The Manson Murders-August 8th, 1969

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    All that bloodshed basically because he was a rejected musician.
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    * welcome to the club, which is very much similar to that of "Roland the Gunslinger's club of Stephen King's Dark Tower brilliance,,, as the world was picking it up& laying it down in rapid fashion in that world as well,,,&,,, that final parting shot to the Cajonies, on the very last page? ,,,the gunslinger's planet world was merely a speck upon a speck upon a purple flower green clover,being just one in a vast field of purple flowered green clovers,,, er,,, as I often equate that semblance of insignificance akin to whenever I find myself having inadvertently been booted from certain threads around here,and maybe you ought to take that concept away with you& stash it in yer hero cape, cuz' it seems to work pretty well fer' me,,,just sayin'o_O

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    The Beach Boys started it all.
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    And I think he married someone very young too

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