Twitter: ST Coach Keith O’Quinn demoted

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Pessimist_cowboy, Dec 31, 2019.

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  2. CB61

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    WHY ??? After those performances this year he should be shown the door
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  3. Kevinicus

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    8,813 Likes Received or two plays is not close enough to smell it? How can a team be closer without actually being there?
  4. camaro69

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    The fact that's he's still in the building is a negative. He should be stoned and dragged through the street behind a chariot. Its like everybody on this coaching staff is fire proof
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  5. ksadler1

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    If you guys are not concerned about Jerry "reassigning" coaches, you should be. This is a tell-tale sign that things are not going to change here. If l were a candidate for this HC job, this would be a HUGE red flag, unless l'm Garrett...
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  6. Silly

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    Did he scout Maher?
  7. Beaker42

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    Should’ve never been promoted.
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  8. Brax

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    This years fall guy, Jason is resigned and Jerry will pick a new staff for him.
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  9. buybuydandavis

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    I wouldn't say demoted. Fired as ST coach, but considered in an entirely new role and organization within the team.
  10. xwalker

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    They were reluctant to hire "new" coaches for this season or last.

    Maybe that was because they expected to be replacing the coaching staff after the season.

    Existing Employees moved to these coaching positions in 2018 or 2019:

    Kris Richard was hired for 2018 but they were likely considering him for DC or HC.
  11. Risen Star

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    Well, I'm satisfied.
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  12. CT Dal Fan

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    We had the worst special teams in football. Just fire this guy.

    I swear, this organization is more concerned about hurt feelings than winning football games. It's soft from the top down.
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  13. charron

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    More dysfunction. It's not Jerry's job to keep people he likes personally. He needs to hire the best and Keith needs to go figure out what he is good at some where else.
  14. glimmerman

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    Hate me all your heart desires. I get direct deposit. Lmao. And I want some guaranteed and signing bonus. Only difference is that I am gonna do my job.
  15. Cover 2

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    Yep. We should keep spending our time and money on this team. We should talk about how grateful we are they are willing to take our money, and just be quiet other than saying something positive about them.

    If I go to a restaurant, and the experience isn't very good multiple times, I'm going to keep going. I'll just keep telling them they're doing a great job, and continue to go. Even though I don't enjoy it.

    Finally! A real fan on here!

    Paying customers need to keep their mouths shut when dealing with a substandard product.
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  16. Walker

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    That is not a demotion, he is still with the organization. What is he suppose to scout? He couldn't even get the special teams prepared and it should be one of the easiest parts of the game especially now with kick offs being way of a non factor than the old days.
  17. ESisback

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    love direct deposit!
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  18. cowboyec

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    I think it means Garrett is staying.
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  19. Rockport

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    Such a knowledgeable take. :muttley:
  20. chicago JK

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    That move probably should have happened during the season. Psst...don't have him scout special team players.

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