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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CouchCoach, Feb 10, 2019.

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    You mention Linehan being different in Dallas and Detroit plus with/without Romo.

    Many claim Linehan was different in Dallas/Detroit because he was forced "to run Garrett's scheme".

    The remainder of your post would mean that Linehan never changed regardless of the roster and QB.

    Much of Moore's ideas go back to when he was the QB in college. I don't think a running QB was the core of that offense...

    Moore's approach appears to focus on misleading the defense. This was a big part of the Rams offense in 2018.

    As was seen with the Rams, a committment to misleading defenses as a core part of the offense is much different than randomly throwing in some jet sweeps etc. which seemed to be Linehan's answer for mixing things up.

    Moore will inject some creativity. The real issue is whether the players can execute more complicated plays. If not, then they'll beat themselves with mistakes and penalties.

    Moore is dependent on the other coaches to get crisp and consistent play execution from the players.
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    The thing is, a playbook is a broad collection of plays, and doesn’t only contain plays designed for a specific player or players with a precise skill set run. Some plays may work better with more mobile QBs, or with bigger or smaller RBs, but a playbook isn’t limited to just one type of player.

    Individual plays from the playbook, however, may see more or less usage based on the type of players a team has.

    And a playbook is not something etched in stone. It evolves, and plays already in the playbook can be tweaked, and plays not already in the playbook can be added.

    The key is as much or more in how a team uses they playbook as in what’s in the playbook.
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    He's not that fast but he's a load to bring down.
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    The Moore move carries huge risk. This is a team built to win now with a head coach that can not be relied on to cover any deficiencies. If Moore is bad the season could be a waste.
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    And his willingness for contact to get to the marker or end zone may be what concerns them about his running. But I would bet most QB's are hurt more in the pocket and Dak only takes off when he sees the opening. And he's built like a big RB and can get some power with his legs.

    Someone said he mentioned why he doesn't run and I call BS on that, I think he's been ordered not to because there have been times when he hesitated with the opening there to pick up the 1st down.

    He's not fast or shifty but if they can establish him as the dual threat and force the DC to commit a spy, one less tackler for Elliott. Prescott doesn't get injuries; he waits for them to take the job.
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    Agree but what else was there? I don't think he got the job by being the last one out of the meeting.

    I think the combination of the ineptitude of the offense and some players getting messages to management sent the feeling Moore can't do any worse. The word "predictable" has been tossed around for too long by too many people.

    There will be a learning curve but if they can get this OL close to what it was in 2016, and Yosemite at 90-95% is wonderful news, with Elliott, Cooper and Gallup, Moore has got some damned good weapons to ply his trade. They could use a hybrid TE.

    I guess I am just bent to fill the unknown with pixie dust instead of expecting him to fail because there are a lot worse situations he could be in and from what I've read, the players are on board with him and the one's opinion that I respect the most is the smartest player on the team and spent the season on the sideline getting to know Moore. Yosemite seems all in as well as the QB so while he is unknown to me, he is not unknown to them.

    What would help people is to let that "management always screws up" thinking go because with some of these coaches, they've hit well. The reluctance about Kellen Moore is more about the Joneses than him, imo.
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    I may get killed for this but I would have hired Todd Haley. Especially considering that they were keeping Clappy. Everyone in Dallas is too comfortable. Haley would have brought some intensity.
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    Good post. Moore seems quite aware of the concern that adding wrinkles to the offense to confuse defenses (varying formations, etc.) will lead to execution errors. He characterized his approach to play design and confusing defenses as (paraphrasing) "Easy for us. Hard for them." FWIW, I think that that concern about the creativity-execution trade-off is at the root of why Garrett doesn't want to change or vary the offense very much.
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    Good post.

    Yes, I think Moore will be aware. My concern is that practice is set by the Head Coach. I think McVay must have a great process of getting the players to learn the plays and execute them correctly. Bill Callahan did manage to get great executing from the OLine with Garrett as the Head Coach (although Callahan and Garrett ended up as adversaries).

    I think that Garrett stay out of the defensive practice/training-camp process but it appears from watching training camp both in person and videos that Garrett gets involved in the offense practice process to some extent.

    The area where I think Moore will really help is with adapting his game plan to the specific opponent. He is a football junkie and will likely "live" at the Star. Belichick was known to put in more hours than anyone else back when he was working his way up from a nobody coach under Parcells to end up as the D-Coordinator. It appears that he still "lives" at the facility. I just don't think Linehan or Garrett skipped having dinner dinner at home to study opponents.
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    Yeah I mentioned that, but running in between the tackles isn’t something he or the coaches want him to do. The Seattle run looked designed, so he had blockers up worked on the bright side
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    That’s interesting, Zeke should have more TDs if that were the case
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    this is a pretty good well thought post.

    I think even the young genius needs time to mature. he may have the plays, he maybe able to call them and he will probably throw some variations in there to excite everyone, but he is a rookie OC and only a one year coach. It takes some seasoning and learning for you to become a good NFL coach and hardly ever any coach has done it right off the bat. He will make mistakes during the game in play calling, he will be manipulated by DCs and he will have to learn a few things. I think that explains Garrett's apprehension as having him as the play caller without his oversight as he probably is deferring to his own experience when he started. I think Jerry forcing the issue is bad idea as it blurs the line of authority and how an organization even in the NFL should work. everytime Jerry has done that, it has failed. I am pretty sure same thing will happen unless we caught lightening in a bottle and miracle happens. Not sure why, but you either pull the band aid and fire the coaching staff or you commit, but this half way, kind of this way, kind of that way doesn't work.

    I am also concerned about Dak endorsing and wanting Moore so much. is it a case of like thinking, your comfort zone and not wanting to hear about your own limitations and thus you tend to go towards someone who is more like you? I agree, that a lot of coaches, good coaches, fit the style and scheme to the talent at hand, while searching for talent that fits their scheme and ideas. some coaches, just have enough to fit anyone into their scheme, although even in the case of Bilicheck, he has Brady and has been using an offense focused on Slot WR and TE, and those two positions have been staple of their offense. But to allow Dak, a young limited pup to have a lot of control I think is a mistake. NFL has a brutal way of making you humble. I remember Aikman pushed for a TE after novaceck thinking that's what ailed the offense, and thus we drafted LaFleur, since Aikman liked him and pushed for him and we know how that turned out. and Aikman was/is a HOF type QB and #1 over all pick.....sometimes the young players have to take some bitter medicine to learn.....

    so with that said, most NFL OCs and schemes have the same route trees, same similar plays, but its the combination with which they run those route trees and when they call them is what sets them apart (yes, that will also include pre-snap motion, which is over rated by many fans as the cure all). so it will be interesting to see how the young Moore does and how quickly he can learn. My concern is that next year is a learning year, and thus afterwards the coaching staff will be yanked and replaced. will Jerry try and force moore on new coaching staff? we know how that worked the last time and worse yet the young moore learns at our cost and becomes a solid OC somewhere else.
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    I don't disagree with using Prescott's legs, as during the season I often advocated that we should put him on the move as he is more effective throwing on the move. but any NFL QB has to learn to throw from the pocket. Once/if Dak focuses on his foot work and throwing consistency, then he may gain more confidence in his arm and be able to make throws from the pocket. right now he doesn't quite trust his arm, thus the inaccuracies and his hesitation and not throwing with anticipation. this is a key off season for him and I think the key coaching addition this offseason wasn't moore, but it was Kitna. back to the basics.
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    I do not buy into the Moore scapegoat theory. He's been given a tremendous opportunity and it's up to him to do something with it. Hope he succeeds.

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