News: Texas Forever? Kris Richard Appears Closer to Staying with Cowboys

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Pass2Run, Jan 11, 2019.

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    "One [of] the well-circulated names during the NFL's coaching carousel phase has been Cowboys Defensive Backs Coach Kris Richard. But now that the openings have almost all filled up, Richard's exit from Dallas appears far less likely than it did just a week ago.

    Most of the NFL teams looking for new coaches have already found their men. We're done now to just the Cincinnati Bengals and Miami Dolphins, and Richard has thus far only been linked to Miami.

    One NFL analyst believes that Richard will be the Dolphins head coach when all is said and done:"
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    For one, Richard would likely be given the title of Defensive Coordinator next season. Rod Marinelli could be retiring anyway, turning 70 in July. But even if he stays on, it would probably in an advisory role while Kris gets the DC title.

    This year, Richard has already assumed much of the coordinator's role from Marinelli. The two seem to have a great working relationship, an Rod has stated he will do what he can to help Dallas keep Richard on staff.

    I been saying this since he was hired
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    I don’t think The Jones’ are going to dump Garrett after this season unless we get mollywhoped against the Rams aka the Colts game.

    I do think they’ll try to money whip Richard and give him the DC title formally heading into 2019 to try to entice him to stay. Who knows if that will be enough to convince him to stay.
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  4. Pass2Run

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    The Rams game could be 38-0, and Garrett isn't going anywhere.
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  5. CalPolyTechnique

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    You’re likely right.
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  6. John813

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    Gil Brandt IIRC also said he thinks Richard goes to Miami.
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  7. SportsGuru80

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    I wish him all the best if he indeed does get the Dolphins job.
  8. SoupcanSam

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    The dolphins are crap. Where do you even start to turn that place around.

    They more than likely have 2 losing seasons and dump Richard before the 3rd year. They have no talent on offense or defense.
  9. garyv

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    What about as Stasharoo stated through a rumor about Garrett going to GM and Kris Richard Head Coach
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  10. DoctorChicken

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    My boy @stasheroo the prophet says it’s gonna happen, so it’s gonna happen.
  11. SportsGuru80

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    Well hopefully their ownership allows him to begin that process. I agree they are horrible lol.
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  12. IheartRomo

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    What about 67-0? I think that'd do it.
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  13. stasheroo

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    Thanks for your vote of confidence!
    You have more faith in me than I do!
  14. garyv

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    Stasharoo can we get that name now :)
  15. ItzKelz

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    Kris has not been offered a job with anyone. Miami are still interviewing candidates after they interviewed Kris. Obviously they were not blown away. Just saying
  16. Cowboys22

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    How is it less likely? The one team he is most linked to has not hired anyone and doesn’t appear to be interviewing anyone else at the moment. They appear to be holding out for someone still coaching in the playoffs which is most likely Richard. I’d say it’s still as likely as it ever was and will be up to Richard to say yes or no.
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  17. noshame

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    I hope he stays, but they may be waiting to make a announcement till our season is over. Now I'd gladly ship Linehan and Moore to the fins tomorrow.:thumbup:
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  18. Pass2Run

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    Well, it's going to be up to Richard to make the call.

    Miami has to make him an offer. And then Richard would be a fool not to hear a counter-offer from Jerry.

    Not to sound like Garrrett, but it's a process.

    If Miami offered Richard the job, Richard has to mull it over and, meanwhile, Miami isn't going to make another offer while one is already pending.

    Think about it. Jerry could make Richard the highest paid coach in the league, if he wanted to.

    Remember, there's no cap on what owners can pay coaches... So, it's a different game than signing players.

    I think an offer has been made by Miami to hire Richard.

    I just think Jerry's offer is making him balk at Miami's offer. Because Jerry Tall will sweeten the deal.. if we're going by history.

    Or, he could be taking the job in Miami and just not announcing it until after the playoffs.

    However, on Miami's end, they'd be foolish not to anticipate Jerry making a nice offer... And so they make a serious offer, and stop the interview process until Richard turns down their offer. If they interview other coaches while their offer to Richard is on the table, that's bad optics...
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  19. Pass2Run

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    That wouldn't bode well for us keeping Richard, though, either.
  20. movaughn88

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    If they really want him to stay, Jerry can throw his wallet on the table. An example:

    Extend Garrett for like 2-3 years and pay him $10m a year (I assume the going rate on a HC is around $6-8m a year, but JJ can pay him $20m for all I care, it's his money to spend)

    The reason for this is they could then say to Richard, we'll give you a 2 year contract, and pay you $8m next year to be DC and possible Asst HC. Second year is for less, but this is the deal. I bet that's more than the Dolphins would pay.

    I don't think Garrett would get his pants in a wad over this, and Richard can get himself some cash and keep his young defense on a national stage.
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