They better not pay Cooper

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DallasDomination, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. dfense

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    Plus he's in the double coverage level. You don't let guys who occupy two guys on every down just walk.
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  2. Bohuntr97

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    He was hurt, he just played through it. Had an MRI on his knee in November.
  3. Wizarus

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    You're basically forced to, since Dak needs all the help he can get. Such a crappy situation.
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  4. DallasDomination

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    Jets game he basically took himself out and against the Patriots he couldn’t shake yet another top corner.. so he took himself out again.
  5. KingRah

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    He deserves to get paid. He had 1100 yards while playing at 60% and with dak.
  6. VaqueroTD

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    I think we're going to regret someone. Dak - Coop - Jones. Too much complacency for grown veterans. But then again, if you had told me to pick someone before the year, I would have gone with Collins before DLaw or Jaylon. Giving him lifetime financial security turned him into a Pro Bowler.

    If we have the money though, I'd sign all of them if McCarthy thinks he can make it work with them. It's just a bad locker room culture and McCarthy will have to shake it up just like Parcells did. We'll get a winning record out of it, but not everyone will make it.
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  7. zerofill

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    I think if Cooper comes back 100%, he is up there with some of the best, because his route running is so friggin good.
    But, those crazy cuts and fakes, he does on the routes, you don't see them when a guy is hurt. So that may be why
    he disappears.

    I guess the problem is more... is this stuff that can 100% heal and go away, or is he going to always be fragile?

    Because we sure can't complain about the person, and how he represents the cowboys. He is intelligent, stays out of trouble, and
    isn't a diva. So he is not a distraction to the team, which is great. I doubt he is much of a leader either, because he seems to be an
    introvert for the most part. I am fine with that as well.
  8. Soth

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    I think we have to pay him. We spent a 1st round pick to get this guy and now we are going to let him walk? He is the most explosive player on our offense. Do you remember how our team looked before we traded for him??

    We should only let him walk if we go into rebuild mode. But if we want to win now, how do you replace his production? in the draft? I would prefer if they go for a S or DT in rounds 1-3.
  9. Seven

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    Zeke, Witten, Dak, Coop, Jaylon, LVE, Fredbeard, Heath, Garrett, Rod, Bloom, Richard, the OL.........

    Just because one owns a jersey doesn't mean they KNOW football.

    Read. Tread lightly.........
  10. superonyx

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    Imagine calling a player pathetic for listening to his coaches and not going nuts on the sidelines while we are trying to execute on a critical 4th down.

    What a moronic take.
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  11. cowboyec

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    COOOOOOP deserves his $.
  12. mattjames2010

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    Here we are again with people blaming a mysterious injury.

    Was he injured in Oakland when he pulled ghost acts there? Just because he's a Cowboy doesn't suddenly make the history before he got here go away or become meaningless. This is a good example of how homerism can blind a fan.
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  13. Verdict

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  14. dallas72

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    Wrong...STOP making stuff up...Amari never asked the coaches to take him out....I'm done
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  15. Blast From The Past

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    Thank you for speaking up. That sideline pose of Cooper holding his one leg up off of the ground in a game, I don't now remember said it all to me. He was dang well playing injured without complaining. He soldiered on and gave it all he had going forward. It is easy for us to sit at home with our tacos and such, while washing it down with beverages of choice and making such judgments on players. That is a fan. But Amari gave his all. He was not injured early on, but when he was he couldn't put up the expected numbers. Those on here who have never played the game ever at any level could not understand this. Pain is a great equalizer. It is not a sign of weakness or ineptness.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2020
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  16. Beast_from_East

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    This X 1000

    Dak without Coop is not good, so if you dump Coop might as well dump Dak also.
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  17. Bohuntr97

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    Agreed. I think that's just a player wanting to get on the field and not give out much info. I think it was Archer who reported he had a noticeable limp after the Bills game (there were only three games left). Something wasn't right.
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  18. Flamma

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    I like Cobb. He always finds a way to get open. But his job is made a lot easier when the attention is elsewhere.
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  19. Beast_from_East

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    And for those saying Coop took himself out of the Eagles game, that’s not true.

    We now know it was the WR coach Sanja that came up with that stupid rotation. Coop said he could have made a fuss about it and not left the field but Coop is not the type to defy his coaches.

    Sanja got kicked to the dumpster along with Clappy so that rotation crap is gone.

    So I feel better about paying Coop now, he didn’t tap out like the Cabo Ewok does every time he runs more than 10 yards.
  20. cern

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    is zeke your jean valjean?? lighten up, javert.
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