Video: Romo Eastern Illinois Highlights

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ninja, May 11, 2021.

  1. ninja

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    For anyone interested.

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  2. BoysfanfromCanada

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    I'm not saying Ben Dinnuci is Romo, but had rookie Romo been forced to start a game with that 2020 squad vs the Eagles, I'm assuming he wouldn't have done much better. Sometimes some guys need a few years before things click. Dinnuci may be a terrible qb even 4 years from now, but its harsh to kill him over that game with impossible odds
  3. fivetwos

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    It's too obvious a comparison because of the team, but the release point is almost identical.

    The second I saw Nooch highlights last year I thought Romo.

    Honestly Ben's mechanics look better than Romos did at the same stage.

    I have no idea how Tony Romo became a good NFL QB but things happen apparently.
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  4. hittheskids

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    Thanks for the post.
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  5. ChronicCowboy

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    The fact that he went undrafted after having such a spectacular college career is shocking. He looked like a pro prospect his sophomore year.
  6. America's Cowboy

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  7. SeanLee50

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    You’d be surprised. Romos scouting reports were usually quite positive

    Here is the actual Yearbook Scouting Report on Tony Romo in Draft Insiders '03 Yearbook "This guy may be the gem of this deep QB class"

    The Skinny: This guy may be the gem of this deep QB class. He is an ideal fit for the West Coast offense that emphasizes accuracy, mobility and quick decision-making. He has the triangle numbers NFL scouts seek in a pro prospect and he has the makeup to become a starter with further development and continued improvement. He has the talent to surprise over time and may be the best small college passer since Kurt Warner.
  8. Hennessy_King

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  9. big dog cowboy

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    Backwards cap!
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  10. rocyaice

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  11. HowardC

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  12. BobbyFlame469

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    Have you watched the tape? He looks like Brett Farve with less arm talent in those highlights if he played now he’d be evaluated similar to Zach Wilson as a prospect right now
  13. DandyDon52

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    thanks for the post , never saw his college hl.
    Watched a little , pretty good, dl it and will watch later.
    1080p if u dl it.
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  14. mooseq

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    I’m 31 years old and Romo is my all time favorite player to play for Dallas. He was exciting to watch
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  15. Hennessy_King

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    I feel bad for you.
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  16. ninja

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    I only pulled it from YouTube. Glad someone did it. I never saw his college film either.
  17. ninja

    ninja Numbnuts

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    Those sure were exciting and entertaining years.
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  18. DFWJC

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    He definitely worked hard to upgrade his mechanics throughout his NFL career.
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  19. zack

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    What the video shows is how under utilized play action passes were when he was the starting QB for the Cowboys. Good job Jason!
  20. calicowboy54

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    becoming anything good requires work dedication and time. from the moment romo got here he was in David Lee (QB coach) and Payton’s back pocket.

    for Ben to become the next anything, he’s got to be in Big Macs back pocket and the QB coaches back pocket. get some outside help like Dak does and put in the film room time.

    your work ethic defines what you will become.

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