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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DeStorm, Mar 4, 2021.

  1. DeStorm

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    Lets say Jerry and Dak become too angry at each other and moving on is inevitable.

    What do you want for Dak(the 2x Pro Bowler) in a realistic trade scenario?

    I would start with a call to both the Jags and Jets and go from there. Realistically, I believe they could get Darnold and the 2nd overall pick. The Bears 2021 and 2022 1st would also appear realistic to me.
  2. atlantacowboy

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    The objective here is not to improve the team. Jerry's goal is to keep the guys he likes as long as possible so he can feel comfortable in the locker room.
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  3. Jake

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    Urban Meyer loves Trevor Lawrence. He's not trading for Dak. I wouldn't count on the Jets giving away the #2 overall pick, either.

    The Bears could have an interest, but at what price?
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  4. Whyjerry

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    This “contract negotiation” is GM Jerry’s magnum opus. It’s probably has cost the team $8-10 million per year, still no deal, and he loses more leverage every day. The guy is a complete clown.
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  5. JBS

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    Second time I've seen the jags mentioned as a trade option..that's beyond
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  6. Flamma

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    Ideally crappy teams build up their team and then pay the quarterback in 3-4 years. Both the Jets and Jags are in perfect position to do that in this draft. Paying the QB first is doing it Bass Ackwards. But trading him to Chicago is realistic. Or a team like Denver. Possibly Carolina. But I don't see any of those teams giving up two first round picks for him.
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  7. NeathBlue

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    These trade Dak for a load of picks ideas are ridiculous.
    No team is going to give up a load of high picks for a player who’d be tagged and is showing no intention of signing a long term deal past 3 or 4 years.
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  8. aria

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    Why on earth would the Jets take on a QB who wants a mega contract AND give away the 2nd overall pick when they can draft a rookie QB with the 2nd pick and have him on the rookie salary? Sure, drafting a rookie is always a gamble, especially QB, but I think it’s a gamble most teams would take in that scenario.

    2 1st’s for Dak? Lol, not happening. Again, the Bears could most likely take those two firsts and move up to get a QB they want, why take on a huge contract? Don’t see it happening.
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  9. DeStorm

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    The moronic piece would be to not make the call. It costs nothing to check all options.

    Like most on here, I don't find Jerry to be a competent GM. He has been in front of every microphone praising Dak as the second coming and then trying to figure out why Dak's agent is being unreasonable. A competent GM would have already explored every single option and built a game plan based on those options.
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  10. J-man

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    I'd trade Dak for a new Superbowl ring, nothing less.
  11. DeStorm

    DeStorm Well-Known Member

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    Most football experts believe the market is two firsts for Dak. The established pro bowl QB market has been very high this offseason. They would be selling when QB starved teams are watching others overpay.
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  12. ninja

    ninja Numbnuts

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    Dak has no trade value. Repeat after me, Dak has no trade value. Who in their right mind would give up anything for a mediocre QB who can’t pass a physical right now due to a horrific injury 5 months ago and wants $40M/year? Not even a 7th rounder. Plain common sense. Be realistic.

    Dak has no value until he passes a physical and drops his salary demands.

    I don’t know why the ‘church of Dak’ worshippers do not understand this. No one is trading jack squat for Dak in his present condition and present salary demands. No one.
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  13. DeStorm

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    No question Dak's camp has made this less appealing for teams.
  14. JohnnyHopkins

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    Just look at the teams that missed on Matt Stafford and you have your group. Per Albert Breer.....

    - Carolina offered the #8 and another pick for Stafford.
    - Washington offered the #19 and a 3rd
    - Denver offered a pick swap
    - NE offered a 2nd and a player
    - Chicago had talks, but no offer
    - Jets had talks, but no offer

    Carolina has the cap space to take Dak's franchise tag and they have been pretty open that they are looking to upgrade. That would probably be the best team to deal with.
  15. John813

    John813 Well-Known Member

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    I can't see any team in the top 3 trading their pick straight up for Dak.

    The Jags are cheap and will want to create offseason hype for Lawrence.
    Jets have cap space, but also have the chance at getting Wilson and trying to rebuild with a new shiny QB with a much lower cap hit.
    Miami has been rumored to Watson, but at least he's under contract for the next 4 years. Easier to retool a deal than trade for a guy on a 2nd franchise tag and work out a new deal.

    I think there's a market for Dak, still injured or not. But I don't think we will be able to trade him and acquire a top draft pick and get the QB of our choice.
  16. DeStorm

    DeStorm Well-Known Member

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    Google will show you there are pages of articles disagreeing with you.

    For the record, if I were a GM I would not pay 2 firsts for Dak(and his contract demands), but the market is there.

    The Bears went all in on Mack(two firsts) to win now. They are missing a good QB. The Bears FO tends to make bad decisions. I would call them.
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    PJTHEDOORS Well-Known Member

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    And especially since according to posters here Dak is inaccurate & average.
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  18. Aven8

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    Nice post. I might add that Stafford is way older too. So who knows? The injury is what is killing this deal.
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  19. starfan1

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    Some cowboys fans "Dak sucks or Dak is average he cant be a difference maker"
    same fans "lets trade him for 2 first rounders"
    the entertainment value just keeps rising
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  20. FiveSuperBowls

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    Start with two 1st round picks but no lower than 1st and 2nd.
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