Top 4 teams had top 4 Qbs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mobinvans, Jan 24, 2021.

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    Exactly. If they didn't care, they wouldn't have traded up to get Mo Claiborne. They care. They just sucked at picking defensive players past 9 years.
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    The Chiefs paid Mahomes and their defense is rocking. The Rams paid Goff and their defense was rocking. The Steelers and Colts paid their QBs and their defenses were top 10. Shall I go on?
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    At some point the Cowboys need to bite the bullet again and use 1st round draft pick for franchise QB (see Aikman). They fell in love with using marginal assets to fill QB position after landing undrafted Tony Romo and then Dak in 4th. In this current NFL, if you don't have QB who can carry team for stretches of season then you really have nothing. Philly and Rams will be marginalized for atleast 4 years due to not getting their QB right. I think those two teams are giving Jerry pause with Dak.
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    Dak was leading the league in passing by a country mile when he got hurt and our defense was ranked 32nd so yes logic dictates we replace Dak.

    Wait what?!?! :huh:
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    This just goes to show the effect a very good QB has on the success of his team in a passing era! ;)
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    Our production dropped. But not in the last games when Dalton finally got acclimated.

    The problem i have with Dak is that we wont be able to win a SB with him.

    To me he is a below average QB. That means he cant win the big game even if supported by the greatest talent around him.

    We can give him 4 mils a year as a backup but should not sign him as a starter. Let other teams have him.
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