Waiting 25 years - half way there?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Sully, Jan 30, 2020.

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    Took the Kansas City Chiefs 50 years to reach the Superbowl since their last visit. If you would have asked the Chiefs fans, following the SuperBowl game, it would take 50 years for the next arrival.

    So far, it has been 25 years since the Cowboys were in the Superbowl. There wouldn't have been a single Dallas fan that would have thought it would take 25+ years to there next visit. Let's hope it doesn't take another 25 years more
  2. rnr_honeybadger

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    The 25 years of futility is all because on one man - Jerry Jones. His inability to see that he really is a horrendous GM has cost this team dearly. Let’s hope his son isn’t an idiot like him.
  3. cowboyec

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    last time kc played in a super bowl(IV)....we made it the next season(SBV).
  4. the_h0wey

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    So you're saying it's time for Jerry Jones the Owner to fire Jerry Jones the General Manager?
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    He made a good call on Zak Martin. I am not sure what other evidence we have. I don't like the contracts for DLaw and Zeke. Was that him?
  6. rnr_honeybadger

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    one pick in 25 years of terrible decisions? What else can be said about that than “even a blind squirrel sometimes finds an acorn.”

    It is his inability that has this team always behind the times. It is his inability that has prevented anyone competent having any sort of tenure at the Head Coaching position.
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  7. DakPresgoat

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    Sorry. I was referring to Stephen.
  9. Hadenough

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    Look at all the QBs they have been through. Wasnt until Mahomes came that they became a serious contender. If a light bulb didnt go off in that organization that Alex Smith isnt good enough they would still be floundering. Sound familiar!!
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  10. jsb357

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    There is NO guarantee a super bowl appearance will EVER happen again.
  11. Super_Kazuya

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    Just out of curiosity if there are 32 teams what exactly should be the expectation? Is 50 years good or bad? Please show your work.
  12. blueblood70

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    took philly 60 to get their first , there are some that have never won one and some thats never been to one and yet the 25yrs waiting for our 6th is somehow excruciating and Jerry should sell the team..maybe the DC should move like the browns and Oilers? we are so BAD and suck so hard its time to pack up and go to say North Dakota they need a team..lol

    apparently the fan base no longer appreciates the 3 SBs 25 yrs ago and want change..:)
  13. blueblood70

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    sure dial 1900-elietqb

    KC did NOT KNOW Mahomes would be this good, they hoped, he sat a year proves it , they took a risk and it paid off but the same risks produce the Tribuskies, jones's. and other qbs, philly paid a huge amount of draft capital for Wentz and hes not truly better then dak, about the same level..
    so yes it took them 50yrs to get lucky on a mahomes, well that is if they do win Sunday..:) it took Reid 15yrs himself to journey back...all the while Pederson won a Sb with his backup lol

    theres no blueprint people..its tough to win SBs and sometimes luck plays into it like last year when SF was sucking hard for the 4th tear but only because JG went to IR and they ended up with Bosa to help fill out the DL..thats luck people took them 4 double digit loss years with high draft picks and many Fas to finally get a group that got them here..if they Dont get Bosa would they still be here this weekend?

    weve had miserable luck in the playoffs and its due time for some good luck to mix in with talent and timing..
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  14. shabazz

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  15. jazzcat22

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    Oh wow, another one of these threads.
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  16. 75boyz

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    Nice reminder type post of how the Cowboys could easily have already become these same Chiefs but at least the Cowboys are at the halfway mark now. Only 25 more years to go. That ain't bad.

    I like an earlier poster's comment regarding the multitude of Qbs the Chiefs had cycled through since then but the lightbulb properly flicked on when knowing when to move on from a game manager(Alex Smith) and choose Mahommes.

    Someone else posted that kinda sounds like a similar crossroads the Cowboys are in but I think this FO is just gonna extend Alex Smith and ignore the light bulb flicking on and off. What's another quarter century.
  17. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    Seasons Team Last appearance
    in Super Bowl
    62 Detroit Lions 1957 NFL Championship Game 1957 Won vs. Cleveland
    51 New York Jets Super Bowl III 1968 Won vs. Baltimore Colts
    47 [a] Cleveland Browns 1969 NFL Championship Game 1969 Lost vs. Minnesota
    43 Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl XI 1976 Lost vs. Oakland Raiders
    35 Miami Dolphins Super Bowl XIX 1984 Lost vs. San Francisco
    31 Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl XXIII 1988 Lost vs. San Francisco
    28 Washington Redskins Super Bowl XXVI 1991 Won vs. Buffalo
    26 Buffalo Bills Super Bowl XXVIII 1993 Lost vs. Dallas
    25 Jacksonville Jaguars Never (enfranchised 1995)
    25 Los Angeles Chargers Super Bowl XXIX 1994 Lost vs. San Francisco
    24 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl XXX 1995 Won vs. Pittsburgh

    I don't know in what twisted way someone can look at this and spin it positive.
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  18. 75boyz

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    Definitely not the company you'd like to be keeping. Just think, the 'celebration' will be soon forthcoming of the 25 year anniversary of the last Super Bowl victory.

    'Celebration' indeed.
  19. Alweezy

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    Superbowl really is a lottery of sorts. If you look at the full list, there's really no guarantee that you will get back anytime soon. The best thing you can do is win your division, and improve your odds. Imagine if you're Detroit, and being stuck as the 2nd or 3rd best team in your division for 30 years because of Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers? That is the worse case scenario. We really need to strike while the division is down...
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  20. 75boyz

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    Your point is well taken don't get me wrong. IIts just that the previous coach of the Cowboys won a good amount of division games.

    Just didn't seem to win too well outside the division or post season.

    So while I understand the starting point will always be to win the division I think after a decade of winning divisional games but nothing else surely was enough time to set standards towards loftier goals.

    Your remark concerning QBs, especially the current one in Dallas, the division being down, and the newly hired head coach are all negative factors to be concerned with as well imo.
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