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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Alexander, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Alexander

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    Byron Jones, CB, and La’el Collins, RT, Cowboys
    Dallas is slated to have about $75 million in cap space in 2020, according to Over The Cap, but that number is a bit misleading. A new contract for Dak Prescott is imminent, and even if the Cowboys manage to keep his cap figure relatively low in the deal’s first year, he will probably still cost at least $15 million against the cap next season. Combine that with the fact that Jones, Collins, and linebacker Jaylon Smith all have deals that expire this year, and Dallas’s robust cap space starts to shrink quickly.

    It’s possible—though not likely, considering their championship aspirations—that the Cowboys would choose to trade one of their contract-year starters to avoid handing out all those extensions. And if the team goes that route, Jones and Collins seem like more logical trade candidates than Smith simply because of how much draft capital Dallas has spent on its secondary and offensive line over the past few seasons, and the experience other players at those positions already have. As an elite cornerback, Jones would be a more significant loss than Collins, but there’s always a chance that the Cowboys look at their future financial situation and decide to test the value of both players on the market.

    Possible landing spot: Jets. Adam Gase’s team somehow still has more than $28 million in cap space left after an expensive offseason, and yet holes at both cornerback and right tackle remain. Considering all the money the Jets have already thrown around this spring, new general manager Joe Douglas could elect to push the team even further into win-now mode.

    Karl Joseph, S, Raiders
    The Reggie McKenzie regime took Joseph in the first round in 2016, but he doesn’t seem to be part of Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock’s long-term plan. After drafting safety Johnathan Abram in the first round and signing Lamarcus Joyner to a four-year, $42 million deal this offseason, Oakland declined Joseph’s fifth-year option—despite his career year in 2018. Joseph will now make $2.1 million in base salary on the final year of his deal, which could make him an attractive option for any team looking for a low-risk, high-pedigree player to add to its secondary.

    Possible landing spot: Cowboys. Dallas signed George Iloka this spring to bolster its safety depth, but the position remains the biggest weakness on an otherwise strong roster. Dallas has more than $19 million in cap space, so it would have no issue taking on Joseph’s relatively modest deal. Players selected by a departed GM are often excellent trade targets, and it seems like the Cowboys could land Joseph for the right price.
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  2. John813

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    I think they are more than comfortable letting both walk, if they can't come to an agreement in the offseason.
    They won't be players again in FA, so they'll get comp picks for both.

    As of now, we don't have a solid backup behind Collins. Could be Williams, or McGovern, too early to tell. Would be a roll of the dice to have two up in the air spots on the offensive line in LG and RT for a team in a serious win now mode.
    Collins has his flaws, but at least is an above average to decent tackle. The line struggled last year, no point in trying to create another hole for a draft pick.

    Jones is their best corner, and I can't see them trading him for a pick and downgrading the secondary/hurting depth.

    Smith is a RFA too. So, 4-6 mil for a first round tender if it came to that.
  3. CowboysFaninHouston

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    Smith defintley gets a contract extension. we would be stupid if we didn't.

    if we trade anyone this year (not thinking 2020), then how do you replace them on the team. its IMO easier to replace Collins than Jones. we can then slide WIlliams to RT, then McGovern to LG....if we trade Jones, who would effectively replacer your top corner.

    or perhaps, a trade of Collins for Joseph!! win win?
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  4. jazzcat22

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    The team already said they had calls about a few of their OL. And Dallas said they have no interest in trading any of them.

    Now that was shortly after the draft.
    Who knows as injuries happen in TC, or players don’t work out like a team thinks. Those trade offers may increase.
  5. Bullflop

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    If Connor Williams displays impressive headway in his performance this TC, especially in pass protection, I think he'll also be tested at RT to get an idea how effective he'd be on the outside. In that way, his transition next year to RT could possibly be seen as a relatively seamless one. It could easily signal La'el Collins' departure next season, potentially even in a trade of some sort. This season might well be one to encourage several transitions, imho.
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  6. McKDaddy

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    Everything can change over the course of training camp. If players appear ready to step up, its not hard for me to imagine both Jones & Collins getting dealt. If you get good compensation and the 2019 season doesn't suffer, you've hit a home run. When teams realize they are short at a position heading into a season, you have the potential to get maximum compensation.

    Having said that, its entirely plausible both play 2019 with a star on their helmet.
  7. glimmerman

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    Jaylon is a Cowboy for life. I would bet LVE is too.
  8. ColoradoCowboy

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    "Dallas’s robust cap space"

    But, but MAH "Cap Hell!?" :lmao2:
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  9. Ranching

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    I'm concerned with Smith getting hurt again. We may need to cut bait with him to keep Collins. Be nice to keep both.
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  10. Sandyf

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    Just another article about who we should keep and who we should let walk. Just glad NONE of us are the GM or the decision makers.
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  11. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    If some team loses a starting tackle and wants to part with a day two pick for Collins, I take it. Otherwise you let him go in FA and take the comp pick. He is the last guy I think about extending. We have too many players in line with their hands out.
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  12. EST_1986

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    in the day and age of free agency nothing is a sure bet
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  13. Kingofholland

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    Can't see the Cowboys trading a starter in a year that has this much potential. I guess if the right deal came along you would have to consider, but it would have net much more than a 3rd round pick.
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  14. KingintheNorth

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    I like Karl Joseph, especially at a low cost.

    It's going to ruin a lot of Fan Boys world view when/if we ever slap a real safety back there with this current Front 7.
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  15. CATCH17

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    I'm ok with letting La'el walk. Especially for compensation..

    He's a good player but we lost Ron Leary because of him who was significantly better at guard and La'el has been ok at tackle.

    Just draft another one or see what Connor Williams has.

    Byron Jones would be a big loss though I think but if we have salary cap issues then i'm fine with constantly drafting corner because I feel like it's an overpriced position so you should just constantly draft these guys and pay them rookie money and then let them walk if they want 15 mill a year.
  16. Proof

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    They’ve historically been in bad shape with the cap. And they still are without deals for dak, Zeke, amari and Byron. It’s not really an effective dig yet
  17. glimmerman

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    I can’t disagree but I think the 2 sides will work very hard and maybe Jaylon bends slightly because our organization took the chance on him. LVE is another story..
  18. xwalker

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    Byron Jones
    Trading Byron Jones seems extremely unlikely.

    The Cowboys would need to fall out of playoff contention before the trade deadline.

    La'el Collins
    The Cowboys depth at OT is questionable right now.

    Connor Williams would have to match or exceed the performance of Collins at RT.

    Even if CW does practice at OT and looks good there, it would be ideal if he was an option to play LT if Tyron has more injury issues.

    Fleming as a multi-game starter at LT could be a disaster. He is OK as a spot starter at LT and might be OK longer term at RT but that's his limit.

    Karl Joseph
    I doubt if Karl Joseph has much trade value considering he is on the final year of his contract and was not deemed good enough by the Raiders to pick up the 5th year option.

    The Cowboys want a Strong Safety with good size/length. Joseph is 5-10, 205.
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  19. xwalker

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    I don't think Collins is a good option to play LT in the NFL despite playing LT in college.
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  20. Ranching

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    Maybe not, but we'd take a big hit if we lost them both

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