Romo responds to Peyton Manning

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by darthseinfeld, Jul 18, 2019.

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    “I saw where Tony Romo said that he always knew that he wanted to be a broadcaster,'' Manning said. "Well, I always knew I wanted to be a football player. That’s all I knew. I was all-in on that job. I didn’t think about anything else while I was playing. And I think that’s a good way to be. I think you’ve got to be all-in on what you’re doing.”

    I doubt that Manning and Romo are anything but respectful to one another; they're probably even friendly. The remarks nevertheless come across to some as a dig at Romo, who of course never quite scaled the heights of winning at quarterback that Manning did. But this week on the Ben & Skin Show on 105.3 The Fan, Romo, the former Dallas Cowboys QB who has quickly become a superstar in the CBS broadcast booth, was asked to respond.

    "Ultimately, that's something I never actually said," Romo said, adding that he was unfamiliar with Manning's comments. "I didn't start thinking about being a broadcaster until I was contemplating retirement. And so at that point, then you're going to start thinking about your next stage.
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    I think another example of the media blowing something up.
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    Of course. Romo probably shouldn't have responded to it
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    Peyton Manning was wrong for believing the media's lies about what they said Tony said, which never happened. Peyton should know by now how the media deceives in order to create a story. Shame on him. He owes Tony a huge apology.
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    more fake news from the media
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    No doubt that's true. Mostly because everyone in media told Payton that no matter how good he was on the field, he wasn't going to be a good announcer.
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    'Nother slow news day in a slow offseason.
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    Uh, Peyton's dad was a NFL football quarterback. Peyton grew up around NFL football. Peyton went to Tennessee. All he thought about is being a football player. Duh! :rolleyes:
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    If only announcers could throw.
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    Would anybody who knows anything about Peyton Manning actually think he was being disrespectful towards another person?
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    Later, Manning wondered aloud, to the tune of the Nationwide jingle: "Why is Tony on my mind?"
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    What:eek: I'll be dropping my Nationwide Insurance tomorrow:mad:
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    Romo did in fact ask for time off in training camp so he could try and qualify for the u.s. open. I thought that was in poor taste.
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    That bad taste was probably drool, because you were obviously in the middle of a weird dream or on some kind of substance that would produce hallucinations.
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    Manning just sounds dumb here. There's nothing wrong, and plenty right, about a player planning ahead for his post playing days.
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    Such a Percy post lol
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