TR: The Cowboys May Have Spent Themselves Into a Bad Situation

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by America's Cowboy, Mar 26, 2020.

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    The Cowboys May Have Spent Themselves Into a Bad Situation

    After years of getting great offensive production at a low cost, Dallas had to shell out this offseason—and it’s come at the expense of depth and defense

    By Danny Heifetz Mar 26, 2020, 9:54am EDT

    There are plenty of memories from Jason Garrett’s time with the Cowboys. There was the stretch when Dallas lost a playoff spot to a division rival in the final week of the season three years in a row. Twice. Dallas had a promising season end with a devastating playoff loss to the Packers. Twice. Garrett wasted the prime years of Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, and DeMarcus Ware, and when he stumbled onto their replacements with Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper, and DeMarcus Lawrence, he failed to capitalize on that group’s potential too. But mostly Garrett will be remembered for the clapping, which inspired his nickname and sealed him as the emblem for the Cowboys’ failings, a real-life “this is fine” meme.

    When Cowboys owner Jerry Jones finally fired Garrett in January (after a lengthy delay), he replaced him with Mike McCarthy, the coach of those Packers teams that ripped out Dallas’s heart. McCarthy’s first words as Cowboys head coach in his introductory press conference immediately set him apart from his predecessor.

    “It is great to be here,” McCarthy said. “I’m having a moment here because I don’t know where the hell to put my hands.”

    The move from the Clapper to a coach who doesn’t know what to do with his hands is a perfect metaphor. In truth the Cowboys have tied one of McCarthy’s hands behind his back. Jones and his son Stephen, the pair who runs the team and makes front-office decisions, hired McCarthy to win a Super Bowl. But the Joneses are giving McCarthy many of the same stars Garrett coached while they were on cheap contracts after the Joneses have paid them top dollar. Whereas Garrett oversaw rosters teeming with talent and value, McCarthy is getting less of each and being asked to do more.

    It doesn't look pretty. Welcome more cap hell...:banghead:

    What say you?

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    I say there will always be negativity and doom and gloom, no matter what course of action they take. Everyone makes mistakes and miscalculations. I think the future looks bright for this team, and I prefer to be optimistic and enjoy life.
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    Oh, overall, I'm with you bro, but these huge contracts lately are looking worrisome. McCarthy definitely has his work cut out for himself and his new coaching staff. Me thinks lots of contract restructuring is going to be happening.

    Ugh, that "kick the can down the road" memories of the past comes to mind. Sorry, don't mean to dampen the mood. Keeping fingers crossed all works out and this new coaching staff is able to overcome any shortcomings.
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    Who writes this crap
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    Same here for the most part. I tend to be most of time to look at the brighter side of things, that is just my demeanor anyways. And at times only be cautiously optimistic. I can give the pessimistic viewpoint also at times (like when I said the Browns were closer to a SB then we were). Sometimes joke about the negative side, as need to keep things humorous at times.

    I am upbeat now with the new coaching staff, so FA and the draft if all stays the same as to improving or not, as opposed to be negative if Garrett was retained. And if he was, I do not blame anyone for their negativity. Now I think most are as usual, as they as all are really in a wait and see mode. Some with a positive attitude, some with a negative attitude, some are, meh, wait. But most are glad we just will have a new direction from the coaching staff.

    So all is normal. :laugh:
  6. America's Cowboy

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    Some writer for
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    Can you please use larger font? I can barely see this.
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    It just so happens 2 of the key offensive players were up for contract Dak and Cooper. Both position come with high price tag. Last year Lawrence was due and it cost us yet saw little in terms of how spending that much of DE could hurt us. I think overall cap management by this team has been good and has allowed them to take care of Dak and Cooper and along the way addressed Safety, and 2 DT in FA. For all the doom and gloom all I can say is I'm pretty happy thus far with the off season and heading towards the draft.
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    Cap hell, lol.

    This team hasn't spent enough real money over the past few years if anything.

    The offseason ain't over but we've seen improvements at DT and safety. They'll probably look to bolster CB in the draft.
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    They haven’t though.
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    Not buying it, this year,,, I already can see the influence of MM.
    Jerry hasn't unleashed this influence since he first bought the team with JJ.
    Now Jerry has finally come full circle and realized after all these years what exactly made his investment successful.
    Actually trusting an Xs and Os HC,, took you a little bit of time Jerry, but now decisions are being made on personal by a real HC that understands how the game is being played today.
    These offseason FA acquisitions are directly tied to MM, and I bet its has the stamp of approval from McClay and the entire staff related to actual talent evaluation.. scouting dept.
    First time in a very long time.
    As Garrett used to say... its a process... idiot that had a great line.
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    I think good writers do their homework on actual cap and contract numbers before they write articles about it. But funny how rarely it happens.

    Anyone unsure can feel free to check and do the homework for themselves:

    This team is in fine cap shape, both today and for the foreseeable future.
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    what contracts are bad? Cooper they covered themselves...Dlaw is in year two and they can get out 2022 ...Zeke they can get out when he's 27...Tyron Smith is from how many years ago?
    which contracts are bad? Cooper? Dlaw? Zeke? All have outs that wont cripple them way down the road. I would expect them all to be major parts of the team for a minimum next 3-4 years...then they can get out of the contracts with minimal/ manageable cost. So it's easy for writers to look at the price/ cost but not at the actual structure and conclude that the Cowboys have done what they used to do...But responsible writers , that actually dig a little deeper would see that they have been as practical as possible ,while still addressing huge corner pieces of the team. They don't mention the steal Tyron Smith's contract is right well as Martin...
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    Whenever I read a headline with "May have..." it indicates pure speculation or opinion to me.
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    I have dual work monitors and keep CowboysZone open in a browser on just one. Both monitors have the same screen resolution.

    So I opened the thread, saw the text, almost cussed, and checked the CowboysZone's browser zoom settings without thinking. It still said '100% zoom'.

    Basically, I am admitting it took me a few seconds longer before saying D'OH! :laugh:
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    Some absolute wanker.
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    Dallas does not spend money, they are cheap.

    Dallas spends money on their own "less than great" players, they are stupid.

    Dallas finally spends to keep Pro-Bowl / All-Pro caliber players, they are spending too much and can't have depth.

    Man ....
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    The fact the clapper couldn’t even make the playoffs last year with a QB on a rookie deal says volumes about what a terrible coach he is
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    Same here. Working with multiple monitors, opened the thread and started checking all the other settings before realizing what was going on.
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    Sorry. Phone is acting up. Apologies.

    If mods can lower font size, it would be most appreciated.
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