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Ref Crew from Bengals/Raiders Game Expected to be Benched

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 16, 2022.

  1. MarcusRock

    MarcusRock Well-Known Member

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    There are only certain categories where New York can chime in and an inadvertent whistle isn't one of them.


    ARTICLE 2. REPLAY OFFICIAL REQUEST FOR REVIEW. Only the Replay Official or the Senior Vice President of Officiating
    or his or her designee may initiate a review of a play:
    (a) that begins after the two-minute warning of each half;
    (b) throughout any overtime period;
    (c) when points are scored by either team;
    (d) that is a Try attempt (successful or unsuccessful); and
    (e) when on-field officials rule:

    (1) an interception by an opponent;
    (2) a fumble or backward pass recovered by an opponent or that goes out of bounds through the opponent’s end zone;
    (3) a scrimmage kick touched by the receiving team and recovered by the kicking team; or
    (4) a disqualification of a player.

    Such plays may be reviewed regardless of whether a foul is committed on the play that, if accepted, would negate the on-field

    The Replay Official may only challenge a play until the next legal snap or kick. The Replay Official may consult with a
    designated member of the Officiating department at the league office regarding whether to challenge a play.

    And there's this in the same rule:

    The following aspects of plays are not reviewable:
    (a) Whether an erroneous whistle sounded;
    (b) Whether a ball was illegally batted or kicked;
    (c) Whether a passer intentionally grounded a pass;
    (d) Whether an ineligible receiver was downfield before a pass;
    (e) Whether a receiver was illegally contacted;
    (f) The spot of a loose ball crossing the sideline;
    (g) Whether a block was illegal; and
    (h) Any aspect of a play not listed as reviewable in Section 3 of this Rule.
  2. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

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    So much for the fans on this board that say NFL officials aren’t held accountable.
  3. zrinkill

    zrinkill Cowboy Fan

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    Good ....... he is one of the refs that wants the game to be about him.
  4. zrinkill

    zrinkill Cowboy Fan

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    First time I have seen it .......... about time.
  5. PhillyCowboysFan

    PhillyCowboysFan Well-Known Member

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    I don’t won’t to keep talking about this but we should understand that, yes a whistle was blown which means the play is dead as soon as it’s blown. The ball was infight to the receiver when the whistle blow, meaning no touchdown. BUT, there should never have been a whistle in the first place, so to me justice was done! Nothing on that play called for a whistle, inadvertent whistles has caused plenty of plays to not materialize in the past. It’s a shame but it’s happens.

    It just doesn’t make sense to blow a whistle in what was happening. The refs blows whistles to alert players to stop as the play is no longer in play, it’s there to protect players. The QB throw the ball as he jumped out of bounds, while out of bounds no defender continued to go after the QB (that would be the only reason to kill the play), so why blow it.
  6. lukin2006

    lukin2006 Well-Known Member

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    shouldn’t need to replace the crew…less crews needed next week. The NFL did not really do anything…it’s just looks good for their image without really punishing these refs…who should be terminated.
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  7. KJJ

    KJJ You Have an Axe to Grind

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    It’s happened before. NFL officials have been fired.
  8. JustChip

    JustChip Well-Known Member

    CowboysZone DIEHARD Fan
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    Right, just like we would. But that errant whistle did not impact that play. Verily, the TD shouldn’t have counted, but the Raiders didn’t stop playing based on that whistle and that’s not why the pass was completed. It would be unforgivable if that wasn’t the case.
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  9. BourbonBalz

    BourbonBalz Star4Ever

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    Personally I didn’t see that play as a big deal. The ball was clearly in the air when the whistle blew and the receiver was wide open before the whistle blew. I don’t think it affected the play at all. It was a split second. That throw was going to be a TD whether there was a whistle or not. I agree it was “technically” a blown call by the officials, but I just don’t think it affected the play.
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  10. DoctorChicken

    DoctorChicken Well-Known Member

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    At least there's some accountability being shown.
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  11. NumOneQB

    NumOneQB Well-Known Member

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    They need to bench Hocule and his sorry *** crew. The Dallas-Raiders game was the worst officiated game I’ve watched all year.
  12. JohnsKey19

    JohnsKey19 Well-Known Member

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    Makes perfect sense to sit and watch your officials royally screw up a scoring play in a playoff game.
  13. McKDaddy

    McKDaddy Well-Known Member

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    Agreed. It would have been unjust to take the play away just because some dingus blew a whistle a quarter second too early.
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  14. panchucko

    panchucko It's Back

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    This and the tuck rule are hot on their minds
  15. MarcusRock

    MarcusRock Well-Known Member

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    But that's the rule. It was unjust to let it stand. The fact they let it stand after a discussion is absurd.



    (m) when an official sounds the whistle erroneously while the ball is still in play, the ball becomes dead immediately;
    (1) If the ball is in player possession, the team in possession may elect to put the ball in play where it has been declared
    dead or to replay the down.
    (2) If the ball is a loose ball resulting from a fumble, backward pass, or illegal forward pass, the team last in possession may
    elect to put the ball in play at the spot where possession was lost or to replay the down.
    (3) If the ball is a loose ball resulting from a legal forward pass, a free kick, a fair-catch kick, or a scrimmage kick, the ball is
    returned to the previous spot, and the down is replayed.
    (4) If there is a foul by either team during any of the above, and the team in possession at the time of the erroneous whistle
    elects not to replay the down, penalty enforcement is the same as for fouls during a run, forward pass, kick, fumble, and
    backward pass. If the team in possession elects to replay the down, all penalties will be disregarded, except for personal
    fouls and unsportsmanlike conduct fouls, which will be administered prior to the replaying of the down. If the down is
    replayed, the game clock will be reset to the time remaining when the snap occurred, and the clock will start on the snap.
  16. JayFord

    JayFord Well-Known Member

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    the NFL finally punishing refs and admitting they make mistakes?!

    this is truly a good day
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  17. Mannix

    Mannix Well-Known Member

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  18. McKDaddy

    McKDaddy Well-Known Member

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    I get your point & if it had affected the Raiders defense I would agree. In this case all it would have done was negated a very nice play by Burrow. They did nothing to deserve punishment nor did the Raiders deserve a reprieve. The play on the field decided the game as it should have.
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  19. DripTooHard

    DripTooHard Well-Known Member

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    It was the Raiders tho. :laugh:
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  20. rags

    rags Well-Known Member

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    Gee. I wonder why.

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