The altitude in September is daunting

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. erod

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    Road teams tend to wilt up there in the second half. There's definitely something to it because this is a 17-year sample Bob mentioned.

    I love playing golf up there. You feel like Superman off the tees.
  2. ThreeandOut

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    But they still would need need time to acclimate to the altitude, which the NBA schedule does not allow for ( teams fly in the night before and may be playing on the second night of a back-to-back). Just by the nature of the sport, altitude would be more impactful to basketball players due to the constant running and more limited substitutions.
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  3. bodi

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    well they thing that we have going for us is that most of the team are young guys in shaoe

    I used to live at in Leadville when I was just out of college 10,152 feet and I would run all over the mountains
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  4. jazzcat22

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    Altitude won't help Seimian when he is laying on his back quite often....:laugh:
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  5. JoeKing

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    It makes complete sense to think that but basketball players are in such good cardiovascular shape that they adapt quickly.
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  6. JJHLH1

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    No. The game is on FOX and it's their Game of the Week so Troy and Joe Buck should be the announcers.
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  7. eyedoc

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    I went on a mission trip to a village in the mountains of Guatemala. It was about 3600 feet altitude. The church we were partnering with was about 700 yards up a thirty degree incline. The first morning I walked to the church I had to stop four times to catch my breath. I am not out of shape but I live at sea level. By the third I could walk to the church without stopping. It took that long for my body to adjust to altitude. Denver is a mile above sea level. It would take several days at that altitude to adjust. It's a huge advantage for the Broncos especially in the second half. Go Cowboys
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  8. jazzcat22

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    Yes they are listed on the TV map index site to call the game. The actual map is not up yet. It should be later today, but they have the announcers listed.
  9. CATCH17

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    Chidobe should have a good game haha.
  10. Cowboys22

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    Didn't we just see a team from San Diego dominate them in the 4th quarter and almost complete the comeback? I think it's overblown. How many of those week 1-2 wins were upsets? If they were consistently beating much better teams, then I'd buy into it. They have been a solid to very good team much of that time so I suspect most of those wins were probably expected anyway.
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  11. Mr_V

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    Opps forgot one

    Steelers at Heinz Field............ Check

    So the streak at Denver is coming to an end this weekend!!!
  12. Szczepanik

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    They are conditioned athletes whom are conditioned to grind out teams. We will be fine. The altitude affects the less physical teams the most up here(I live there).
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  13. hornitosmonster

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    It is forecasted to be in the upper 70's. So at least the Boys catch a break there
  14. Zimmy Lives

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    The air is the air; what can be done.

    [Shamelessly taken from Star Trek, "Amok Time."]
  15. xwalker

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    Have you been skiing often? It's a full body workout especially if you ski black diamond runs and ski as aggressively as I do.
  16. alicetooljam

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    The only Cowboys games set to be on CBS are the Chiefs and Chargers, I believe. If he calls one, it will be one of them.
  17. TheHerd

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    He didn't scare me either, but he looked damn good Monday night.
  18. Shake_Tiller

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    This is an awfully good point. The Chargers didn't wilt. The Broncos' record at home in September does suggest there is some impact from the altitude. Anyone who's spent time in that area probably would agree the altitude has some impact on breathing and stamina. But the Broncos have also been (mostly) good. That has an impact as well. But the stats would be more illuminating if scoring was broken down by quarter.
  19. erod

    erod Well-Known Member

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    Understand, I believe the Cowboys have a decided advantage on Sunday. The Broncos offense isn't that much better than the Giants, and their defense is similar. I think the Cowboys win.

    I do agree with Sturm that the altitude plays a role.
  20. HoosierCowboy

    HoosierCowboy Put Pearson in the HOF

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    the NFL should let visitors blood dope when playing in Denver--or make the Broncos wear altitude simulation masks---but the NFL is too busy harassing Zeke

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