Randy Gregory Has 11 Tackles

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MyFairLady, Dec 20, 2021.

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    And that is fine to think that way, and I can't disagree. However, I guess what I was alluding too. Fans, and many on here believe they need to make a great play every play.
    Other teams players get paid big money to do so always.
    Plays happen on the other side of the field, yet someone posts...what was so and so doing just standing there....
    That is more what I meant.
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    You dont look at Tackles for a defensive end

    you look at how he sets the edge on run plays and pressuring the qb then you look at sacks

    tackles are nice and great but he's gotta set that edge on outside runs to force the ball carrier back inside for the LBs and safties to make the tackle

    every play isnt for you to make....sometimes you are the set up guy
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    If we have any playoff success Gregory is going to be a very large part of it.

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    How many coaches in history have had talent equivalent to Randy White, Harvey Martin and Ed Too Tall Jones?

    Just going back to 1980 and thinking about the best DLines, maybe the mid eighties Bears and the early nineties Eagles.

    Anybody arguing against what Dan Quinn is just silly.

    He transformed the worst defense in history into the best Cowboys defense in the past decade.
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    Another good reason to keep Parsons at LB...he is not in a rotation.
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    Avril was playing more of a traditional strong side DE role while in Detroit and he averaged 7 sacks, skewed by having 11 his last season there!
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    that was my thought. He missed a bunch of games and he’s not a linebacker like parsons who will accumulate my tackles. Odd choice for him to latch onto compared to the stats that you posted
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    Gregory is our best pass rusher behind Parsons and makes plays
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    42 million /year with 120 million guaranteed
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    Uh, thanks Jerry.
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    Your in a world by yourself on that one. Are you kidding? Did you watch the Washington game?
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    Thinking the game near mid season, he upped his intensity level and took it over
    If he can do that in every playoff game....we got a chance
    He had Charles Haley esque intensity...
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  13. charron

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    Nah we should avoid paying any player worth a dam because they might not live upto your expectations.
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    Bag of weed and a bong.

    Too soon?
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    i rather left him walk then sign him to a huge contract. He has ben proven unreliable. Most of his NFL years he has been hurt or suspended. Good when finally on the field but the problem is him being on the field. He should sign a very cap friendly deal for the cowboys otherwise I would pass.
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    He’s going to leave for FA $$$.
  17. DuncanIso

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    he’s weak vs run.
  18. Bullflop

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    Gregory is in his prime this year -- he hasn't had the wear and tear that most other DEs would have at 30 yrs. He's never been better. Combined with Lawrence and our improved run play from our defensive tackles, this revised defense is primed to be good for quite some time to come. We'll be fine.
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    talk to Nate and get him a bale.
  20. Reality

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    That is true for so many players in the league.

    Teams stopped throwing at Deion, Revis, etc. so their stats went down. Running backs who are primarily used on goal line situations will hurt their YPC. Running backs who are used primarily on third downs will often have more passing yards.

    Great defensive rushers will get double or even triple teamed. Cornerbacks covering great receivers will receive extra safety help. Great pass rushers will get chip-blocked often by running backs and tight-ends.

    It is important to remember that teams gameplan around the best players on other teams which is why good teams typically have multiple ways they can beat you. That is why Belichick's primary defensive strategy has always been to take away what the other team does best.

    Real player evaluation is based on what each player does when they get opportunities, not in their overall stats.

    If the Cowboys did not have Amari Cooper, Lamb's stats would be higher. If the Cowboys did not have Elliott, Pollard's stats would be better.

    It is not always about overall stats.

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