Roughly 86 players come off the board between our 3rd pick and our next pick in the 5th


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"No, we, we didn't tell anybody until we did it, period," Jones said prior to the Cowboys' preseason finale against the Las Vegas Raiders. "There was nobody that knew [about] it. We told Mike [McCarthy], after we had done it, but my point is we just wanted to get it done. Again, we didn't waste any time. My point is, we didn't, we didn't want them, we didn't want them to hang up."

Jones doubled down on those comments on Tuesday, declaring he has the authority to formulate and approve trades without anyone else's approval, given he is the Cowboys owner and general manager.

"I didn't have to send it around," Jones said on 105.3FM The Fan in Dallas, via The Athletic. "I can make that trade in 5 minutes."
Good job.


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Because of the trade for Lance we will see likely 86 players come off the board between our 3rd and what is likely to be our 5th round comp late in the round.

Which brings us to 3 scenarios.

1. Trade out of the 1st to pick up more.
2. Nail FA
3. The top 3 picks MUST contribute.

We have 7 picks but the meat is generally in the middle. Just as a reminder, Dak, TP, Biadiz, and Fergs were all 4th round picks.

What do you think?
First of all, it must be realized that not having tons of top picks isn't a death sentence for your draft. For example, Larry Allen was a second-round pick, at no. 46. HOF player, 10-time Pro Bowler and one of the best offensive linemen EVER.

Wouldn't it be nice to trade the no. 24 pick for the number 46th and the 60th picks (that's based on the 2024 draft value chart, not the end all for evaluating draft trades, just using it as an example)? And get another Larry Allen with that 46th pick? And you'd still have the 56th pick.

For me, I'd do that in a heartbeat. One no. 24th pick isn't going to "fix" this team. It needs help in at least 5 positions. Improving one and getting no better than what you have now after that is going to leave you in the same position you are now.

Anyway, that's what I'd do. But it isn't up to me, so file this away as some old fan pining for the good old days....


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The experts are saying this draft is good through the 2nd day but drops off considerably after the 3rd round. I say if true then trade up on any of those we can to ensure hopefully 3 starters in the first 3 rounds.