Signed by Cowboys Tavon Austin Re-signed

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by stiletto, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. stasheroo

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    This was one thing I got right about how this offseason would go. I figured they would keep Austin and let Beasley go.


    Depending on what the money looks like, I'm happy with this move. I think Austin gives us a punt returner we wouldn't have otherwise, and a speed weapon for the offense. I just hope Moore uses him better than Linehan did. That and he stays healthier than he didn't last year
  2. Valkyr

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    Eh, at least he can get more than zero yards in the return game. Assuming of course that he didn't injure himself signing the contract.
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  3. Runwildboys

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    Probably because if it were team friendly, they would have made sure to say so.
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  4. Runwildboys

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    To be fair, the way our ST blocks, fair catching was usually the right decision.
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  5. mmohican29

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    Not upset by this.

    Austin is a big reason we won the playoff game vs Seattle. Maybe he can approach Beasley's contributions in the slot given more burn.
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  6. Hadenough

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    Who is Tavon Austin?
  7. CowboyChris

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    anyone wanna guess at how much he got? i'll say 5.5 mil
  8. Kingofholland

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    Agreed, he's a good player but we have a lot of people that are capable of catching balls already. I rather spend the money in the greatest positions of need like dline, or safety. Cole caught 65 balls last year, there's enough talent to replace that without signing Tate.

    By the way, Cole averaged 10.3 a reception, Tate averages 11.8. Cooper, Gallup, and Hurns each average over 14. Some of that certainly depends on the route types, but also the players ability to stretch the field.
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  9. baltcowboy

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    If Gallup, Wilson, and Brown improve. The reciever core will not be too bad.
  10. Kingofholland

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    4 with playing incentives.
  11. jazzcat22

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    Who is Copper?
    If you put Cooper in there, then yes for the most part. But would not mind some competition for TC
  12. baltcowboy

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    I don't think he will make it through camp. They may not even activate him. They are not going to pay him 6 million this year.
  13. fansince68

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  14. kento40

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    Jet Sweep! Even if they know it's coming, Jet Sweep!
  15. lwehlers

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    man why did they sign this overated waste of a roster spot back. an undrafted freeagent would be better option then Austin.
  16. GMO415

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    Yes, let's keep the sick, lame, and lazy.....
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  17. dplant22

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    We like our guys no matter how worthless they are
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  18. Roadtrip635

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    This fills me with Meh.......
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  19. CT Dal Fan

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    The only problem with Austin is he can't stay healthy. He only played seven games last year but still scored two TD's on just eight catches and he averaged 9.2 yards per carry on reverses/jet sweeps/etc..

    And he was fantastic on punt returns in the playoff win vs. Seattle. Another one year prove-it deal for him is actually a nice move.
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  20. CowboysWillRise

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