The ginger and the clapping

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by BrAinPaiNt, Oct 25, 2015.

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    Ive never once heard about someone being offended for being called ginger lol. Is that a insult for the older crowd?
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    Who is the trash?? basically same players from last year.
    I think last year it was murray and the OL and a league leading run game, that motivated the whole team.
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  4. dallasdave

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    shouldn't this be in the rant zone?
  6. BigStar

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    Last season with a franchise QB. top WR, and top RB/OL lead to 13 wins, not JG's motivation tactics. The secondary and receiving core are definitely underachieving . Some could argue the LB crew as well. I wont bring up the backup QBs but one would think Linney and JG could be more creative in the playcalling which I thought was great last game btw so they did improve in that regard admittedly.
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  7. Redball Express

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    I think Garrett up to this point has been fine.

    The clapping and positive vibes are fine.

    But we are beyond the time where Garrett needs to dig in and try to get the players to respond with more physical play.

    We are a pushover.
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  8. TheDude

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    well of course...every term offends someone
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  9. khiladi

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    So your argument isn't that our starting QB went down, it's supposedly all the injuries we have...

    Explain how the Saints have more rookies than any other team in the league and Drew Brees was playing injured, and we couldn't even beat them.

    Do you think the Redskins aren't injured up front, blocking for Cousins? How many quality WRs do they have? Did they have Jordan Reed their starting TE the whole season? Are their CBS their starting corners or playing for injured guys?

    And RG3 lost the starting job in preseason, because he sucked so bad.. It was his job to lose.. He lost that job to a BACK-UP...

    We haven't won a single game with Weeden, whether this year or last year.. What was your excuse then?
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  10. WPBCowboysFan

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    900+ people drank the Kool Aid in Jonestown too . . . . . . . . . . . .

    More than Kool Aid is needed at VR
  11. Oh_Canada

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    He drafted Yatil Green and Jon Avery in the first round while in Miami. Had he not got lucky with that trade and had Al Davis convinced him not to trade Mike Irvin to the Raiders, your perception of him would be far different.
  12. BIGDen

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    I literally yelled "STOP ****ING CLAPPING!!!" at one point during the game on Sunday.
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  13. mattjames2010

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    Nothing is "supposedly" here, that is the reason. We are losing because we have key players out. You can debate that as much as you want, it's one you will lose. Moving on.

    The Saints still had their starting QB, injured or not, he's one of the better QBs in this league; they still had their RBs, they still had their receivers, defensive line. What aren't you getting here? They aren't as banged up as we are.

    The Redskins lost the games they didn't have Jordan Reed. But let's put into perspective here; the Redskins aren't beating great teams here; St. Louis, Philly, and Tampa Bay. Their losses? Giants, Atlanta, Miami, and Jets. So, they lost to two teams we lost to the past 4 weeks. Fancy that. Wonder how the Redskins would have looked if you replaced the Bucs with the Patriots.

    Keep trying though, this is funny. :lmao2:
  14. dallasdave

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    Jimmy won Super Bowls and he won the national championship in college. Jimmy is one of the all time great coaches. His record speaks for itself !!!! :yourock::yourock::yourock:
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  15. Rockport

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    Only for quitters.
  16. chris1995

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    Luck, Jimmy Johnson won 2 Super Bowls and won a championship at Miami U. How many other coaches do you know that have won a Championships in college and the pros ?? Name them !!!!
  17. chris1995

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    WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Vikings did not make the draft choices or develop the players !!!! That is just plain crazy !!!:eek::omg::espn:
  18. rocyaice

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    Brandon Weeden is trash. Leary was playing like trash. But most importantly, Brandon Weeden is trash.

    Oh please. So using that argument Bellicheat doesn't motivate his guys because he has Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Eldeman. The way you guys downplay amazes me at times. And you guys are coming otu of the woodwork but were no where to be found last year when we were 12-4 but I guess rightfully so. Hard to complain about that. I agree with you that Linehan can be more creative with his playcalling. But you acknowledge this team had 13 wins because of a great offensive line, franchise quarterback and a top running back and a top receiver. Well, the offensive line hasn't been great, they are without that running back, quarterback and receiver. And without their starting cornerback. Yet, this is all Garretts fault? Why? Because they got hurt or in Murray's case wasn't brought back?
  19. cowboyuptx

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    It doesn't really bother me, because I understand that he's just trying to keep his team believing and keep them fighting. And you can say what you want about this team, but they believe in themselves, and they fight their butts off. Clap, clap, clap, bad play there, but stay up, stay focused, believe in yourself, believe in your team, if we just keep doing our jobs as good as we can, then we'll get another opportunity to win... That's just the way Garrett is, and it works well for us... Tony has kinda adopted this philosophy, and I think it has made him a better QB, and a better leader...
  20. BigStar

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    I wasn't pinning these losses on Garret but more so responding to another poster stating JG's motivation tactics were proven as fact due to the 13-3 record but talent alone could have proven that result in that regard without much creativity. Of course you're speaking more to the other role players and lesser starters, but that hasn't been proven either bf the 13-3 mark last season.

    Without that talent, bland gameplans have resulted in 4 straight losses though ATL/NO//NE/NYG (i liked NYG in regard to run game plan/PAs/trickery) were definitely winnable and that brings me to my second point. A wrinkle or 10 should have been incorporated (Linney is more of my gripe) to give the O a slight edge as back up QBs no longer guarantee losses as has been displayed around the league. No one was expected 4-0 through this stretch, but 1 win could have gone a long way in giving the team a legitimate shot at the post season once Dez/Romo return.
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