Signed by Cowboys Tavon Austin Re-signed

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by stiletto, Mar 14, 2019.

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    On paper this bunch are just scrubs. Combine that wit the sorriest te core in Nfl history that play every passing snap and its inept.

    Thats why we avg 10 points a game.
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    I believe our scrubs before Cooper were getting open several times throughout a game to give us an opportunity to score more than 10 points a game, they just weren't getting the ball. I'm not saying the scrubs would take a short easy pass and break it away for a TD like Cooper did a few times last year, but they were definitely open and I don't mean perfect placement over a defenders head just out of his reach either. But Linehan's fault...
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    He will be fun for 6 games he is healthy
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    Because the FO don't know what they're doing. I just don't see what this guy did that deserves the vet min.
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    Agreed, this was a good move. Good chance for him to prove that last year's injury is a fluke.
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    And Austin won’t participate in OTA’s as he pulled a groin signing his new contract.............
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    Yeah. Half of this entire forum tried to convince everyone that Swaim was this great SERVICEABLE EVERYDOWN TE last year and now they are scrambling to hide under a ROCK now that FA is almost over and hes still sitting on his couch. Lol.

    There was 100 fans in this forum that argued that he was open and got no targets either. Lol. Yall can come out from under your Rocks now that the washed up #82 is back. But dont forget where the Rock is because while hes still better than all these tes combined youre gonna be hiding under it again before the season is up.

    He was a great player. The keyword there is was. About 6+ years ago when he could outrun a turtle. 25 snaps a game will net us a 6-10 record. Lol.

    Shoulda got Jared Cook. I dont think jerry will upgrade the position. He seems pretty content with no sauce in the slot
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    Aw shucky ducky now
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    Same ones with Swaim said the same about Joseph Randle being able to fill in for DeMarco Murray.
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    Has been a colossal bust as a WR for his entire career.

    29 years old and entering his 7th year in the NFL... and people are STILL waiting for him to "fulfill his potential".
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    Well thank goodness there will be someone to keep Sean Lee company in the injury room.
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    Didn't he played like two games for us?:huh:
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    His 5 seasons prior to last year he played in 75 of a possible 80 games, so injuries were not an issue.

    He's caught 50 passes twice, scored 5 receiving TDs once, and topped 500 yards receiving once.
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    Contract numbers??
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    actually yeah, but Brown may not survive the draft - they need a faster version of him

    in terms of raw material that's plenty, also this ain't gonna be the O we saw last year. Scott and too much zone blocking and too many multiple TEs are gone

    most think in terms of #1 and #2 WRs ... not the best way to look at a team with "no #1 WR" - Dak and JG are dead serious about that. THAT'S BOLD. So is giving KM the play calling. And they just flipped the entire WR corps in 2 seasond, notice with the exception of Brown they are all faster than the players they replaced and everyone of the have really good hands - look at the 3 youngsters - compare the raw speed upgrades from Dez, TWill, and Beasley

    - Wilson, this kid is pretty good and very much a prototype X, IMO he runs the best slants and has the best hands on the team
    - Gallup is as prototype type Y as I can imagine, huge first step, not super quick but serious deep speed
    - Cooper, a prototype Z, Beasley's fate was done when they traded for Amari

    - Austin ... a pure speed weapon and a more polished WR they than billed, (playing combined WR / PR / RB), on 10 touches a game he'll likely get 100y
    - Hurns, a rather WR to inject when needed at X / Y / Z ... don't underestimate his reliabity

    News flash - with time to work Gallup nor Cooper nor Austin can be covered deep. this will be a far different O. In the past X is the QB's 1st option based on who gets single coverage and formation, usually a big outside WR schemed into 1 on 1, Dez, TO, Mike ... with whatever Y / Z / TE / RB patterns as 2nd and 3rd options

    think about how different this O looks with Wilson, Gallup, Cooper , and Austin all playing X and Y and Z at different times during the game, with time the throw your 2nd option, and Dak out of the pocket more. that's very hard to defense and a nightmare to prepare for - a true play action deep timing system with real position flex

    welcome to Dak friendly - and Austin ain't a spare piece - they intend to play him

    keep this in mind when looking at Austin - his yards per catch were up dramatically last year over his career
    8 receptions on just 14 targets, with 2 TDs. that's 17.5 YPC and a TD rate at 14% per target
    on 3 targets a game ... that projects to 550 yards and 7 TDs
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    Remember when Stephen Jones was talking about something ridiculous like one to two dozen touches a game, with Linehan none the less.:lmao2:
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    To resign is to quit
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    Even better, every single time he comes in we will run a reverse and the defense will be all over it.
    Just use him on punt and kick off returns. If we want to be creative use him in the backfield along with Zeke. Throw in a few sweeps, tosses, screens out of backfield. My 30 second thought experiment was more than JG spends on a weekly game plan.
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    1st round pick and topped 500 yards receiving once in 7 years LOL. 8th overall, is it sad that he had bust written all over yet a professional team still overvalued him?

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