Twitter: Update from Randy Gregory himself

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by EMMITTnROY, Aug 5, 2020.

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    Surprised I didn’t see this posted

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    Some can't compete, old fellow.
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    In b4 delete.
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    Thats exactly why I am not really buying what Gregory is selling. League silence on issue is telling because this was year the league is actively moving rehab projects back into NFL. Also, Jones seem to be keeping some distance between themselves and Randy so that tells me something also. I see no one gushing about how Gregory has changed his life (ie like Aldon Smith agent and trainers).
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    I dont think that is the case, they just raised the limit on tests.
    RG could still fail that type of test.
    And it could be they know things about RG that we dont.
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    Of course there is more to this than meets the eye. When your calling out the League AND your Player Union it means your on outside looking in. Clearly Randy isn't creating good vibes for success within either group. Equally concerning is that not one person has stepped forward publicly in Randy defense. The league. players union and Jones are handling this with kid gloves hoping not to destroy his confidence in himself but clearly hasn't done enough for any of them to think he could successfully be football player again. They simply don't know how to break it to him.
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    The details of this story are sketchy at best. Many of us, myself included, would certainly be interested in hearing them. Nevertheless, Randy has probably already experienced all that he's likely to, in terms of being reinstated by those empowered to change his fate. At some point, even those interested in his reinstatement are subject to questioning his ability to change his ways. It seems that Randy's return to the NFL is a doubtful proposition.
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  11. lockster

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    Whether he can play or not, isn't the league's business, it's the teams business. If a person isn't in prison, and a team wants him to play, then he should be able to play. There's not a single person in the league office who is any better than Gregory. This is America, if an employer wants a person on a team, then let them. The NFL is as corrupt as any organization in America. Pot calling kettle black.
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    Locksget, how long you been out? Are you in steps classes?
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    Josh Gordon wasn’t a Dallas Cowboy! Yeah, yeah, I know...but isn’t that know...funny?
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    Meh randy did it to himself. Granted seems like the nfl is dragging their feet.
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    Except Gregory had already used up his second chance, he's now working working on his third chance. I don't think he's helping his case by publicly trying to put the league in bad light. It doesn't help pissing off the same people that decide your fate. This may turn out to be a very much longer wait for him now.
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    If his other two chances involved weed it should be a clean slate now. Besides , now what are we going to do? Say no Ur a heavy weed smoker U don't get to play, but that other guy that is only a medium weed smoker can? This is ludicrous. What a player does off the field is his business, not the NFL's. What's really crazy, is fans , allowing the NFL to pry into ppls private lives and supporting it. The world of hypocrisy must sure love this lack of logic eras we now live in
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    All he did is smoke weed, something that you can’t even be suspended for in the new CBA

    The fact that this man has had years of his career taken away for weed is ridiculous.

    Meanwhile we have violent criminals who are still active or do a lil suspension and get reinstated

    anyone who hates weed needs to look at the absolute devastation caused by alcohol in our society and then think twice before they crack open their next bud light
  18. gjkoeppen

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    Gee it used to be you could just get arrested for DWI, driving while intoxicated but now you can also get arrested for DUI, driving while under the influence of drugs including weed. We see ads all the time on TV about not drinking and driving and use a designated driver, but to tell people that they should not have a beer because you have a problem with players who got suspended repeatedly for using weed is foolish at best. If people do drive while drunk or on weed and get caught they pay the price.

    Lets look at the entire weed issue prior to the new CBA. The first failed drug test the player got a fine and was ordered into the random drug testing program for 2 years that went on all year not just during the season. If he failed a test again he got a 4 game suspension and the drug test program was exteded to be for 5 years. If he failed another test he was suspended for 10 games and another failure was for an undetermined length that could be end up being for life and that is where Gregory is at. The new CBA DOES NOT wipe away ANY suspension that has handed down prior to this new CBA only how they are handle from now on. Gregory failed his first drug test before he was even drafted and that wasn't held against him when he was drafted. So it boils down to he used up 5 strikes other than old saying of 3 strikes and your out.
  19. Galian Beast

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    I don't care if he got suspended for wearing green shoes. He knew what the rules were and couldn't stop himself. He brought this on himself.
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    So Randy's statement, is not good enough? You need second and third party witnesses? I guess Randy should have someone speak in his behalf, to win you over.

    If Randy presented all of his required documents in March, wouldn't the league, by now, notify him of anything missing?

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