Second contract for Dak?


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Oh boy do I have some bad news for a lot of people in here. I don't let this crap bother me anymore. It is what it is.

An extension would come after the 2023 season. No QB sees the last year of his second contract. He would be extended in 2023, and 2024 would be restructured to be more team friendly. Here's how you can tell if it's going to happen. If Jerry restructures his 2022 contract. Turning his salary into bonus money and spreading it out over 5 years. If you look at his contract, you can see it was designed to do just that. That means next year his cap hit would be roughly 18 million instead of the 30+ mil. Once that's done, that all but guarantees another extension.

Jerry went all in with Dak. There is no turning back. He pretty much has to restructure Dak's 2022 year. That along with other moves to get under the cap in order to resign whoever he wants, pay rookies and free agents. If he doesn't, Dallas will be up crap creek next year. Might have to unload some other contracts as well.

You sir are correct. We will be forced to extend Dak, otherwise the cap hit is too great.