Report: Some Cowboys planning protest tonight

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by JackOfNoTrades, Sep 25, 2017.

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    :lmao2:That's priceless. :p
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    Some of these teams can stay in the tunnels the whole season for all I care. I have had about enough. Baseball lost me for the strike in the 90s,Basketball lost me for all the embracing the Thug lifestyle and the "MEFirst" sandlot basketball crap,and now I'm about ready to forget Pro Football that I have loved all my life. I'm sure the NFL will have the teams running onto the field with the American Flag,but I'm not sold on any of their BS propaganda. Yeah I'm also a Conspiracy Nut and I remember the The Replacement players and the NFL strike made a lot of people bitter and all of sudden America's Team win several of the next Super Bowls and people forgot the strike,so if history plays out again ,Cowboys are going to get several Trophies in the near future.
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    Do you feel better?
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    Lots of folks were still upset about how the Cowboys handled it and I can't understand why. Listen nobody is twisting your arm to watch the NFL, you quit baseball do the same with the NFL and you won't have worry about it anymore. I'm not trying to sound snarky just pointing out an easy solution for you.

    Good luck, and I hope that you do stay and watch the game, and I hope more teams follow what the Cowboys did. I also hope that the original point of the silent protest doesn't get lost in all of this. As this somehow has turned into a war on the flag and Anthem when that wasn't the original intent.

    Don't forget a lot of these men are good guys who do a lot for the communities and donate a lot of money and time. The programs they've setup and do a lot of good. When it comes to other sports I never hear about what they're doing for the community, but with football you hear about it a lot. So don't give up just because you disagree. I may not like the kneeling for the anthem, but I'm open minded as to why they're doing it.

    and on a lighter note easy on the Sandlot reference YaYa and Squints are real life friends of mine ;)
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