We Really Believing That Two CB’s Will Go In The Top 10?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by 817Gill, Apr 28, 2021.

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    go ahead. I’ll take ol or trade back cause Qb there. I’ll get my cb rounds 2/3
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  3. Bigdog

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    Here is how I think the first 10 picks will go
    1. Lawrence
    2. Wilson
    3. Jones or Lance
    4. Pitts or unless some team like the Pats trade up and get their qb but Pats don't give up picks usually.
    5. Chase
    6.Waddle or if Pitts is still on the board
    7. Sewell
    8 Horn- heard the Panthers really like him
    9. Parsons- heard the Broncos like him a lot
    10. Surtain
    But you never know. The picks ahead of us could be smoke screens or someone like the Eagles could jump us and take Surtain or Horn. It should be for an interesting night.
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  4. Teague31

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    fake news. If they were so dead set in “screwing us” by taking a corner they would have stayed at 6
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  5. CouchCoach

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    There isn't a DL in the top 10 and Parsons has some ?'s, Surtain and Horn are the best D prospects in the top 10.
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  6. DBOY3141

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    I think if the 1st 8 fell like this, then the Bronco's would trade with the Eagles. Looks like the Cowboys have no interest in Parsons...one rumor was the Giants compared him to OBJ. They could drop to 12 and still get Parsons.
  7. Creeper

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    It depends on whether or not anyone trades up into the top 10 but I think Atlanta, Denver, and Carolina are all looking at CB. 4 QBs go in the top 10, that leaves 5 other picks before Dallas. Sewell and Pitts will probably be 2 of them. Could 2 of the other 3 be CBs? If not then who else? Is Waddle that highly regarded? Smith and Chase?

    Dallas has made their intentions so clear the teams that want CBs will either stay ahead of Dallas or trade up in front of them. The Eagles can move up from 12 to 9 for the cost of their 2nd 3rd round pick (#84). Would DEnver be willing to give up their spot for that price? Let's hope Fields falls and they want him. Or NE offers more to move up and take him.
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  8. Risen Star

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    It kept me up last night.

    Get the Falcons on the phone.
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  10. Avery

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    I'm not worried. In a doomsday scenario and Surtain/Horn are off the board, you either entertain a tradedown because one of the QB's are available or a few of the wideouts are in play. Or you just draft Parsons and feel pretty good.

    Only way we really can lose is if we do something stupid like draft Paye.
  11. 817Gill

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    Ey I’ve said multiple times anything could happen, it’s just extremely unlikely and I wouldn’t be chalking up 2 corners being gone like I saw a few people do yesterday. That was the whole impetus for my post.
  12. 817Gill

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  13. Doomsday

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    Someone is going to come up for QB around pick 7-9 which will push the CBs down the board.
  14. Creeper

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    Interestingly I heard Jim Miller and Pat Kirwan talking about a possible trade between the Falcons and Denver, with Denver moving up to draft a QB if the right QB is there at 4. I think at 9, the Falcons are almost certainly going to draft a CB.

    I would not trade up in a defensive move to ensure one of these CBs if I was Dallas, but I do worry if Horn and Surtain are both gone what might Jerry do? The potential for screw up increases exponentially if the 2 CBs are gone. I smell a DE at #10 in this scenario. Who wants Paye, Phillips, or Rousseau at #10?

    I would rather Jerry trade down where he can still get Newsome or even Surtain, plus an extra pick or two.
  15. DFWJC

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    It'd be a bit of a shock given all the QBs & WRs, combined with Pitts and Sewell.

    Honestly, I think there's a better shot that both are than neither.

    I do now think there's a least a chance one of the QBs falls though
  16. Sarge

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    Pitts to Atlanta at 4 is my guess.
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  17. Gaede

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    I feel like all this fuss about crazy trades fizzles out when the draft starts. Happens every year. We talk about how crazy it'll be and then it's basically pretty standard.
  18. unionjack8

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    If Mac Jones doesn't go the 9ers it coukd have a trigger effect on us
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    Yep, just about to post that. Lance is a more desirable pick I believe teams would have been willing to move up for. I don't know if teams feel that way about Mac Jones.

    [OP is getting nervous right now]
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    One gone

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