News: SI: Prescott: I was greedy


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And was worth every penny of it. He earned it. 3 SBs vs one playoff win. Dak homers are just Dak homers.

No they just aren’t the casual fan who foolishly treats wins like they are a QB stat.


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It’s frustrating on my part,” Prescott said. “I think just being greedy in some of the reads, trying to put the dagger in them, I guess you could say, rather than just continuing to play through the play and play through the drive. I was trying to do it on one play. I can’t do that. We can’t do that as an offense. We just got to stay within it and allow that play to come.”
Dak's greed is what is keeping the Boys from bringing in a real LBer to take LVE's spot. Everyone thought Dak was going to be the man this year, what a joke. This dude couldn't carry a high school team let alone the Dallas Cowboys. If things aren't perfect for this bum, then he's not winning anything. Dak is another Kirk Cousins in a different uniform. JJ make a huge mistake signing this 4th rd draft pick, underachieving BUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's not worth the spit they put on a football............


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I never said that the personnel hasn’t compensated for Dak’s horrible mechanics and tendencies gif significant stretches of his play. We also saw Dak in all his glory when Zeke was suspended, Amari wasn’t here and Smith went out, how “legendary” this QB was…

I mean it’s pretty obvious they have when guys like Smith, Zeke and Amari and the are not on the field and the best OL in football isn’t giving Dak 10 second to throw that the defenses have “solved him”.
I mean defenses couldn’t even solve Cooper Rush on this team in his first start ever in the pros in four years of being on a roster..

It’s been pretty obvious when Dak couldn’t beat the scrub Eagles in 2019 against scrub CBs to get eliminated from playoff contention, as Dak wallowed in his horrible mechanics as he’s doing now.
Something the defense does something new which catches QBs off guard. In a copycat league, they see this same coverage over and over until they beat it.