Rashawn Slater at 10?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Feb 12, 2021.

  1. Cowboyny

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    Sewell needs a little development as he just won't dominate being the more athletic player. His technique/footwork needs some work.

    There is no doubt Sewell is the best prospect at the position, but he is not a finished prospect by any means.
  2. dsturgeon

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    I am for it

    They could take a corner at 10, but they could take a corner or 2 later and be good at depth
    They dont need a WR
    LB'er would most likely be a stretch
    By some miracle a qb falls
    TE could be a pick

    Other than that, there is nothing worth taking at 10

    Smith and Collins are injury riddled
    Conner is on his last year of his rookie contract
    Martin is 32 or 33

    We saw what injuries did last year. I would like to make sure we get a second or 2 more for deeper passes to these WR's
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  3. beware_d-ware

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    As an 18 year old freshman, Sewell had 4 pressures and a sack given up on 228 snaps.

    As a 19 year old sophomore, Sewell allowed 0 sacks and 7 hurries on 486 dropbacks. So across his entire career, he averages one pressure every two games. One week he's perfect, the next week he gives up one hurry. How would you like your QB to have that level of blind side protection?

    You couple two years of lights-out pass blocking with a 6'5" 330 frame and this kind of absolutely freakish mobility

    and there's just nothing that needs projecting. Sewell would go top 5 in any draft you name and he was ready to block NFL edge rushers 2 years ago.
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  4. jnday

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    Would you pass on a great left tackle? If the answer is yes, who will take over after for Tyron? He is done playing the entire season each year. If the truth is known, he is probably done playing half of the games each season and only a quarter of those games will he be reasonably healthy.
  5. cnuball21

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    Sure...every prospect needs a little work but you’re making it sound like he’s raw and is an upside prospect.

    He’s one of the only blue chippers in the draft and is a plug and play starter day 1. One of the best OT prospects of the past decade.
  6. Cowboyny

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    He isn't raw, just needs a little refinement. I disagree that he is one of the best Tackles in the last decade like many claim, as several trustworthy insiders have said he wouldn't be the top Tackle prospect if he was in last year's draft. This isn't to take anything away from him, just was a loaded Tackle class at the top last year. I don't think he comes in and instantly dominates, might see a similar curve that we saw with Tyron Smith.
  7. JBS

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    Yeah, I would pass. We've tried winning with a great offensive line, it didn't work. I'd Ike to the team invest all of those assets on defense
  8. DFWJC

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    If Sewell miraculously fell to 10, Id take him with great confidence.
    Better steal than Lamb last year at a far more valuable position.

    Slater, however.....maybe if we traded down some and he was still there.
    But Id prefer not at 10
  9. cnuball21

    cnuball21 Well-Known Member

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    I think he would’ve been right up there in last years class...and even if he wasn’t that was a generational OT class so you could argue there were multiple blue chippers last year.
  10. Cowboyny

    Cowboyny Well-Known Member

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    Generational or not, he and last year's class, were all blue chip prospects.
  11. Malhavoc

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    Sewell is one of the few elite prospects in this draft. Could be as high as 2 on our draft board. You cannot pass on an All-Pro talent LT when you have a shot. Especially when you know Smith may not be around much longer...
  12. Cowboyny

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    I don't think Slater will be available in any trade down selection, especially where many still view him as a Tackle on the next level. Giants, 49ers, Chargers all could use help along the OL.

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