Twitter: Rob Ryan on E:60 says Jerry and Stephen trust the wrong people *vid Post #13*

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Nov 18, 2014.

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    Bart Hubbuch‏@BartHubbuch 4m4 minutes ago
    Wow, Rob Ryan tells ESPN the Cowboys are mediocre because Jerry Jones "surrounds himself with some people he trusts who aren't trustworthy."
    Rob Ryan tells ESPN's E:60 that there are "people [within the Cowboys] that are in power that shouldn't be" advising Jerry & Stephen Jones.
    Rob Ryan tells ESPN Jerry/Stephen Jones "want to do what's right -- they actually do -- but they don't ... they're just not getting it yet."

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  2. pugilist

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    Aka Larry Lacewell
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  3. blindzebra

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    That Mediocre team kicked your defense's butt.
  4. xvendettax914

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    I suppose theres some merit to this, at the same time his teams got 4 wins and hes been responsible for a D famous for collapsing. Odd time to take shots at dallas..
  5. cowboys1981

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    Yup they trusted him to run the defense.
  6. YosemiteSam

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    Pooprymple. That guy is a ****.
  7. ninja

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    Parcells basically said the same thing a while ago, maybe a year ago. He said that Jerry/Stephen have a lot of people advising them (who Parcells probably wouldn't trust) but that Jerry/Stephen have been 'relatively successful' with those people/system(8-8 the last 3 years and .500 overall long term).

    To each their own.

    By the way, I think Rob Ryan will be looking for work soon after the Saints are eliminated, assuming they can't even win that pitiful division they are in.
  8. adbutcher

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    Bad santa is full of **** and taking shots while he still has a platform. His days are numbered calling the shots and it could not have happened to a nicer guy.

    Edit: Hopefully it was one of the Jones advisors that told them to can his sorry ***.
  9. CowboyStar88

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    Anyone disagree? I don't I think that's been obvious. But hopefully there has been a change and now that's starting to show. I do wonder who they keep talking about?
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  10. Direwolf63

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    That would be my guess as well. Add the other drinking pal Barry Switzer to the list.
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  11. Zman5

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    He's probably talking about Lacewell and maybe Switzer.
  12. mldardy

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    Rob Ryan doesn't know what he's talking about and is now bitter because his defense is performing is exactly like all his defenses have: Mediocre.
  13. WoodysGirl

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  14. rcaldw

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    My thoughts have always been that Jerry likes to get a myriad of opinions. I've heard him comment on what other NFL teams say about his roster. I've always thought (not just since Rob "I'm glad he's out of town" Ryan spoke up) that it isn't a wise thing to listen to your competition about the makeup of your roster. I think there is a naïveté about Jerry Jones when it comes to football.
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  15. big dog cowboy

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    While it's easy to take shots at Ryan, is he really lying or stretching the truth? I don't think so.
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  16. 65fastback2plus2

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    he trusted rob ryan for defense...then realized he shouldnt trust him further than donut choices and fired his rear end
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  17. LittleBoyBlue

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    True. Some merit and yet he is one of the people he is talking about.
    Can you bad mouth yourself? Lol
  18. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Jerry's childhood buddies. I am curious if Stephen has any people like this.
  19. RS12

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    The "attack any statement you dont like mentality" never ceases to amaze. Even though the record indicates there might just be slightest bit of truth to it. Attack the credibilty first, think and analyze later, thats out motto.
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  20. RS12

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    BTW I bet he is talking about Garrett who I bet he has absolutely no use for.

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