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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DeStorm, Mar 4, 2021.

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    The woeful NY Jets BEAT the Cowboys with Dak, a game in which Dak threw for NO touchdowns.

    And this was when the Jets were at their low point.

    Yeah, the Jets are going to give away Darnold and the 2nd overall pick up for Dak.

    And the Bears giving up two No. 1 picks for Dak?

    Jerry would take those deals in a Chicago second and a New York minute. But they'll never happen. Dak isn't that valuable. Jerry is telling us that right now because he hasn't given Dak a deal.

    Please, guys. Read the tea leaves.

    Jerry doesn't think Dak is a franchise quarterback. You don't deal with franchise quarterbacks the way Jerry is handling this Dak situation.

    Patrick Mahomes would have been signed in the crib by this time in the negotiations.
  2. tyke1doe

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    If the market is there, why is Dak not with a new team?

    Also, why didn't the Rams make a play for Dak?

    Do you think if this situation happened to Mahomes or Rodgers or Allen, there wouldn't be teams clamoring to trade for them?

    Now if this comes about, I'll royally apologize. But Jerry is telling us all what he AND the market thinks about Dak.
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    Sure. We'll take Dak and your first at No. 10 for our overall No. 1 pick.
    Jag GM mumbles to himself, "Steal!"

    Gotta love fantasy football and draft scenarios.
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    Jags are not going to listen, they will have there QB with the first pick and cheap.
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    The general manager that did the Cutler trade is long gone, whereas we're stuck with the same one....
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    For the sake of who knows, let's say you are correct and they have to trade Dak which would mean a sign and trade deal. I would let the league know and see who comes calling. Seriously would doubt it be the Jags because new coaches tend to believe they can draft the guy they think will be the answer. Jets would be a definite possibility but so would Carolina, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, and Denver. Then it becomes who will offer the best deal for Dak who the NFL says is the #1 free agent this year, who also have him listed as a top ten (some top five) QB, proven passer, etc., etc. The price will be much higher than most will believe. Think about it, if a team was willing to give up 3 1st to get Goff or Wentz or a team willing to give up 3 1st, McCafferty, and a DL guy for Watson then Dak is going to end up going for about the same. Many (mostly Dak haters) would disagree but all anyone has to do is go look at what has happened over the last 5 years to see that it is true. Then think about Dak in San Francisco or Carolina with the WRs they have. Most believe paying Dak $40 million + average a year is far to much but then you have to believe paying Leonard Williams DT some $20 million + average a year is also to much yet that is what the Giants are apparently getting ready to do. Fans worry to much about the $$ but the numbers will go up every year.

    Also it appears Dak and the Jones are talking and getting along just fine. Will we get a deal soon? Does anyone really know, answer nope! Not even Jane Slater! or Fish! The one thing you have to do is understand that Dallas does have to tag Dak before 3 PM March 9th and if they do then they first have to restructure several contracts to be able to do the tag. That also means they cannot be active at all in free agency until they get further under the cap after tagging Dak plus they have to have the amount of the NFL structure to be able to draft so if Dallas wants to sign any free agents including their own such as A. Smith and also be able to draft it becomes pretty necessary to get Dak signed in the next week unless they restructure some 10 or so contracts. Or as you say, they trade him and if that comes about expect the Quincy Carter days for the next 10 years.
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    Please list those

    Please list those experts and links to their comments that Dak is worth two firsts.

    Coming off an injury and requiring a 35 million plus contract. Dak's value is at its peak with the Cowboys. The rest of the league, not so much. They may believe he can get the job done, if he is heeled. But does anyone really know. I read the comments about him working out. But that has little meaning unless you are the guy watching him. Those teams are as clueless as we are right now.

    Plus, to make that trade you have to negotiate a contract for Dak. If Jerry is as lame as most here think, what team would want him in the pilot's seat negotiating the future of your franchise's wallet? Plus, what is the price to trade him for the Cowboys who have this huge contract? What cap hit stays with Dallas?

    Then, after you find you will not get two firsts, who plays QB? You have an offense that, with a little massaging, could be top flight. But you just traded your blue chip QB.

    Why do none of the people advocating trading Dak ever consider what's left. Forget your pie-eyed Darnold and the 2nd overall. That will happen right after Scarlet Johansson passes out free rides to all the fans here. You will be in worse shape than if Dak stayed. Frankly, if Dak heels, my suspicions are that he will come back with a vengeance.

    As long as Jerry doesn't piddle around and lose Dak. Which is not out of the question.
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    Cant hurt to call.

    Just remember that Dak cannot be traded until he signs a deal

    But sure, if its a team he wants to play for who also will agree to pay him what he wants for the contract length he wants.....yes, it theoretically could be done.
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    Good post.

    just remember that Stafford cost only 20 million.
    So you are getting Stafford and 20 million extra to spend on FA’s
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    It all comes down to how much Dak wants. If he wants 30-37 million... you could probably trade him. If he wants 40.... nobody is paying that and giving up picks.

    the best thing Jerry could do is start making phone calls to trade him... let it leak.... once Dak finds out he could be playing for the jets, Broncos, or lions... my guess is he panics and comes back to his senses. There is only one opening to be the shortstop for the New York Yankees, and only one opening to be qb for the Dallas cowboys. These guys know this.
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    Mark Sanchez got them way further than anyone for the cowboys in the past 25 yrs
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    No he didn't. They got by in SPITE of Mark Sanchez...did you watch those games? That's like giving the Rex Grossman credit for the Bears going to the Super Bowl. That's outlandish.
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    Thanks for letting me know that Rex Grossman also got much further than Dak. Dak is Wack!
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    Oh. Ok.
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    The jags and the Jets both have the chance on cheap and generational talent at the QB position in this draft. I dont see them to trade away their picks.

    Dak comes from major injury, wants big time money and a short term contract. Thats all negatives if you want to trade him.
    So i think we should get a top 10 pick and maybe something else (3rd rounder).
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    Big Dak fan, wish we had sorted this 2 years' ago at a lower value but we didn't so here we are.....terrible situation.

    If he signs before the deadline and we can do a lower cap number than the tag, I'd be happy. He's not the best QB in the league, not 2nd best but he is ours, he's plays his heart out and he is good, he's a top player and could be a SB winner, I don't care if he's 3, 6, or 10 on "the list", I'll take Dak all day long.

    The alternative is QB hell, 3/4/5 wasted seasons with nothing to excite us. Let's be honest, winning the SB is the goal but only 1 of 32 teams gets to do that so the odds are really poor, at least let us be entertained (Gladiator move line anyone?) and Dak does that, he's good to watch and maybe, just maybe is more than that too.

    That said, what's in box number 2? The draft is a total crap-shoot and sure things aren't ever sure things so a team picking 1 or 2 quite possibly think Dak as as "really good" QB is way better than the risk of a QB who hasn't played a down in the NFL. I do believe a team will take a shot on Dak and give us multiple picks to secure a "top QB". I really couldn't care less for the "Dak is the best" or "Dak is terrible" argument but he's better and younger and Stafford and look what he went for. I'd be OK with that trade capital.........didn't think I'd ever type that!

    In summary, get him signed for multiple years OR trade him for 2 1sts at least. Just don't play out this year on the franchise tag with an 8 and 8 season and get a conditional 3rd when he walks, that's criminal negligence frankly.
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    The the power of positive thinking?
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    Why don't you also ask if Prescott farted today too. All these threads about "what if" are so tiring.
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