Rolando McClain Suspended Another Year

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CoachHodnett, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. stasheroo

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    Pretty awesome movie, wasn't it? I saw it yesterday too.
  2. Nightman

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    It still isn't official so I don't know if it would change anything yet.......the were trying to recover his whole 750k signing bonus, which is peanuts if you ask should have already been lost due to not ever reporting to TC while under contract

    i would just cut him
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  3. SeanLee50

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    Crazy at the beginning of the year I thought we would miss him!
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  4. bark

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    Time to set this bird free
  5. Vinnie2u

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    Hopefully we at the point where we don't even consider signing guys like him anymore. Let other teams waste time and money on reclamation projects.
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  6. vlad

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    what a waste of monster talent and apparently he was a Sean Lee-like football mind
  7. TellerMorrow34

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    The guy is a complete idiot. His career is over.
  8. Jake

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    He's done. Just hope Jaylon Smith fully recovers from his knee injury.
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  9. hornitosmonster

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    Bye dumb ***
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  10. LocimusPrime

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  11. manster4ever

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  12. Rogerthat12

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  13. tyke1doe

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    Looks like this problem took care of itself.
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  14. dallasdave

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  15. Seven

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  16. GimmeTheBall!

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    Nature and the NFL drug tests have a way of culling the herd.
    RO is a loser of immense proportions.
  17. Bullflop

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    Unbelievable! After hearing of McClain's latest episode, I had thought for sure that Jerry would have been finished with the guy. It's hard to fathom how Jerry can be so incredibly incapable of seeing the forest for the trees. I'm a bit unsure as to which of those two is the biggest dummy. Neither one learns from his mistakes. -- SMH
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  18. Zekeats

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    Holding out hope
  19. CaptainMorgan

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    An opiate addiction is perhaps one of the hardest things in life to break once it has a hold of you. not everyone can do it. I hope for his sake he is able to get control of it and goes on to lead a productive life regardless of what that is.

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