Twitter: ST Coach Keith O’Quinn demoted

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Pessimist_cowboy, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    Has this even been "officially" announced?

    If not, that is just incredible.

    I get they want to be all sensitive to hurting Garrett's feelings and what not.

    But really, how hard is it to demote your ST coach to lowly underpaid scouting duty?

    Is there some special bond the Joneses have with O'Quinn?

    This guy was complete garbage this season. There is no way you can deny it.

    If you really wanted to get brutal, you could pin several losses on this coach. But for some reason, they are trying to smooth it over. That just speaks to some weird standard the organization has. Most places I have been, you don't get "reassigned" unless you pretty much have a place of favor.

    So he gets demoted via the press?

    The way this organization is handling this change process offends me because it is quite simply not how you effect change when you run a business.

    You don't have graceful exits and sneaks out the backdoor for underperformers when you totally screw the pooch.

    This is the organization trying to mask the embarrassment of their hires and I guess they think nobody is paying attention.
  2. ShortRound131

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    With how many ST teams cost us he should have been fired.
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  3. Asklesko

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    Does anyone ever get fired around here?
  4. da_boyz_mk

    da_boyz_mk How 'Bout Dem Cowboys

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    Sometimes I click show ignored content and then I remember why I ignored them in the first place.

    People are ‘offended’ they haven’t announced the demotion of a special teams coach the same day some ‘report’ came out.

    Pretty sad.
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  5. ESisback

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    I hope you’re not spending too much—I’m certainly not!

    When I get funky food at a restaraunt, I don’t whine and cry. I just stop going. Maybe you’d be happier at another eating spot.
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  6. links18

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    Dez got fired, Callahan got fired (sort of). You have to make the wrong people "uncomfortable."
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  7. Old'Boyfan

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    Why would you do anything about your ST coach if you're going to fire your HC & hire a new one? Oh, yeah, maybe no new HC right?
    You're going to fire your current HC but make the new one accept the staff you pick. Yeah, that's it.
    Brilliant work Jerry, we know you got it, right?
    How many years are you giving Garrett on his new contract? Three? Five?
  8. CalPolyTechnique

    CalPolyTechnique Well-Known Member

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    You guys are on fire, loool.
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  9. Starforever

    Starforever Well-Known Member

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    No wonder ST was so bad, O'Quinn was scouting the players.
  10. Silverz1972

    Silverz1972 Well-Known Member

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    I like the speculation that the reason Garrett I still around is that he might be demoted to replace the existing rowdy.

    he is a natural. The clapping thing to motivate the team and cheer them on.
  11. boxer-rumble

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    And this is why no one is scared. Do a poor job at what you’re supposed to do? Don’t worry, you’ll do something else and still get a check and not kicked to the curb. What a joke.
  12. Stargazing

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    Agree, he should have been totally fired. Our special teams was a total disgrace... However I def def lay alot of that on Garrett also. Our sp teams has been brutal and it actually played a huge roll in actually costing us a game in NE. Also who can forget the Austin fair catch!!!! Ugh I can go on and on.
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  13. Chocolate Lab

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    Garrett to Jerry: "O'Quinn was a terrible ST coach. He's the reason we missed the playoffs. You should keep him as a scout, though."

    Hours later Garrett to Jerry: "You didn't even fire the worst ST coach in team history, how can you fire me?"
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  14. Silverz1972

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    Gives new meaning to Jerry’s kids.
  15. Kaiser

    Kaiser Zone Supporter

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    But Special Teams Coach Keith O'Quinn is the E Coli of Cowboy football.
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  16. Cover 2

    Cover 2 Pessimists Unite!!!

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    I completely agree
  17. ESisback

    ESisback Well-Known Member

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    Coach Ecoli! He’s Italian!
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  18. Beaker42

    Beaker42 Well-Known Member

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    When a group performs as badly as this guy’s did, hell yes I want blood in the water. It was beyond maddening how much O’Quinn sucks at his job.
  19. fansince68

    fansince68 Well-Known Member

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    I better not see his arse at Walmart. He will get a piece of my mind....

    "Get off my lawn"...........
  20. black label

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