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  1. Kevinicus

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    American Reunion - 6/10. Probably my least favorite of the bunch. I'd say it's slightly below American Wedding, and significantly below the first 2. It's still much better than all the other straight to video American Pie offshoots. As usual Jim (and his dad) along with Stiffler are the main source of laughter.
  2. Longboysfan

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    Saw Shutter Island on the premium channel last night.

    What a head banger.

    In circles.

    From coming on the island as detective to patient to labatomy....
  3. Tusan_Homichi

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    Goon - 8/10

    I'm not a huge hockey fan, but this was really good. Lots of laughs and you really do like the main character.
  4. The30YardSlant

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    Saw both of these on Saturday...

    The Hunger Games: 6.5/10...they did about as much with this story on screen as could realistically be expected. The problem for me is that the story is inherently flawed. It just seemed like a hodge-podge of a stereotypical distopian society (with an evil government figurehead) and heroine with dualing love interests with the shock of kids killing kids thrown in for novelty. This idea is supported IMO by the fact that so many fans of the first book were dissapointed with the second and third editions, the story just isnt meant to really hold up. The filmmakers did well with what they had to work with though and I certainly wasnt bored.

    Safe House: 8/10...as far as "turn your brain off and be entertained" action movies go this one was pretty good. A better story with a less obvious ending could have made this a real favorite of mine.
  5. Kevinicus

    Kevinicus Well-Known Member

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    I caught this about 20 minutes in on TV the other night. I thought I was going to like it based on the trailer, but I really didn't care for it all that much. I definitely thought it would be funnier, but I didn't laugh much at all. I'd give it a 5/10.
  6. Jammer

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    The Iron Lady - 7/10 Phenomenal performance from Meryl Streep (of course). I lived in England for a large part of her time as PM so I got to see what she was up against in real time. I was always a fan of hers and to see her portrayed as a elderly woman fighting dementia as she recalled significant events in her life was startiling to me.
  7. Cowboy Junkie

    Cowboy Junkie leonargized

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    Simply put it was one of the worst movies I have seen

  8. Jammer

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    Yeah, I have to agree. I have Netflix where I don't worry too much about good movies/bad movies, but with that one I felt I really wasted a rental on that one.
  9. dez_for_prez

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    Just saw The Lorax, 2 out of 10. They take a kids movie and cram enviromental nonsence into the whole thing. It didnt even have funny parts for the kids to laugh at.
  10. casmith07

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    Three Musketeers 0.6/10

    Horrible lol.
  11. ware1manarmy

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    2/10 not good not good at all save your money and more importantly save that 90 mins of your life
  12. TheCowboy

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    The Ides of March 4/10

    I don't find politics boring, but this movie made it boring.
  13. Rynie

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    The Raid: Redemption 10/10

    Easily the best action movie I've seen in years. It's Indonesian..btw..Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia have perfected fight sequences in their movies...absolutely BRILLIANT. Pretty simple plot: a group of cops rade a 30-story building that's controlled by a drug-lord. It ends up being a massacre, but the hero makes it out. The whole movie is NON-stop action. It was filmed very well, too. Go see it!
  14. Tusan_Homichi

    Tusan_Homichi Heisenberg

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    God Bless America - 5/10

    A couple of people get fed up with society in general and go around shooting rude/mean people. I just didn't care for the main characters. The main actor I could feel at least a LITTLE sympathy for, but his teenage female counterpart? Not really. She just annoyed me. For a movie like this to work, where the characters are jumping waaaaay over the line, you kind of want to have some attachment to them so that you can at least sympathize. I just didn't feel that at all.
  15. Doomsday

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    I think giving it a 1 might be a bit too generous. :laugh2:
  16. Tusan_Homichi

    Tusan_Homichi Heisenberg

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    Cabin in the Woods - 8/10

    Really good twist on a horror movie. Things go completely bananas at the end.
  17. Cowboys&LakersFan

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  18. WoodysGirl

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    It was on TBS and there was nothing else on at the time. I liked it for its overall cute factor, but the impracticalities of certain events drove me crazy.
  19. joseephuss

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    The Raven

    Nice enjoyable matinee movie.
  20. Tabascocat

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    The Raven is well worth the 12 bucks a ticket, I would give it an 8/10

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