Re-signing our own (strategy)

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Mar 15, 2019.

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    I get its not about satisfying the fans and you have to make it work within the cap. One premium free agent each year to fix your biggest need should not be a cap killer. Then hunt for bargains to fix other needs like they have been and keep doing what you are in the draft. I'm not so sure you can say anything has really worked well the past 5 years. If things were working well, there would be more success in the playoffs.
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    theres no rush..seriously all this has just started this week and actually Amari and Zeke are last due to their contracts have more years on them IE 5th year options and or ability to wait

    really its Dak and Tank, Dak was 4th rounder no way to have extra year options like Zeke , hes the QB and most likely is priority regardless what we all think as fans.. Tank on hos 2nd FT but negotiations have been tough obviously and im confident it will get worked out, um you know we have until what july 15th or something??

    again WAY early to worry about this , as fans we watch games we debate wins and losses..all this hub bub over money and contracts is unnecessary.. game 1 we root for whomever they throw out there..that mainly what fans do, the invention of SM, Fantasy Football, and the internet frenzy has somehow created way too many INTERNET GMS who worry too much about things that arent what we are here for, believe it or not the Owners and FO , Coaches, do know more then us , even if Fans think they dont.:) we are playoff team and have some holes to fill but we arent 7-50 3 seasons like Cleveland and id say 75% of the heavy hitters in FA etc making trades and causing this reaction are loser franchises that just needs everything..

    I know we will here about 23-30yers of no SBs or NFCCG appearances blah blah, we all miss it but we do have top 5 regular season win team over the last 5 years..we do win we dont suck, and theres a shot every year..
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    I love the roster building strategy they are using and their drafting.

    They have to learn to extend players early now is the next step. And also use pick swaps in trades to acquire talent. If those two ever happen then watch out.

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