we want them for depth.
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    I don’t have any clue how getting paid will effect him and my guess is you don’t either
    When did you meet him and get to know the guy?
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  3. MyFairLady

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    I am on board with signing Randy at 10 million per year as a situational pass rushing specialist. If we pay him 15 million per year or heaven forbid 20 million per year like he is a dominant 3 down game wrecker I will be pretty sad. D Law yesterday is a good example of what a true 3 down game wrecker looks like. Gregory is no where close to that IMHO.
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  4. MyFairLady

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    To say that there are no concerns with giving Randy bags of guaranteed money is absolute nonsense. You can do it but you should absolutely have concerns.
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    There's certainly a big problem with people looking at irrelevant stats and thinking they mean something.

    Tackles for a defensive linemen? Seriously?
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    Isn't it funny how we get mad that Parsons is all over the field making plays and ridicule the coaches for not making him pass rush every play of every game and practice. Then we wish Randy Gregoy had more tackles whilst he rushes every play. I love Cowboy fans.
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    Gregory already made me eat all my crow ....... I am full and happy
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    Yeah I wouldn't feel good about paying him like the player fans pretend he is but has never actually been.

    I'd pass on that.
  9. AbeBeta

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    Please. Team has been there for him. He'll do the right thing. He has support in place here. He's not jeopardizing that
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    @MyFairLady isnt interested in reality. He has a personal grudge against Gregory from his weed suspension days. He doesn’t care how much he helps the team, he just doesn’t like him lol
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  11. Jstopper

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    I’m glad you saw the light
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  12. Whiskey Cowboy

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    Seems like a waste of resources. I'd absolutely resign Randy at 15m per but with DLaw, Gregory, Osa, Gally, and Micah the pass rush is already as good as we've seen in 20 years.
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  13. Manwiththeplan

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    I’m probably more concerned with his inability to not miss 4 or more games in a season
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    I'd really, really like to think that Randy will be willing to take less to stay in Dallas as a thank you to Jerry for sticking with him through all of his turmoil. But I have no idea if that will be true or not.
    I think he's a very good pass rusher, a good overall player and definitely a play maker when the lights are brightest.

    What would it take to sign him away from Dallas?
    What would ya'll be willing to pay him to stay?
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  15. FiveSuperBowls

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    Gregory will most likely be offered a team friendly contract. If he wants to go for bigger bucks, I don’t think Jerry will budge too much. The cap will be tight in 22 and there are too many other needs.

    Thank goodness, Boys have all their top draft picks.
  16. J-man

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    They need to get used to it, because it's gonna go to 18 games in the near future. The owners are going to have to allow for larger roosters, including game day roosters, to be able to sustain a team for a full season. Especially while covid is running around.
  17. gimmesix

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    I'm fine with whatever the going rate is for what his level of play is. Fans get mad about the Lawrence contract, but it was calculated on what other ends in his play range were making. Sometimes fans remind me a lot of my father-in-law who wants to eat at the buffet but refuses to pay today's prices because he thinks food should cost the same as it did 20 years ago. Every year the price for players changes.
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  18. MyFairLady

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    On the contrary I hope he crushes it for the rest of the year. I hope him and D Law and Kearse carry this team all the way to the superbowl. We have an amazing mix of hungry young players and hungry veterans playing for their next contract. This is a real lightning in a bottle situation on the defense and I hope the offense can come around in time to take advantage. What I do not want to have happen is another early playoff exit and have the team thinking we can not survive without Gregory and Lawrence so we give them all the money and we lock ourselves into a bad situation with no way out.

    I tried to compare Gregory to Quinn and said I would not give Gregory the contract that Quinn got. I was ridiculed. People said that Gregory is far superior to Quinn. I guess maybe I just don't get it. I guess I am supposed to put my love for the player ahead of my love for the team. It would make sense given that is how Jerry operates. Perhaps his style of leadership has spread all the way down to the fans.
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  19. Proof

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    I'm a big fan of what he's done, but he also got a seasoned Diggs, the best defensive player in the draft, and Randy.
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    Excellent post.
    Will definitely be a year to judge how cap management philosophy is done.

    I think if multiple kick the can down the road extensions, adjustments and overpayments are done in order to retain and sign free agents that a very big net negative will be the result.

    I share your belief in THIS year being the opportunity to seize because of all of this future roster uncertainty.
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