Recommended Sat Next to David Irving on Flight

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Pessimist_cowboy, Mar 17, 2019.

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    today from LAX to DFW. Flew out to watch the Spence vs Mikey fight. David is a social butterfly. Literally talked to him the entire flight. I wanted to pick his brain. Here are some of the things we discussed:

    *David Irving says he sold drugs as a teen and it continued while in college and made a lot of money.

    * he mentioned multiple times that he’s going to the “after parties” after the fight. but didn’t seem to care about the fight itself.

    * he’d spend the offseasons in Mexico (Monterrey)because apparently the NFL cannot drug test you if you’re out of the country.

    *He hates football and never liked playing it but his parents would make him because he was great at it. His dad was a marine and coached him hard. But David said multiple times he hated playing football.

    * he’s been addicted to Xanax multiple times and weed helped him get off.

    * he said he’s been depressed for 2 years and since quitting football he’s the happiest he’s ever been.

    * he owns 5 cars but doesn’t own a house. He said he has to sell off some of his cars.

    * He said Jerry Jones always showed him love and really tried to help him out. Didn’t like Garrett and said he’s like a Boy Scout leader.

    * as soon as we landed he called his ride and asked him if he had “his blunts”. I am not joking.

    In closing he’s such a bright guy. Very intellectual, intelligent. I told him the 2016 game@ GB was one of the greatest games I’ve ever seen a DL play. He appreciated it reiterated that he didn’t really like playing it at all. I ended telling him that I do respect you for walking away from something if you don’t love it, do what makes you happy.

    Just thought I’d share.
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  2. Idgit

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    Awesome. Good for him, then. He should do him. Not really going to miss him tho.

    Great story.
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    Very cool. On the human level, good for him I guess. On the football level, what a waste of talent. Even half-assing it he was a stud. If he cared he might have become the best in the league. Ah well. I Wish him well. Good story.
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    That's rich.

    Life after football.

    Go figure.
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    Any conversations about giving it another go if the NFL lessened its policy on weed? Did he have an opinion on Goodell?
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    Crazy! I’m assuming you were in first class. 6’7 guys don’t do well in coach.

    Did he mention anything about his girlfriend/daughter situation? And did he look hurt from that lingering injury that kept him out last year?
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    Good for him regardless of what anyone says. Hes doing what fulfills his soul!
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    It's only a matter of time... this guy is going to burn threw every penny he has and he really will be homeless and carless and begging on the streets.
  9. JoeKing

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    He didn't retire from football, he quit. He didn't play long enough to qualify for a pension. He will eventually burn every bridge and just be a bum on the street.
  10. pacboyX

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    ? Plenty of people in America don’t play in the NFL and live perfectly fine lives. Pretty sure he will find a way to survive, good start by avoiding depression and a stressor in his life.
  11. JoeKing

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    I give him 10-15 years and then he will be a story on 60 minutes if anyone still remembers his name.
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    Lol who knows what fate has in store for anyone. What percentage of people could have a 60 minutes story about them? Great promising kid turns into etc.. I am frustrated he isn’t that DT for us but he’s a grown man living his life as he desires. My desire is true cause of frustration not him, I don’t have control of the world.
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    The part about hating football is not that all that uncommon in the NFL. However the majority of that subset will do what they have to do to protect their career and keep checks rolling in, unlike Irving in this case.
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    If I could make 30 or so million over the span of 5 years doing something I didn’t like, I would do it. Then.......I could do whatever the hell I wanted to......the REST of my life.

    Everyone’s different.

    Fantastic post OP.
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  15. Proximo

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    It’s amazing to me that he wasn’t willing to bite the bullet, stay clean for another season or two and cash in on a big contract.

    He missed out on generational wealth.

    He sounds like a mess, to be honest.
  16. 1972COWBOY

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    Xanax works on the GABA receptors and if you want to have less withdrawal after getting of it you don't smoke weed or drink booze because both of those items actually inhibit GABA. What he needs is another drug to replace one he quit. Thats part of how drug addiction works as you need to replace voids.

    Some people may find pot helps xanax withdrawal (especially a good quality Indica brand) but the inhibition of GABA can possibly lead to a seizure.

    If Dave was taking bars of xanax, it takes years to get off and taper down to where the effects of the xanax are gone and if pot helps him, then he is stuck with that. Xanax withdrawal is insane if you have ever been through it.

    But good story; thanks for sharing.
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  17. Doomsay

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    The after party invites will dry up in a few years, hope he’s smart enough to get a decent paying conventional job. How do the coaches not know of his lack of enthusiasm before the team resigned him?
  18. panchucko

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    Cool story, if he goes back to his teen and college days he will end up with Sam Hurd

    Hope the best for him but he isn’t anyone I will keep track of now that he isn’t a cowboy
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    I’ve said as much. It’s hard for people to fathom not wanting to play in the NFL but everyone is not made for it.
  20. 1972COWBOY

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    Just needed a couple of years to make a few million, then he could keep his cars. Hope he doesn't end up like Red Foxx.

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