The real reasons Dallas is so quick to extend Dak

Discussion in 'Overtime Zone' started by SackMaster, Jan 3, 2019.

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    Agree with this. Before 2016 we would have talked about how dismal the record was when Romo didn't start, but when Romo got hurt it turned out Dak was a capable backup. A little luck on the Cowboys part with that, but the fact remains that paying Dak doesn't mean he won't ever go down, so it's important to have a capable backup.
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    How did he do in his first playoff game?
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    If the Cowboys extend him and I think they will, and then draft a young QB to develop behind Prescott that will only put more pressure on Prescott having to keep looking over his shoulder. I don't think the Cowboys want to add more pressure on Prescott. That extension that Prescott gets won't break the bank but it will be high enough to signal that he is the franchise QB and you don't add more pressure to your franchise QB's.
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    Why would you look at less information than more?

    But for what it's worth:
    Wilson: 7.9
    Dak: 7.4

    Rushing ypa
    Wilson: 6.1
    Dak: 5.0

    From 2016-2018, Dak is 12th in the league in Y/A among guys who have started 30+ games. From 2012-2014, Wilson was 2nd (behind Rodgers).
    From 2016-2018, Dak is 6th in the league in rushing ypa among QBs who have run it 100+ times. From 2012-2014, Wilson was 2nd (behind Kaepernick).

    They're not similar.
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    As much as I dislike the idea, we really don't have any other choices at the moment. I just hope they don't go crazy and give him top QB money. If they stay at 20 or below per year, I guess I couldn't complain to much about that. Somewhere in the range of Dalton and Bortles is fair, imo.

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    Unfortunately, Dak's true value, be it more or less, may not be truly realized by most until he misses an extended amount of games.
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    IT HOW MUCH$$$$ WILL THEY OFFER WHAT WILL THEY AGREE ON..???? IDC at all if they extend him but they will be one stupid franchise if they go early and OVER pay him by bidding against themselves..its the cost that concerns most fans..if Dak and agents become dead set on 25pus and all guarantees way high, you say NO and wait and then again try and say no and use FT on him..the cowboys are in FULL CONTROL , the FT, the 5th year options etc need to over pay, just play hardball and come up with something fair..19-23mil per 60% guaranteed front loaded and I can live with it.
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    If they can sign him cheaper it leaves more money for talent to surround him with. He has not hit his ceiling yet so he is improving. He is developing his accuracy and needs to learn to take off with the ball or move around in the pocket. I think he can be a very good QB in this league. The breez, rogers, bradys will soon be gone. Time to usher in the new qbs. The draft class that Dak came out of it seems like he may be one of the best. Next year isn’t holding much.
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    Their rush,
    First 3 years in the league. The guys start talking about it around 29:25 mark

    DAK vs Russell

    Total yards rushing and passing

    Russell 11,827
    Dak 11,820

    Total passing yards
    Russell 9,950 yards
    Dak. 10,876 yards

    Total rushing yards
    Russell 1877 yards
    Dak 944 rushing

    Tds passing produced
    Russell 72
    DAL 69

    RUSHING Td produced
    Russell 20
    Dak 18


    Russell 26
    Dak 25
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    Did it put more pressure on Farve when they drafted Mark Brunell, Aaron Brooks, Koy Detmer, Matt Flynn, Aaron Rodgers, etc?

    If that's all it takes to throw Dak off kilter, then he's DEFINITELY not the guy.
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    Can you imagine how many teams will be tanking the 2020 season for Trevor Lawrence?

    He's better than half the NFL quarterbacks right now.
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    That is still yet to be determined in regards to an OC and QB coach. If not. I still play it out and see how Dak improves or regresses.
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    Yeah, that's pretty much all a function of Dak dropping back over 200 times more than Wilson. The meaningful numbers are the ones I already gave you, and they indicate pretty clearly the significant difference in their performance over their first three years. Don't confuse quantity for quality. And of course, the numbers I first showed you indicate the difference in their performance trends with time.
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    If we don't score 30+ four games in a row en route to a SB I bet Linehan and Moore are gone.
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    So what, it's their production, those numbers you gave are no more meaningful than the numbers Bill Jones gave, there's a lot of factors that go into all numbers, both supporting casts, offensive system, field position...etc. the fact is they both have similar numbers after their first 3 years.
  16. JD_KaPow

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    Many of their raw counting numbers are similar (some are not). Their performance is not at all similar. There's a difference. Again, don't confuse quantity for quality.

    If you're trying to say the numbers don't mean anything (which is what it sounds like you're saying in this post), then why do you care so much about their numbers being similar?
  17. Dre11

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    Didnt I say their numbers are pretty similar over their first 3 season ? You moved the goalposts to performance , which is subjective when you look at the scheme differences and supporting casts.
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    Sigh. Here's what you said:

    "They want to sign him because he has all the making of being a top qb and they like him. His stats over his first three years are very similar to Wilson in almost every category."

    You used the "similar stats" statement as support for your argument that Dak has "all the making of being a top qb." Now you want to pretend you just tossed out that statement but not because you thought it meant anything. But that ain't true.
    And the statement still isn't true. Their stats are not "very similar" in "almost every category." They're different in several very important categories, and Wilson's are better in every case.
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    We invested in Dak, and now invested in White. I have my theory that churning college QBs until you hit the elite one to pay is the way to go. I just don't think it's that hard to find a QB to dink and dunk.
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    Correct. And it lessens the annual cap hits, sometimes immensely, over the life of the contract.

    We sign Dak to a 4 yr 100M extension the year before his contract is up? That makes the AAV $20M instead of $25M.
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