Timb2's Mock Draft 1st round with Trades and Reasons for pick,Later Posts will be Additional Rounds

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by timb2, Feb 12, 2019.

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    1-Cardinals trade to Redskins. Cards receive Redskins 2019 1st & 3rd and 2020 1st round
    1st Redskins-Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State
    Reason-redskins might not get Alex Smith back because his leg break was bad and might have to retire. Haskins is a big burly QB who will remind Redskins fans of Doug Williams

    2-49ers-Josh Allen OLB/DE Kentucky
    Reason-Awesome pass rusher and the 49ers really need some heat off the edge.

    3-Jets trade to Jaguars .Jets receive 2019 1st,2nd and 3rd
    3-Jaguars -Drew Lock QB Missouri
    Reason-jags another desperate team for a franchise QB. Lock can throws fastballs and has very much upside

    4-Raiders-Nick Bosa DE Ohio State
    reason-Raiders need impact players and if Nick is as good as his brother he should become a star for the Raiders.

    5-Buccaneers- Daniel Jones QB Duke
    Reason-Shock pick,but Bucs are getting tired of Jamis Winston and his moron antics.They cannot trust him and might look eleswhere. Jones is huge and can make all the throws

    6-Giants-Montez Sweat OLB Mississippi State
    reason-need someone to add some pressure

    7-Jets-Quinnen Williams NT Alabama
    reason-A huge roadblock to occupy blockers. Becomes their foundation for their defense

    8-Lions-Jachai Polite DE Florida
    reason-need someone besides Ziggy Ansah to get to the QB

    9-Bills-Rashan Gary DE Michigan
    reason-big dominant DE to help anchor the d-line

    10-Broncos-Ryan Finley QB NC State
    reason-A reach? Maybe but the Broncos need someone beside SMURF Case Keenum who is not the answer and cost them a nice chunk of change.

    CONTINUE LATER.....YES HATERS HAVE TO HATE. and I expect the critics.
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    Redskins need to sweeten that pot a lot to get to No.1 overall man.
  3. timb2

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    1st ROUND Continued..

    11-Bengals-Ed Oliver DT Houston
    reason-Gino Atkins in nearing the end of his career and Oliver can be a BEAST.

    12-Packers trade to Steelers and receive Antonio Brown & Leveon Bell for their 1st,2nd,& 3rd and 2nd in 2020
    12-Steelers-DK Metcalf WR Mississippi
    Reason- If his injuries are clean and clear,he could become a stud player 6'-3",225 lbs with great hands. Paired with Smith-Schuster could give teams nightmares.

    13-Dolphins trade with Eagles and receive Nic Foles and trade this 1st round pick,but get Eagles 2nd round pick in the deal.
    13-Eagles-Greedy Williams CB LSU
    reason-Eagles corners are injury prone and they are searching for a #1 shutdown corner.

    14-Falcons trade this pick to the Cardinals and receive Patrick Peterson.
    14-Cardinals-N'Keal Henry WR Arizona State
    reason -Larry Fitzgerald most likely retires and they will need a #1 WR and with pressure from trading to 1st overall pick,they go with a HOMER pick to hope silence the fans.

    15-Cardinals-Bryon Murphy CB Washington
    reason-Patrick Peterson wants out this past season asking for a trade. Someone will have to pick up the slack.

    16-Panthers-Noah Fant TE Iowa
    reason-Greg Olsen keeps getting injured and near the end of his career. Fant can help open the passing game for Cam Newton.

    17-Browns-Hakeem Butler WR iowa State
    reason-A physical freak at 6'-6" who has great hands to help out their franchise QB.

    18-Vikings-Greg Little OT Mississippi
    reason-Vikes invested how much in Kirk Cousins? They need to make sure he is protected.

    19-Titans-TJ Hockenson TE Iowa
    reason Delani Walker is overcoming an injury and in his mid 30's.Don't expect him back and Jonnu Smith is kind of a 2nd string TE not a stud that Hockenson can become.

    20-Steelers-Devin White ILB LSU
    reason-Steelers love physical dominating LBers

    21-Seahawks-Jonah Williams OT Alabama
    reason-Duane Brown is nearing his mid 30's and George Fant really has not been the player they expected.Either way Williams starts as a rookie.

    22-Ravens-Beau Benzschawel OG Wisconsin
    reason-Marshall Yanda is breaking down and closing in on 40 years old.Wisconsin makes great o-linemen.

    23-Texans-Jawaan Taylor OT Florida
    reason Deshaun Watson got killed last year.He needs some pass protectors.

    continue later....
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    Skins have to give up more.

    No way 4 QBs go that high.
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    continued 1ST ROUND...

    24-Raiders-David Sills WR West Virginia
    reason-Their WRs are horrible!!!

    25-Eagles-Parris Campbell WR Ohio State
    reason-Eagles have been trying to find a deep threat. Golden Tate is on fumes,Mike Wallace is a shell of himself.

    26-Colts-Clenin Ferrell DE Clemson
    reason-More pass rushers to rotate and Ferrell should takeover for Sheard or Tyquan Lewis as a starter.

    27-Raiders-Derwin Gray OT Maryland
    reason-Got the LT settled with Kolton Miller last year, now they get the RT future here.Gray looks like The Incredible Hulk in pads. 6'-5",330 lbs

    28-Chargers-Christian Wilkens DE/NT Clemson
    reason-Bolts-d-line Bosa,Luiget,and Wilkens is a good threesome.

    29-Chiefs-DeAndre Baker CB Georgia
    reason-Need a #1 shutdown corner.

    30-Packers-Mack Wilson ILB Alabama
    reason-Have to get an upgrade at ILB.

    31-Rams-Brian Burns DE Florida State
    reason-Really need a elite speed rusher off the edge. Paired with Donald & Suh is the makings of The Fearsome Foursome 2

    32-Patriots trade this pick to the Raiders for their 2nd round this year and a 3rd next year.
    32-Raiders-Terrill Hanks OLB New Mexico State
    reason-This guy can fly all over the field and make plays. I also am sure Gruden and Mayok will try to get cute and show how smart they think they are.
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  6. timb2

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    I agree Skins could give up more,but QBs are a premium commodity and teams gamble on QBs to save their jobs
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  7. Hardline

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    I believe the Skins would select Murray
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  8. Melonfeud

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    The instant upgrade of dynamic league wide threat credibility in conjunction with their current Q.B. in yer' envisioned tea leaf readings of the #12 ,is invigoratingly intriguing:)
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  9. Canada180

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    Riaders maybe take AJ Brown, M Brown or K Harmon before Sills. Deebo too
  10. timb2

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    2nd ROUND

    33-Cardinals-AJ Brown WR Mississippi
    reason-Best player available and need better weapons at the WR corps

    34-Colts-Anthony Isabella WR UMass
    reason -How long have the Patriots killed other teams with these scrappy undersized white guys at WR? Colts make sure this won't happen with the next pick after them. Isabella is rumored to be running in the 4.2s

    35-Patriots-Julian Love CB Notre Dame
    reason-Pats secondary is getting long in the tooth, need replacements

    36-49ers-Lil'Jordan Humphrey WR Texas
    reason-Big solid WR, fearless and good hands to help Garrapolo

    37-Giants-David Edwards OT Wisconsin
    reason-Need to help a very poor o-line if they keep Eli manning around.

    38-Jets-Jaylon Ferguson OLB Louisiana Tech
    reason-Great pass rusher where the Jets need help in rushing the passer.

    39-Buccaneers-Julian Love CB Notre
    reason-Bucs CBs are not very good.

    40-Bills-Kelvin Harmon WR NC State
    reason-need help at the WR position desperately.
  11. timb2

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    41-Broncos-Dexter Lawrence NT Clemson
    reason-Becomes the anchor at NT.Peko is near the end of his career.

    42-Bengals-Mitch Hyatt OG Clemson
    reason-Should become the new RG.

    43-Lions-Marquise Brown WR Oklahoma
    reason -Should start as the slot eventually takeover for Marvin Jones in a couple of years

    44-Steelers-Deionte Thompson S Alabama
    reason-Physical safety,could start at either spot.

    45-Falcons-Dre'Mont Jones DT Ohio State
    reason-need inside pass rushers

    46-**UPDATE** Going to add Redskins 2nd rounder to Cardinals in the 1st pick overall trade that I projected earlier***
    46-Cardinals-Amani Oruwaryie CB Penn State
    reason-even with Murphy in the 1st round Cards need more help at CB.

    47-Panthers-Austin Bryant DE Clemson
    reason-Need youth at the DE position

    48-Dolphins-Joe Jackson DE Miami
    reason-Youth infusion at DE

    49-Browns-Jerry Tillery DT Notre Dame
    reason-Loaded DT field and is BPA

    50-Vikings-Anthony Nelson DE Iowa
    reason-Part of the rotation. Tall ,long armed DE who had 9.5 sacks last season

    51-Titans-Zach Allen DE Boston College
    reason-Part of the rotation in the DL

    52-Steelers-Irv Smith TE Alabama
    reason-BPA and a TE that can deep for the Steelers
  12. timb2

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    2nd round continued

    53-Texans-Jace Sternberner TE Texas A&M
    reason-Another weapon for Watson

    54-Dolphins(via trade Eagles)-Jamel Dean CB Auburn
    reason-Need corner help opposite Xavien Howard

    55-Texans-Chris Lindstrom OG Boston College
    reason-more protection for the franchise.

    56-Patriots-Taylor Rapp S Washington
    reason-More depth in the secondary

    57-Eagles(they had 2 in the 2nd)-Josh Jacobs RB Alabama
    reason-Really need someone to take Sproles spot as the pass catching RB

    58-Colts-Caleb Wilson TE UCLA
    reason-another weapon for Luck

    59-Cowboys-D'Andre Walker OLB Georgia
    Reason-Sean Lee might not be back and even if Lee does.Can he stay healthy? He is also in his 30s now. Damien Wilson is talented but has been trouble before off the field.Does it continue? Here we not gamble and luck out and get Walker who can play all 3 LB positions which Marinelli loves.

    60-Chargers-Bryce Love RB Stanford
    reason-Change of pace back. very productive and him and Gordon will be giving teams headaches for years.

    61-Chiefs-Nate Adderley S Delaware
    reason-Eric Berry has been through so much through illness and injuries,time to find his replacement.

    62-Saints-Johnathan Abraham S Mississippi State
    reason-Kurt Coleman is nothing special as a starter. Abraham is a punishing hitter.

    63-Chiefs-Chauncey Gardner-Johnson CB Florida
    reason-physical CB to push for #2 CB spot.

    64-Patriots-Michael Jackson CB Miami
    reason-This "King of Pop" is a Thriller and gives the Pats secondary attitude.
  13. timb2

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    I jacked that up in the early 2nd part of the 2nd round.I have Julian love going twice to Pats and bucs. OK This is what should happen

    35-Patriots-Julian Love CB Notre Dame

    39-Buccaneers-Trayvon Mullen CB Clemson
  14. Canada180

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  15. Irvin88_4life

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    If Love, Adderley, Jackson and Abraham are on the board i much rather go that way then Walker.
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    Tampa has NEW head coach he loves Winston..thier NOT drafting a QB
  17. timb2

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    Yes and Jeff Fisher said Case Keenum was their QB for the Rams and then they traded up for Jared Goff. GM,Scouts, and Coaches are playing poker right now,but last year showed me that the players are not thrilled with Winston and his stupiidity. Winston came into this league with major red flags and Winston probably has to have a professional babysitter. I watched the Hard Knocks with Winston and I was not impressed with him. They need a leader, not a clown.
  18. timb2

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    Why do you think the Buccaneers are picking so high in the draft???? Winston has 1st round Mike Evans,1st Howard Cross,speedster DeSean Jackson and the Bucs played 35 year old Ryan Fitzpatrick half of the season even when Winston was back.. I know exactly what Winston is,he is the type of guy.You go to a party and he starts crap to ruin the party. Even when everything is looking good and he has people believe he turned the corner,he will screw it up once no one is watching him.... In the Hard Knocks he knew how to play the cameras and OH!, you gave me a fist bump and said "I got your back" that helps,NAH!!!. The guy is a cancer.
  19. Canada180

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    Thanks for doing this work Tim. Criticism is part of the game I guess. Good stuff
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  20. timb2

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    3rd ROUND

    65-Cardinals-Andre Dillard OT Washington State
    reason-Protection for rosen

    66-Raiders-Damien Harris RB Alabama
    reason-need youth at RB.

    67-49ers-Kaleb McGary OT Washington
    reason-protection for the franchise

    68-Jets-Martez Ivey OG/OT Florida
    reason-should become a starter. better fit as OG,but the Jets might need him at OT instead.

    69-Jets-Yodney Cajuste OT West Virginia
    reason-should become the blindside protector

    70-Buccaneers-Germaine Pratt OLB NC State
    reason-need help everywhere


    72-Broncos-Cody Ford OG Oklahoma
    reason-RG needs an upgrade.

    73-Bengals-Zach Gentry TE Michigan
    reason-huge man to become 2nd TE here

    74-Patriots-CJ Conrad TE Kentucky
    reason-Gronkowski's injuries are starting to pile up .

    75-Bills-Dalton Risner C Kansas State
    reason-really need a legit center.

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