The ginger and the clapping


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Nothing is "supposedly" here, that is the reason. We are losing because we have key players out. You can debate that as much as you want, it's one you will lose. Moving on.

The Saints still had their starting QB, injured or not, he's one of the better QBs in this league; they still had their RBs, they still had their receivers, defensive line. What aren't you getting here? They aren't as banged up as we are.

The Commanders lost the games they didn't have Jordan Reed. But let's put into perspective here; the Commanders aren't beating great teams here; St. Louis, Philly, and Tampa Bay. Their losses? Giants, Atlanta, Miami, and Jets. So, they lost to two teams we lost to the past 4 weeks. Fancy that. Wonder how the Commanders would have looked if you replaced the Bucs with the Patriots.

Keep trying though, this is funny. :lmao2:

So basically your argument is that we shouldn't win any games based on this roster...

So basically, per you, we are effectively the worst team in the league wth what we have, including guys like Hardy, Smith, Martin, Frederick and so on..


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Landry had the funny hat and Red has his clapping. Great coaches has these signatur
clapping and winning football games
Yeah, Jimmy usually had good reasons to clap. With Jason, it seems more like s bad habit .


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Who is the trash?? basically same players from last year.
I think last year it was murray and the OL and a league leading run game, that motivated the whole team.

That's why last year was one of the worst things that could've happened since we didn't win a Super Bowl. I agree; it's not hard to win games if you win the TOP battle and can run at will, keeping the opposing offense off the field.