The Case Against an Earl Thomas Trade

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by J12B, Aug 10, 2018.

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    The case against an Earl Thomas trade

    As training camp and preseason progresses, I am favoring that no deal be made for Earl Thomas more and more due to his antics on social media and for visiting the Texans training camp earlier in the week. The guy is still under contract and is taking things too far in my opinion. That amount of disrespect to the organization that drafted him and really ultimately created him into the player he is today is unnecessary and I take that as a sign that he is ultimately out for only himself. A type of player that, I believe, this front office is trying to distance themselves from.

    We also need to take into consideration that the front office will be taking on his cap hit for this year and a likely 2-3 year extension soon after a trade is done to make him “happy.” All for a player who is nearing the end of his career and very well may have already played his best football, which will create a risk of not being able to afford to pay talent that has been homegrown and have a longer future.

    In my opinion, the outlook on our defense is trending upwards and say let's roll with what we got.

    As a fan of this team, I would be displeased with a trade that occurs where Dallas gives up anything more than a 5th round draft pick.

    With each day that passes, I’m glad a deal hasn’t been made for Earl Thomas.
  2. Verdict

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    Agreed. I personally think the risk vs reward on him is far too great unless he really comes here on a very reasonable contract extension, and I don't think ET is looking for that.
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  3. Hardline

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    Not to worry.
    That ship has sailed.
  4. Aviano90

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    Yeah, don't want to accelerate the process by improving the roster with a talent like Earl Thomas. Take it nice and slow.
  5. Kaiser

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    I think the trade will happen late in the preseason, time is on the Cowboys side because Seattle isn't going to pay ET and NFL teams aren't going to meet the crazy asking price.

    I think the trade price will be something like a #3 plus a conditional pick based on performance.
  6. Cowboys22

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    Nonsense. This team has the makeup to compete and could come out of nowhere to contend just like philly did last year. The biggest issue standing in the way is the below average safety play. That will kill them in the playoffs or maybe even keep th m from getting there. They have plenty of cap room moving forward so that is a non issue. Anyone that actually wants to win this year or next would be on board 100% with an ET trade.
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  7. glimmerman

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    He is not coming here.
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  8. Doomsday101

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    I would still love to have him but not losing sleep over it. I think he is still an outstanding player who can make any teams secondary better.
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  9. J12B

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    I'm open to a trade for a 5th rounder or less, but I don't see Seattle giving him up for anything less than a 3rd rounder.

    Trust me, if the front office honestly believed ET's presence on the field would bring a championship this year we would have already said goodbye to our 2019 1st round pick.

    You are over estimating his productivity. A strong d-line, which we very well might have, will make an average safety unit, which we have, look good.
  10. CouchCoach

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    I go back to before any of that with his approaching Garrett so openly and there was not one ex player analyst that said that was OK. I've got to wonder about what goes on in the head of a man that thinks that is OK. I wonder what his coaches and players thought about that?

    Some here want him to lead our young secondary. Does that look like leadership to you? I wonder how many of his SEA teammates want him gone? Do his D coaches want him there?

    But what I wonder about the most in this is what does Richard think? He was his coach, don't you think if he wanted him in Dallas, they would have pulled the trigger on that?

    I dunno, maybe they're playing the waiting game for the trade price to drop or maybe there are some elements about this we don't know about,

    The only thing I feel that I do know is that he's a better DB than anyone we have and he sure as hell could help on the field. In the locker room? Don't know about that.
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  11. Rockport

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    Like it or not it's a new era in the NFL. Players are being more demanding. The shortness of careers, possiblity of getting injured and getting jettisoned as soon as their production drops all play a factor. Can't blame him. I would love to have Thomas on the team but I'm afraid he's asking too much. Not interested in trading a 2nd or 3rd for a 1 year rental.
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  12. Doomsday101

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    I don't know, other players have left. If I was a seahawks fan would it make me mad? sure. Thomas wants to end his career back home, I think his ability as a player is still very good and yes better than Woods or Heath. If Dallas gets him great I would love to have him if it does not happen fine. In terms of his play I have 0 questions about that.
  13. Doomsday101

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    I think it more the seahawks asking price than Thomas.
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  14. Bleedblue1111

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    I think it was his college, the Texas Longhorns, that he visited?

    Anyhow, if Kris Richard wants him, then I do.
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  15. gmoney112

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    The defense is trending upwards until you need 1 play over 4 quarters against Rodgers in the playoffs, and you're sent home.

    Some people are drastically underestimating how good Seattles best defensive player and the key to their cover 3 single high scheme for years and years, is actually.

    A conditional 3rd that turns into a 2nd possibly is a no brainer. If you're a young defense with some talent, like ours, and you throw your hands up at that offer then you don't deserve to win anything.
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  16. CouchCoach

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    Same here, no questions about his play. My only question remains, why doesn't his former coach want him? I have little doubt if he told them he needs him, he would already have him. Or is it the fact he wants 13M a season?
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  17. Rockport

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    He only has 1 yr left on his contract so you have to extend him. He wants a ton of money.
  18. CouchCoach

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    Yep, same here and that's the ? in all of this. The thinking is Marinelli is retiring and Richard is in line for that job, wouldn't you think Thomas couldn't do anything but help him make that happen?
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  19. ScipioCowboy

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    Thomas would upgrade the team, but Heath is no chump.
  20. QuincyCarterEra

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    The only reason I've softened my stance on wanting to acquire him is the the fact the market for safeties has nosedived.

    You can get a quality starting safety on the open market for $2M. THATS STUPID AND I CANT BELIEVE WE HAVENT JUMPED ALL OVER IT
    Boston and Vacarro cost $1.5M with incentives up to $3M.

    Is earl really worth 8x more in ssalary AND a 3rd round pick. I dont think so.
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