The real reasons Dallas is so quick to extend Dak

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by SackMaster, Jan 3, 2019.

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    Since 2013, the Combined Cowboys Record when Tony Romo or Dak Prescott has not started an Game?


    But someone might say, well that is because the following QBs started those games:
    1. Orton
    2. Weeden
    3. Cassel
    4. Moore
    Which is 100% correct. None of those guys, despite everyone but Moore having major starting experience in the NFL before their stint in Dallas, were just never great QBs.

    But think about the last two Draft QBs that were most linked with the Cowboys before the Cowboys "settled" for Dak:
    1. Johnny Manziel
    2. Paxton Lynch
    Ouch. Both guys just last two years in the league. TWO YEARS. For shame.

    So, IMO, these are the biggest reasons why Dallas is trying to lock up Dak sooner than later.

    Right or wrong, it will be interesting to see how it works out. But considering the alternatives and history, I can't blame them too much.
  2. Future

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    Well, I agree that plays a part. But the bigger issue is not investing in a capable backup. Maybe that's easier said than done, but almost every team struggles when their top QB goes down. Green Bay, Indy, even Washington all fell apart when they had to put in some scrub backup.
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  3. Eddie

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    So what happens if Dak plays poorly against the C-Hoks and we lose the game? Do we still try to re-sign him? Give him one last year on his current contract?

    Let's see what happens in the playoffs.
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  4. Hook'em#11

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    I say he plays out his rook contract before thinking of extending him. Get him a qualified QB coach, OC and see what he does next season. No improvement? No extension.
  5. LACowboysFan1

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    Problem with that scenario is that the Cowboys aren't getting a new OC and QB coach.

    What would do you do then?
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  6. gjkoeppen

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    Here's to add to that. The Cowboys don't have anything after Prescott and the QB class for the 2019 draft is pretty slim PLUS the Cowboys don't have their #1 pick and they're not going to sell out picks to move up for any of the QB's especially at the cost of other positions they need to take care of. So it's extend Prescott which I don't have a problem with.
  7. jsb357

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    be content with the process...
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  8. noshame

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    Ultimately if we fail in the playoffs the offensive coordinator will be gone especially if it's an offensive fail.
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  9. cheyennes

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    if want to pay 20/25 range, wait next year.
  10. DoctorChicken

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    The real reason they want to pay Dak is because he is a top 20 guy in the hardest position in professional sports, where very few options are available.
  11. conner01

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    Most players who you want to keep get atleast an offer to extend before last year of contract
    It’s a safe approach that prevents a hold out in last year or having to use tag
  12. Dre11

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    They want to sign him because he has all the making of being a top qb and they like him. His stats over his first three years are very similar to Wilson in almost every category. If you wait, you may end up needing to break the bank, right now , I don't think you need to break it now.
    Just imagine if the skins had signed Cousin in 2015 when Mccloughan wanted to.
  13. kskboys

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    It's even simpler than that.

    Finding a QB even as good as Dak is very difficult.
  14. JD_KaPow

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    Why would you make your decision based on one game instead of 51?
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  15. erod

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    Given the lay of the NFL land, Dallas has no choice but to extend him. Dak is the best option, and if he develops into a top ten QB, that would be the perfect scenario.

    The draft looks weak, as does free agency. Stay with Dak.

    The key is signing him to a reasonable contract because Dak needs supreme talent around him. Hopefully, he understands this. I don't think other teams would break the bank for him anyway.

    Also, keep drafting and developing quarterbacks in the meantime.
  16. DFWJC

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    He's our guy for sure in 2019
    But unless we think Dak is going to blow and play at VERY high level next season, I don't see the rush to tie him up early.
    The 2020 Draft class could be really good and the really QB needy teams will be pretty excited about those guys.
    If we do plan to extend Dak and roll with him long term, I'm not sure he would get offers so great he wouldn't return.

    Having said that, it sounds like Jerry will extend him this offseason anyway

    fwiw, I do think duds like Weeden et al would have a bit better record with a monster like Zeke in the backfield instead of those jags they ran out there in 2015.
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  17. blumayne38

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    The only reason you sign Dak to a long contract is if it is cheap, and it should be Dak isn’t anything special just a part of a larger operation and system. Once Dallas finds a better piece they will replace. Dak May not have a long career like 9-10 season but he can have a good one...imo
  18. JD_KaPow

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    They're really not.

    Wilson: 7.9, 8.2, 7.7
    Dak: 8.0, 6.8, 7.4

    Rushing ypa:
    Wilson: 5.2, 5.6, 7.2
    Dak: 5.0, 4.5, 4.2

    Wilson was better than Dak over his first three years and more consistent than Dak over his first three years. After similar rookie seasons, their performance went in completely different directions.

    Dak's a perfectly okay QB, but there's no reason to think he's going to be Russell Wilson.
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  19. Dre11

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    They are look at 3 years of work not each individual year.
  20. blumayne38

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    This. I like Dak, but does that mean we can’t get better? Absolutely not, we can find better prospects that have higher ceiling then Dak. Now all this can change if Dak somehow plays at a higher level next year and after like extremely high level.

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