This is a bad team

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by hittheskids, Nov 26, 2020.

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    The coaching actually got worse which really speaks volumes!
  3. Kingofholland

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    We're who we thought we were.... An inconsistent football team that is injury riddled, that doesn't execute particularly well.

    I normally get pretty fired up during games, but this season has been such a disaster nothing surprises me in 2020. At this point I don't know how anyone could be shocked with the result or method we lose. I'm ready to start looking ahead to 2021.
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    Injuries are why we are a bad team right now. Period.
  5. pitt33

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    I believe this is clearly evident.
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    Yes the coaching was fantastic today.
  7. Dale

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    The spine of our team is not strong. Offensive line is a mess, and the interior of our defense gets gashed left and right.

    We have been better at punting these last two games, so there’s that.
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    Disagree. We were going to be bad, injuries just made use worse.
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    Team plays without a shred of competence.

    It literally looks like a pro flag football team the way they miss tackles that should be made, drop balls, run gimmick plays, run routes short of the sticks.

    There are maybe 8 legit football players that are even salvageable and others are steadily regressing because of the bull**** approach this team takes to the field on Sundays.

    This team is extremely close to looking sabotaged. It plays dumb football and hopes for the best. That's the plan after 11 weeks in 2020.
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    You can’t say injuries aside, that’s not fair. Both starting tackles are out, backup LT is out, center has been injured throughout the season, starting RG is out starting QB, starting TE....and that’s just offense, without discussing the injuries on defense and the fact we have a brand new coaching staff in a season we’re there was no pre season. The fact of the matter is if the cowboys had a full healthy roster in a normal season they would be running away with the East.

    I understand that yes, they look terrible, but just take a second to examine the state of the roster and the amount of injuries. Belichick wouldn’t be able to anything with this roster right now. Give Mike and company a full offseason with a healthy squad, and then we can judge them accordingly. Oh, and just for the record. I would get rid of Nolan, his scheme is terrible.
  11. hittheskids

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    Actually, yes I can. This team had every chance that other teams did to get better in the off-season. we found out the backups are, for the most part, not even serviceable. Every other team has had to deal with covid and injuries and the usual, so why make excuses for the cowboys. We are poorly coached and lacking talent. Not a great combination when you also factor in incompetent ownership.
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